The making of the babies! And kids moving on!

"Cheeky, did you go to God and ask for a Baby sister?" came the question
"Hmm.. No actually I asked for a Baby brother" says Cheeky
I prepare myself for some drama.. but no little drama queens have grown up and are thinking about matters too deep to worry about little set backs.
"Mommy can you go to the temple where Cheeky prayed for me?" she says
"What temple?"
"The temple where you go to get baby brothers and sisters?"
"Huh" says the dumb mom!
"I would like to pray for a baby sister"
"When I turn 10, the baby will turn 4 just like Cheeky's baby sister". She even got the timing right! But how?????

"But Tootsie that will mean I need to have another baby. I dont think I am ready to have another baby"
"You just have to Mommy, how else will I get a baby sister?"
"Tootsie finish up your icecream" and like that catastrophe has been averted! For now!

In other news today was first day of school! For my Kindergartner and Middle Schooler. And I am just a lost clueless mom! I decided to work from home today to be there for drop off and pick up. A luxury my kids dont get through the year. The middle schooler has some confusion with Schedule, has no idea where his classroom is, but needs no help from the parent! The kindergartner is apparently a veteran at this. Walks in to her classroom, puts away all her stuff and finds her seat. Kindergarten is apparently very complicated. The backpack, lunch box and snack each go in different colored baskets and cubbies. And then you go find your name and sit down. But Tootsie did this like she has been doing this every day! All parents were inside the classroom helping their kids and ceremoniously cutting the chord. I thought maybe I should pretend to be a caring parent and walked in at this point. My little pixie actually looked confused about what my role there was. She gave me a fist pump, rolled her little eyes and said "Bye Mom!". She then stretched her hands, yawned and rested on her desk watching all the kids and their parents walking around the classroom. I had no choice but to leave. Might as well have taken the day off and gone vacationing. For all my planning, drop off lasted less than 5 minutes!

Pick up was yet another story. Tootsie looks at me surprised "What are you doing here?"
"hey I am still your mom! You still stay at my house!"
"Mommy! I was going to walk home by myself!"
She then refuses to hold my hand, takes off a strap of the backpack off her shoulder.
"I know this is how Cheeky does it. I can do this" she says!

Before I know it, this girl is going to be moving out! Atleast I will have Cheeky! So about that, because there was a lot of confusion about his schedule I decided to pick him up from school. I stood with 2 other uncool mom's just inside school but far away from the classroom. "Uncool! Uncool!" ringing in my head! Cheeky looks up from his phone (proud to say he is texting me! Still not that old!), and says "Seriously?!"

"Cheeky since I did not drop you off, I thought it might be nice to pick you up. Not cool?" I asked
"Mom. Its not cool to even be on the same street as your kid's school!" He says!

I need to be hash tagging! #EmptyNesterComingSoon


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