Random Nantu-isms

My previous post on Guns and Bloodshed invoked a lot of positive responses. We are all rational mother's after all many moms said.. so our kids will never turn that way! After all we played with guns as kids, and we didn't turn out to be killers. I agree, I probably am over reacting as always but then the gun crimes across the country are so nerve racking!

Birth Story
Moving on to pleasanter topics. I have read many birth stories over time .. I even wrote one myself sometime back - here. But this one definitely takes the cake ....

"When I was a little little baby I was inside your tummy" He said
"I cried and I cried and I cried some more. Then you opened your tummy and I came crawling out"
Tada... And that is his birth story!

Valentine's day bash
Nantu goes to school 3 days a week, On Valentine's day he had no school. So when I saw the notice put up in school on a Valentine day bash, I did not read it closely. So imagine my surprise, when on the next day he returned with a bag of goodies in a red bag complete with hearts. His very first stash of valentine day cards and gifts.. Oh my he has an early start doesn't he?

I challenge you!

As a kid my mom constantly challenged me and my work. She was not one to meet out false praise just because I was her own! This I believe has helped me enhance my skills. So when Nantu drew a huge + the other day and told me that was an airplane I challenged him. Now Nantu is nothing like the submissive me. He challenged me in return to see the wings.. well I am not artistic enough to understand one-dimensional drawings, so I can't see it! He then obliged me with the following drawing of a plane...
His current favorite subject however is the caterpillar...which sometimes morphs into an ant!And that's all from Nantu-dom for today!


Ps said…
I love analysing kids drawings.(Used to teach art) They have so much to say about the child--espcially if they are in colour.
rayshma said…
i love the caterpillar! :D
my niece thinks i exist for the sole purpose of her challenging my creativity! so i keep check things like "how to draw a dog/cat/flower" on wiki... lol!! and then she comes up with something mind-boggling... which, obviously wiki has no answers to!
i'd never have got the airplane one nantu drew!! :D
Preethi said…
PS - They do don't they.. and the way their brains work is amazing
Rayshma - hahaha... your niece makes you sweat doesn't she!!! At least some one does:)
noon said…
Wow - I love his caterpillar. I do see the plane! :) Cute...I can't wait for KB to do all this! :) When he draws a spiral in his doodle pro - which is so easy to draw anyways - I admire it and feel so happy! :) Can't imagine what I will do when he really draws stuff!
Thinking aloud said…
hey the caterpillar is cool...and the airplane ...u didn't see that? one of the lines become the wings...

tell nantu...one aunty did see his airplane...and give him a big hug from me!!!
Rambler said…
the drawings are very interesting.. I think it says a lot about whats on our mind
Ziah said…
heheheh... so cute!:) I love his caterpillar:) Specially how carefully he's drawn each segment of the body and put in the legs!!:)
Preethi said…
Noon - KB will start soon and then you will be a bragging mom.. you should post the spirals on your blog.. would love to see them
Suma - Yeah I am dense.. this one is more to my liking!! :P
Rambler - Yes it does.. and kids draw without inhibition.. without any boundaries or convention.. that is the best part!
Ziah - haha.. thanks!! did u see the leg on the face? we had an argument about that.. and he thinks the caterpillar needs that leg!! :P
Prats said…
The caterpillar is really amazing....My son had done something similar too when he way younger than now....and it had turned into a train ... :)

Don't know whats wrong with blogger, i'm not getting the updates at all....and by the time I go all around, the blogs seem to have updated quite a bit :(
Preethi said…
Loved the caterpillar. :)
aw the budding artist :D. . .the caterpillar is cho cute :D

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