The cat got your tongue?

Have you ever asked this to your 3 yr old. I unfortunately did. We were sitting there on a lazy evening.. I was ironing away and Nantu was doodling on his magic erase board. He made a big + sign and said that was an airplane. "see the wings" he said.. and I in all my foolishness told him that it wasn't one! I can sometimes be so dense, and start ridiculous arguments with the All-Knowing-Nantu. In my defense, this is my way of challenging his mind and creativity! But for once Nantu was quiet..very quiet!! So I posed the dumbest question of all "The cat got your tongue?"... He looked at me thoughtfully, I expected him to say "You are so silly mommy!"

"Is it a bad cat?" he asked
"No of course not " I said
"Why does it want my tongue?" he asked
Now how do I explain that it is just an expression, a figure of speech if you may!! So I rushed to make amends!
"There is no cat" I said "I was just being silly"
"No" he said "adhu silly story illai, adhu scary story!" (that wasn't a silly story, that was a scary story)
"I am very sorry " I said.
When will I ever learn? A few months back I told Nantu "Its raining cats and dogs"
He ran and looked out the window and said
"Amma kadhai viadadhey.. its raining water!" (Amma dont make up tales, its raining water!)

Its so refreshing isn't it? We are always looking for hidden/double meaning in every thing we hear, and children take everything so literally!
A couple of weeks back Nantu's teachers sent him a gift of some books! So I took Nantu to the store to get them a thank you card. He then drew a sun and a smiley face and wrote his name in it... his teachers were so happy to receive the card! And were so proud to see his artwork! For Ms. K he even made a balloon... not for the others.. when asked he simply answered "I think she will like a balloon! "
A month or so ago.. I started worrying about Nantu not learning much in school. He has so much fun there though.. but if I ever relocate to India I can smell Trouble with a capital T. So I started teaching him to write alphabets and Nantu protested. I pushed and prodded, cajoled and bribed... and finally taught him to write A ... I took a print out of dotted A's from a website and sat with him for 2 hours to get him to write just a little bit!! I then felt so guilty for pushing him at the end of it, that I stopped with the A.

But since then, he has developed an interest in writing... and has learnt so many alphabets now.. and no dotted lines mind you.. He makes me tell him a method to write. For example A is Slanting line, from the top (for the second slating line!) and horizontal line, N is straight line, from the top and from the bottom , B is straight line a curve from the top to the center, from the center to the bottom and so on. These instructions seem to work for him and help him!! (Edited to add.. I came online to delete the last bit that sounds like a brag, I meant to pass on some tips to other mom's in the same boat.. but since some of you have already commented :) I will just apply some anti-jinx dotmom style...
Bye..bye from silly mommy for now!
The sequel to the tale Life is like that is available in Creative Outbursts - Life is like that - part 3
My Valentine day short story is available here


Sumana said…
Getting these little people to sit for few minutes is a challenge right? I liked raining cats and dogs. They are straightforward in their thinking.
rayshma said…
lol! but it's a valid question, no?! :D
Neera said…
Smart as ever!!

You are tagged!
K 3 said…
Good job, Nantu. :)
Preethi said…
Sumana - yeah they are aren't they...
Rayshma - yes very valid.. thats why I am silly mommy!! :(
Neera- coming there...
K3 - :) THANKS
Rambler said…
they do not simply say that mom is the first teacher :)... his teacher must have been very happy with the card..
noon said…
Preethi - quick (unrelated to this post) comment - I had posted this on my comment space - not sure if you saw it...about the tag you had asked me to do...hope you saw this...

Preethi - Preethi dear Preethi - I responded to one of your comments and I mentioned that I did this tag a few weeks back. Think you didn't read my response to your comment! I have not finished reading your posts in the tag yet...will do so soon..
Preethi said…
Rambler - oh there are 3 of them.. and they all were.. one of them I didn't see that day, she sought me out later to say that she had loved it and gave Nantu a big hug.. :)
Noon - oops.. you are off hte hook then.. will read that!!
lol.....i wonder how the expressions came into being anyway. .
noon said…
Just read this post...Very nice writing by Nantu! :) Good job on getting him started! You too - relocating to India? Any one in the US who plans to stay on?! Every one is returning! And yeah cat got your tongue was a scary story even for me! :) You baddie scaring the poor child with such expressions! :)
Preethi said…
Wow! good work Nantu. My li'l one runs away whenever i try something like this!

Next time, tell him....' Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite' ;) I saw this on 'Little Bear'. you cud just enjoy freaking him out a little bit he heeeee.
And you sure will have a sleepless night! Oh evil me!!

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