6 yr old obsessions - Money and Dogs!

My 6 yr old is obsessed with 2 things. Money and Dogs.. and not necessarily in that order!
First the Money Obsession
If you read my previous post, you would not be surprised! His biggest role models now are Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Cheeky and my retired dad have some very scintillating conversations apparently. And in a weak moment my dad has told  him about his ex-boss (VM), who apparently followed Jack Welch a lot! So Cheeky had a brain wave one afternoon as we navigated Chennai traffic!
He said "I think J Thatha (Granddad) should hire VM to work for him"
"Or better yet may be he could hire Bill Gates, or maybe both of them" (Each statement kept getting higher in pitch as the excitement grew)
"Then" He paused for effect "They can both make money for him and thatha can give all the money to me"! What a plan!

More recently.. on one of those couped up car rides, I figured I would use Cheeky's strategy of talking to him while I had his attention! So I told him about a friend who works for Microsoft! And Cheeky was impressed "Wow, so he makes Bill Gates richer?" he asked.
I said "Not for free you know, V gets a salary out of it"
Cheeky says "Thats not very smart of Bill Gates.. why is he giving his money away?"
Yeah what we want is Slavery to be re-established! If Cheeky became Bill Gates' financial advisors, Microsoft employees will sure rue the day!!

And now to the Doggie problem!
Ever since Cheeky found out at the age of 4, that having a twin sibling is out of the question, he has wanted a pet dog! Even producing him with a sibling has not solved matters! On the same car ride, he switched topics so fast, my head was reeling! I think he was trying to con me into acceptance!
"And I need a dog" he said!
But I have had proactice being Cheeky's mom! So I said "No way"
"But mom thats so unfair"
"You know dogs chew on carpeting and furniture"
"No they Dont!"
"Yes when you leave them alone at home.. they get lonely and they chew on furniture" I sure know how to goad Cheeky on!
"But I am not going to leave him alone! I will keep him with me at all times" It has been established the dog is a boy!
"What about when you go to school?"
"You can take care of him amma!"
"What about when I need to pick you up at school?"
"I am sure you can bring him to school then, its not like he will enter classrooms"
"But Cheeky I need to get a job and go to work" I am not being stuck with a dog at home all day!!
After a lot of thought
Cheeky asked "Amma does J thatha like being retired?"
"Do you think he will ever want to go back to work?"
"Perfect, then he can take care of the dog"
Apparently retired grand dads have a lot of uses!!


what fun..grandparents ,till now I undestood were generally used for baby sitting..now looks like doggy sitting is added on to the list...nice fun it is

You in chennai now !!!
noon said…
Oh Preethi - I didn't realize you are blogging again.
So cute about thatha taking care of the dog. Smart boy. First checking on facts and then trapping you into the end point of the discussion. You said he is free and won't go back to work - so...
Will look forward to the future grown up Cheeky Bill Gates :)

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