Trading on cute?

I am dropping off the radar everywhere.... Blogging and Social networking included. And not many have noticed! I am surprised some handful noticed at all... What with friend lists running in multiples of 100, it's a miracle people notice my quiet existence! Why am I quiet? What with a pixie and a monkey at home all the time... One getting in trouble from being her pixie self, and the other from boredom... As you can imagine I have my hands pretty full!
The pixie is giving a new meaning to the word parenthood...this 1 yr old minx pretends to sleep..she will tightly scrunch her eyes closed...but forgets to stop grinning, so we figure her out anyway...and then she is bounding again! A couple of days ago..she was found giving her dad heart flutters as she repeatedly pretended to fall! Since when did 1 year olds learn to mock and tease?
She is in her terrible 2's already..she throws open every cupboard and drawer and raids them...repeatedly..multiple times a day. Why I bother cleaning up is a mystery I am yet to answer! A few months back we moved to a bigger place, so the kids will have more room to roam and grow! Big they have more room to mess up! A friend who lives in a similar home gave me some money saving tips..she fashioned a gate for the stairway out of a folded cardboard box! Her 1.5 yr old stays out of it. My pixie figured out in 2 days how to slide at out and get in!! Now I ask you where is the time to blog?

And she is a true pixie..she gets away with a cute smile and grin..laughing silently at my frustration! Her brother summed it up for me this morning! She tried to con him out of his toy car ..she gave him a big smacky kiss and a cute smile. He is Cheeky..wiser than me... So he responded "Tootsie you can't always trade on cute you know" and walked away with his car!


Having fun I guess ( no no no pun intended )That smile from the tiny tots is finally the soothing balm ,right..How many time you must have grinned ,thinking back , about it.. You are pardoned for not posting regularly..LOL
Pavi!!!! said…
got to love them kiddy tales! Glad to know the family is doing well :)
Sumana said…
Cool So pixie is trading on the cutie pie. All the 2nd ones do that and the first ones care less about it. It is fun to watch them though.
Neera said…
I have been there Preethi, so knew what you would be going through now and hence didn't ask ;) Pixie sounds like a lot of fun and the one Cheeky-ism u treated me to was too good! :) Enjoy and God bless :) Lots of love and hugs
Preethi said…
CU - Well put.. maybe someday I will smile about it! right now.. I am busy "surviving" :P
Pavi - Thanks :)
Sumana - Tell me about it.. and she has mastered the art!!
Vish - ;)
Neera - thanks, Vansh and Jiya have grown so much.. loved the pics!

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