What would you rather be Rich or Famous?

What is it about being cooped up in a car that makes the kids think that this is the time to wax eloquent about anything and everything on their mind? The fact that I cant jump out, tune out or even glare at them... glaring at the rear view mirror does not count, makes it all the more easier! It is at times like these that I have life breaking insights into my 6 yr old's mind.

Cheeky has always been curious... like this morning at the doctors he had to know why the doctor's office was not marked "Employees Only" while one of the restroom's was! Why there were pictures of scary skeletons on the wall.. did they want to scare people away? But it was the ride back that was very amusing!

As always having me in the hot seat is the best part of Cheeky's day! He had me talking about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet! How do they make their money he wanted to know. After a long winded conversation about Stocks and Investments ... Cheeky asked me "So what would you rather be Rich or Famous?". Hey I just spent the past 10 minutes talking to you about stock and this is the return on investment I get?
Anyway Cheeky's questions as you all know are not to be taken lightly! So I answered almost immediately "Rich". Apparently I got it right!
"It is good to be rich right, especially in times of emergency" He said!
Emergency? Thinking about natural disasters, not being able to get to work becuase I have 2 demanding kids, emergency shopping trips I asked him "What kind of emergencies?"
"Like wanting a Finn Mc Missile". At our trip to the grocery store this week, he had badly wanted the latest Cars character (from the Cars 2 movie) and I had refused!
Remind me to hide my winning lottery from this guy!

[Edited to Add: A friend asked me "Whats it with kids and money?" and reminded me of a conversation we had a little while ago!
"Mommy how much money do you have in the bank? A million dollars?"
"So do we have less or more?"
"Less.. definitely less!"
"A little less than a million?"
A couple of weeks later we visited India.. My son was found telling his Aunt "You know I wish my Dad has a million dollars.. he doesnt!" Sad face!

And a couple more days later at the ATM.
The Non-Millionaire Dad went in to withdraw money while we waited in the car!
"Amma.. where does the money come to the ATM from?"
"Why doesnt Daddy just take all the money in the ATM?"
"Cheeky he can only take the money he has in his account".. that led to a long conversation about how money gets into the bank and how the money stays in the bank, and how saving the money was a good idea!
"I am not at all sure it is safe to leave all the money in the bank. I think we should just keep the money ourselves and not give any to the bank"
"But Cheeky they keep it safe for us"
"But Amma what if the bank gets robbed? There are so many bank robberies you know"
Someone has been reading one too many mystery novels! What did I do? What would I do... I put my head out the window and yelled to the Poor Dad "Can we go yet?"

And like Cheeky often says "I rest my case!"!!]


rm said…
with cheeky around the post definitely gets cheesy. :-)Hope you are fine and what news of little one?
Sumana said…
Cheeky is a real observant. Finn he wants wonderful. What is it with boys and cars? Million dollars, what is he upto??? So much for the little brain, very smart he is. We need some of tootsie's updates now. Saw the pics on fb. Kiddos are looking cute and smart and so are you.
Fruit Juice said…
good action.........
Preethi said…
Rm - Thanks :) We are all doing fine.. and the little one is turning the house upside down!!
Sumana - Yeah Cheeky's new obsession.. he is so obssessed about money.. well I hope when he gets rich, he gives me some of it!! About the pics.. thanks :)

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