Tall tales.. by the Cheeky Monkey

(Pic Courtesy:www.pbs.org)
Jay Jay jet plane landed in the runway, and so did a chopper he named stuffy and two other planes he named Dunstar and Strotus!
Then arrived Lightning McQueen. He said "I am fast"
Then came Mater. He said " I am strong"
Doc Hudson came there too.
Then came Thomas and Percy, Bill and Ben the twin engines. And there came a lone duck too.. I for one have no clue what it was doing there!! Swimming came the reply!!
Gordon came and so did Bulgy the bus.
Gordon said "I am an expert engine"
Bulgy said "I am an expert bus"
Gordon said "No I am an expert engine"
Bulgy said "No I am an expert bus"
And this argument went on for some time complete with voice modulations depitcting the irate Gordon and Bulgy.
Doc Hudson then asked "What is the matter"
Gordon said "You are an expert car"
Doc Hudson said "No I am not"
Gordon said "Yes you are"
Doc Hudson said "I am very sad today"
Gordon asked "Why are you sad?"
Doc Hudson said "I miss Jay Jay " (The jet plane)
Gordon said "Where is Jay Jay"
Doc Hudson said "He is at school now"
Jay Jay then flew and came and landed next to Doc Hudson
Jay Jay asked "Are you better now"
Doc Hudson said "Yes I am happy now"

And that was the story narrated by the Cheeky Monkey last night.. Ever since the birth story he has been narrating story after story and I have no choice but to listen!!
The story has been retold in my words.. all the dialogues are his though! The characters are all from the cartoons Jay Jay Jet plane, the movie cars and the cartoon Thomas the Tank Engine. This is where they all meet..in Nantu's imagination!

I was an avid story teller as a kid. Nantu has been one too.. When he was 1 and a half years old he twisted the crow story from Panchatantra. The original version of the story goes like this.
"An old lady is making vadas. The crow grabs a vada from her and goes to sit on a tree to eat it. The fox comes and tells the crow to sing a song with her beautiful voice. As the crow opens her mouth the vada falls down, and the fox grabs it and runs away. The stupid crow is thus cheated."
In Nantu's story when he was 1.5 yrs old,
The fox says "Vada thaa " (Give me the vada)
The crow says "Mudiyadhu" (I won't)
And the fox goes away to drink water
Later he improvised on the story and when he was 2 the story went like this...
The fox says "Vada thaa"
Crow says "Vada Nantu kku" (Vada is for Nantu)
And the fox goes away to drink water. Nantu eats the vada.
Now he refuses to tell this story.. Its too silly I gather!
He has a better pass time now.. narrating stories of his own.. usually the stories are about animals.. lions and tigers and Clifford and his friends. But lately its been about all the imaginary vehicle characters he knows. And I get to listen to different versions every day!! It is rather exhausting keeping up with it.

Read the following post for the birth story!


DotMom said…
Nice! Very creative. Loved the birth story!
Robin said…
Yup, that's got 3 year old boy written all over it alright. What a cutie.
rayshma said…
that is SO cute! :)
noon said…
That's really cute! Wow - you have non stop entertainment coming your way! :) That's amazing at one he had his own version of the story! At age one, if I told KB a story, he would say "Thee" (meaning The End) half way through - he just didn't like stories then...it's only when he was close to 2.5 that he has developed a liking for stories...So to me, being able to not just understand but twist stories at age 1.5 is pretty amazing!
Preethi said…
Noon - Thats so cute.. Thee.. I wish I could do that now.. some of Nantu's stories are never ending.. as for the story telling at 1.5 .. he would say words disjointed.. we had to ask questions.. it was so funny that he refused to comply with the original story!!
Others - thanks.. sorry I updated the blog after your comments with the one year old tales :(
K 3 said…
WOW! Thats great .. I often worry if TV, movies etc would kill the imaginations of our kids ... but Nantu proves otherwise! Enjoy his stories... I hope Kutie follows suit soon, one day, maybe ...
Thinking aloud said…
ohh...good that you are recording this by way of the blog...

i loved the 1.5/2 yr version of the crow and the fox...no guile, no cheating...
Preethi said…
K3 - AS long you know what they are watching.. TV can be a good thing.. also as long as they know that the half an hour ends and no more beyond that!!
Suma - Yes.. I am glad I am recording it too.. must be fun to read later right ?? :)
Prats said…
Thats so cute...nantu ku vada tha was brilliant...
Rambler said…
reading your blog from last couple of months, surely we have no doubts where he gets his story telling talents from :)
Preethi said…
isn't it lovely that you have a blog to write about all these things? As they grow up and as we grow old(!!) we tend to forget these things right? But this is what makes our lives so interesting. Guileless, innocent, free mind. :)
Preethi said…
Rohit - Thanks for visiting
Prats - yeah why should the kaka or nari have the vada right?
Rambler - Thanks.. that was so niice!!
Preethi-Yeah.. it sure would be good fun to read later in time :)
how chweeet!! thats so adorable :D. .

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