Happy Valentine's day!

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The best time of the year was here again, Valentine's day! She remembered all the roses she received in college... but now she was married! So this valentine's day was going to be extra special! She dreamt of all the good stuff her husband would buy her! "I have to drop a hint about the lovely diamond pendant I saw at the store" she thought! Dreamy eyed she waited for the man of her life.
As he walked in she asked "So where do you think we should go for dinner on valentine's day?"
"That hallmark holiday" he asked
Visibly sobered down she said "Yes that!"
"Thats a bunch of commercial nonsense" he said "Whats more ridiculous than setting a day aside to celebrate your love?"
But she thought, isn't it lovely to have one special day to celebrate love? Besides she had been eyeing that diamond pendant for far too long! And her birthday was still month's away.
She searched the internet... and went to him equipped with some research on Valentine's day!
"Do you know that valentine's day is celebrated in honor of St. Valentine. When there was a rule in Europe that young men shouldn't marry because of the ongoing war, he secretly married them off ! How sweet and absolutely romantic" she said
"Ugh" he grunted!
She was awfully quiet that day and he suggested they go out for dinner, "Lets celebrate our love today" he said.
The next day she thought of the perfect plan... she called her brother and enlisted his help.
On Valentine's day he left to office in the morning like every other day! She smiled and helped him through the morning.. without a word about Valentine!
In the evening he rushed in early, looking contrite "Many happy returns of the day honey" he said and produced a bunch of red roses and a blue box. Inside was the lovely diamond pendant.
"How did you know" she asked.
"I noticed how you were looking at it in the store" he said.
"Get dressed, we are going out to dinner " he said
They went to a lovely restaurant and had a candle light dinner complete with music and some dancing..
As they were driving back home he said "Sorry I can be so absent minded sometimes, if your brother hadn't told me..."
"Don't worry about it" she said with a smile.
Back home, he took her in his arms and said "Happy Birthday darling". She gave him an impish grin and said "Happy Valentine's day sweetheart!"

Disclaimer: This is not my story, although it seems like something I would do.. and probably should!! Just wanted to post something in honor of Valentine's day!!


Life is like that - part 3 is available in creative outbursts!

Nantu Updates
Nantu has a new refrain "Sometimes I be silly, sometimes I be naughty, sometimes I be good, sometimes I be bad, Always I be smart" (!!). I wonder where he learnt all this? He has taken to giving us attributes too... I was telling him a story yesterday and he says to me "Amma you are so funny". "What about daddy?" I asked "Daddy is so cute" he says!! Ha.. now I get to be funny mommy!
Valentine's day dawned like any other day in the Nantu household. DH like the man in my story, thinks it is ridiculous! I on the other hand, could use some surprise gifts.. but dropping pointed hints doesn't work! Whats a girl to do? The highlight of my day was the little hands around my neck early in the morning and the wet kisses on my cheeks with the words "I love you mommy" That made my day!!


rayshma said…
lovely story... i thot it was urz, initially! :D and oh i agree with him! V-Day is a hallmark holiday after all! and u sure don't need one day to celebrate ur love!
also, the overt PDA of these young-enuf-to-be-in-school couples really really puts me off even for going out on v-day! :D

happy V-Day to u, babes! :)
Preethi said…
Thanks Rayshma... that dialogue alone is DH's.. but no I haven't tricked DH yet!! :P
Sumana said…
Nice story. Does he read your blog? Your diamond pendant must be on the way... just kidding
K 3 said…
Hmm, I guess we all need our honey's to start reading our posts more often .. would help them in choosing the right gifts! :)
ddmom said…
Can I copy paste the last para in my blog? My husband has a standard dialogue - I gave myself, what more can I give? Huh!

BTW, will take up the tag. I might have to write some posts before linking though :) :)
Neera said…
Ha ha - cute little story!

And the smart smart Nantu !! Funny mommy and cute daddy ..its the same with Vansh as well. HE runs after dad to give him a hug and runs away from mom when she asks for one ..hmmpphhh!!!
Preethi said…
Sumana - he does.. I read him the story before posting.. he asked if it was for him.. but thats about it :P
K3 - Trust me that wont help :P
DDMom - lovely dialogue really.. ) you are welcome to borrow any lines.. as for the tag, sure even better!!
Neera - yeah whats a mom to do for some loyalty huh?
Aryan said…
Happy Valentines day...Nanthu made your day...
BTW—I made my hubby read the valentine post and he said to delete it..fearing that Villian aunty would also read it..AHHHH
Aryan's mom
Thinking aloud said…
heh..heh...what a story!!! emotions neatly packaged and marketed...

btw do tell, whose story was this?

Its better to be funny than cute...:D
Preethi said…
Aryan's mom - haha.. like she is gonna find this piece in the world wide web?
Suma - This is entirely from my imagination I promise ;) yeah yeah... funny is better.. but would have preferred smart..
lol funny mommy. . .The birthday trick wouldnt work :P. . .But the discount lie that u tried sure did :P
Swati said…
Hahahha..sweet story..men will be men :)
Ziah said…

I think this protagonist got lucky her dude reacted the way he did!:) A prototype of the typical Indian husband would've needed the reverse psychology and lots of scheming to cough up a diamond pendant no???:)

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