Tuesday, August 11, 2015

College? But Why? I am ready now!

Tootsie the Pixie has a personality that keeps life interesting for all of us. She is 5 now, ready to start kindergarten. Her spark of personality is so unique true to her name. We are often stumped by her brand of reasoning.

Many years ago a wise lady advised me on dreaming big. She said its important for us to encourage our kids to dream big and set them on the right path. She had convinced her kids they should be doctors and if you asked them thats what they would say. But not mine. I have tried this many times with Cheeky. He went from wanting to be a fire fighter to a truck driver to a wrestler and UFC Fighter. Yes my son wants to be a fighter in cage fighting!!!!! No amount of encouragement to pursue a less bloody career works! If you ask him what you want to be when you grow up.. there are only 2 answers you would get. "A billionaire" is usually the first one! How will you get there? "UFC Champion" is the next. I have never failed to remind him ... UFC Champions are not billionaire's. Warren Buffet is a billionaire!

Now Tootsie is a different story all together. She is this complacent little munchkin! She still cant read, doesnt care enough to try. She can be found often times in her own world humming a tune, dancing a step or better still talking to herself! She is my little dreamer! So I thought maybe this time I will be lucky! So I started on a mission... after being lectured multiple times "You can be whatever you want to be, mom" it looked like my luck would turn!

And I had Doc Mc. Stuffins to thank! So Tootsie decided she wanted to be a doctor! I was so thrilled that finally here was a kid who would do me proud when asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" After years of answering "A princess" she had taken to saying a "Doctor Princess". But Tootsie is a deep thinker. She came to me one day and said, "But mom.. I dont know what Doctors do".

Me distractedly "They take care of people"
Tootsie still the little troubled frown on her face "But I dont know how to"
Me "Thats what college's are for. They will teach you there"
After lengthy discussions about colleges and learning to be a professional, you would have thought I put her mind to ease? Oh no... I changed her mind!! Now ask her what she wants to be "A teacher" she says

"Why Tootsie?"
"Because I already know how to be one!"

Talk about Ms. Lazy Bones! We tried our hand at convincing her otherwise, and asked her "What do teachers do?"

Tootsie "They ask kids to line up, go to the playground, wash up, line up again go eat"

So Cheeky says "What if the kids dont listen to you?"

That apparently got the little Missy thinking. Recently she was heard telling someone "I am going to be a teacher of older kids. Because they listen"

We are not going to read in Kindergarten and we definitely are not planning on college! I will just not tell her that teachers need to go to college too. If not we will be back to "Princess"! I must be a great mom at inspiring my kids! I better shut up and let nature take it course!!!

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Subha Bharadwaj said...

Best thing to let them figure out themselves. A passion to become an aeuronautic engg., turned around in 10 th standard to become a bio technologist. And that is getting deeper and deeper by the year. He is in B tech biotechnology2nd year now. The calling willm come to all. Be happy enjoy the time with them.

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