As we grow older...

Every year I expect it to get easier . this whole parenting rigmarole.. but looks like this time I am in trouble for a long long time..
My son thinks now that he is a big boy! So the baby reasoning techniques no longer work with him.
For example the other morning I handed him his drink in his
sipper and he sat there not drinking it.. And I yelled every few minutes "Cheeky Drink".. So finally a very frustrated mommy tried a different track(no point in bringing on the tears so early.. so lets try and coax the imp into taking a sip)! "That good boy
story" we call it. There is a good boy called Peter who is just the perfect kid.. and Cheeky is told stories of Peter all the time. Some times it works.. at other times Peter is just "a silly kid".
"You know I am sure Peter drinks up all his drink without being told twice"
"I am sure Peter's mom gives him his drink in a glass"
I look at the big stain on the carpet and shake my head while succumbing to the pressure... "Do you want a Chewy instead?" (Img Courtesy:

Cheeky reinforces his theory that he is a big boy by demanding to eat by himself.. Fair enough you think? And he has been encouraged to do this since 2.. so he must have enough practice right? Wrong!

I slave every morning to pack him the perfect lunch. So what if comprises of t
he same sandwich, fruit and juice every day? Cheeky sits at the table in school.. and talks non stop to his friend while he holds the sandwich in his hand. The box comes back untouched every afternoon. The brat is then force fed the food before he makes a beeline for desert!

When we go out to eat it is a different story.. the food is placed in front of him and Cheeky plays around with the fork while he does what can only be called as some experimenting! Soon we have worked through our food and the boxes are called for.. the unsuspecting waitress walks up and asks "Can I get you anything else", Momma and Dadda gasp.. the despair on their faces. While Cheeky calmly orders Dessert.. "I will have a tiramisu" seriously.. he can pronounce those things too!
Mommy tries "No you cannot, you have not finished your food"!
"But I have Mamma"
Just look at your plate
They just gave me too much food... I am full.
Pulls up his shirt to display his tummy (oh yes resort to flashing now while you have the attention of everyone in the restaurant)... See?
Embarassed mamma.. pulls down the shirt.. If you are full you have no room for dessert! Aaaha
Cheeky pulls the shirt back up again See there is some room here?
Dessert is served.. which the big boy calmly eats up by himself! (img courtesy:

And there is the incessant dissecting of statements. Cheeky's school have been teaching him about God. A couple of weeks back he was taught the story of "God's creation"
Cheeky came back home deep in thought!"Mama my teacher says God created the world"
"Yes Dear"
"He created the sun, the stars and the rainbow?"
"Yes Dear"

Silence! Cheeky is deep in thought
But rainbow is created when the sun looks at the rain right?
Yes Dear
So then God did not create the rainbow
.. relief on his face!

As many of you know I try to keep the arguments with Cheeky to a minimum!
Later that week he brought home a paper plate with all kinds of pictures stuck on it with glue..
Mama this is for you he chimed..
The caption said "God created everything"
Thanks darling.. God created everything artwork eh?
Yes Mama..
Rushing back to Mom.. But God did not create this artwork I did!

As we grow older.. one thing is clear to me.. I am going to earn every gray hair!

[Edited to add... I was the one who put sand in her lunch box every day - how did sand get to the class room where I ate my lunch? no one knows.. but that was the reason why I never could finish my lunch... Considering that I did this in school I should probably be glad that I can still force feed Cheeky his food and not have to cook again!]

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Suma said…
remember looking at the wailing baby or not being able to go everywhere becos of baby an dtehn thinking...'when he h\grows a little more i'll be freer...'?

you may have become more mobile but yes, the responsibility is greater and its fun too...

grey hair? funny i wrote a post on that too...shd post that soon...and you ae lucky to hav egrey hair..i suspect i may have no hair at all :D
Kodi's Mom said…
ah,so this is the full story behind the comment you left on my food post! tiramisu, eh? the kid has a good taste, I must say :) and you're right, contrary to popular belief, parenting is the easiest at newborn phase, only seems to get more complicated from there on.
Rambler said…
"I am going to earn every gray hair!"
hehhe this was lovely :)...
Preethi said…
Suma - Make that post soon so I can feel good about myself (evil laugh)
KM - Yes this is the full story.. or should I say just the beginning?
Rambler - You are laughing.. just you wait mister!!
asaaan said…
I am telling you parenting just sucks. Its get harder and harder and then the kids will all be in therapy blaming you(and dad) for their shortcomings.

The easiest phase was deciding whether to feed bananas or spinach.
Potty training, cleaning out poopy stained underwear is better than what the older years will bring.

The decisions I have to make regarding my 9 yr old's school stuff causes me sleepless nights and loss of hair.

And Cheeky is one cute boy..Tiramisu is my favourite dessert.
Solitaire said…
Damn!! Looks like the kid has too many sweet teeth!
Sumana said…
Lol at the tiramisu. Glad he atleast likes that and completes it. Our problems starts here with "I am done mamma" for everything that arrives on the table. Forced feeding comes to my rescue too.
Pinku said…

someone has an original thinker they should be very proud of.

That someone is you!!!
rayshma said…
grey hair, eh? color em up gurl!! :D
u can color them orange... and blame them on cheeky! ;)
hehehehe.... :D
Preethi said…
Shraikh - Uhoh.. now you are scaring me!
Solitaire - yeah he does and so do I {wink}
Sumana - join the club.. and it is so difficult to argue with them right?
Pinku - now is that a compliment or some sympathy??
Raysh - great idea.. but maybe not orange.. maybe rainbow colors.. might have a better effect on people! :)
PG said…
goodness... the firt part with the food could be my story too. Sigh! I don't know when things will get better. reading your post makes me realise that it is not going to get any better in the near future. All my threats that he cannot watch his Sandmann afterwards are also useless. Ultimately i am left with no choice to feed him.
A very smart boy he is!
K 3 said…
Ouch! woman ... why are you dispelling all my beliefs?? I firmly believe that next year will be easier and better and I will not grow a single grey hair! :D
noon said…
Preethi - Cheeky is just too smart! I love it - how he reasons with you about every little thing! And so cute his way of talking to you. I hope I get to meet him some day! And more so for KB and Cheeky to meet up!
Hmm ... just nodding nodding endlessly ... same story in the Cantaloupe household. A wise friend advised long time back, "If you ever thought parenting gets easier with time, you are in for a rude shock". At that time I was just complaining about Cantaloupe waking every few hours in the night for her feed ... only now do I know she brings in new challenges every day !!
keithsramblings said…
It doesn't get any easier - the other day I had to tell my 24 year old daughter that she could not have any dessert until she had eaten her vegetables. She sulked!
Mama - Mia said…
we looove cheeky updates!

and while i laugh now, i know i shall have greying hair soon too!! :(

bwwaaaahhhh! Cubby is already growing up too fast!


Preethi said…
PG - You are right. when it comes to food no amount of threat works!
K3 - Dream on girl.. you will get there soon enough :)
Noon - Yes they should.. I am sure they would have a blast.. as for the argument.. oh my there is no end to it!
CA - Well said.. parenting is not easy!!
Keith - Now that's taking it too far.. by the way, my dad does it too and I sulk :)
Abha - Just you wait.. it will be your turn soon!!
lol , ah so u earned the few grey hairs u already have ?:P. . .Loved the post
Sandhya said…
Oh my these meal time wars, I am just so...phew! My almost 4 year old says in Hindi "Bus itna hi kha sakti hoon" (that's all I can eat) all the while patting her belly and all we can do is ask her to put her plate in the sink.
Pavi!!!! said…
Hehehe ur cheeky is so cute!n the boy does have a sweet tooth haan...see u shld be thankful he atlst eats sumthing all by himself..w/o u having to force dwn his throat.

I've seen this prob with most indian kids..all they want to do is play.They HATE eating!

My sis's 2.5 yrs old...all he ll eat is maggi..anything else..he doesnt want!
Preethi said…
Vidh- fair and square!! by the way just for the record.. I don't have any yet!!!
Sandhya - tell me about it!!
Pavi - Aah Maggi.. here it is Mac and Cheese!!
Desisports said…
The only reason Indian kids "hate eating" is the parent's obsession with force feeding them.
American kids self feed at one year old and actually ASK for food when hungry. The reason they do this is parents don't stress about food. If you allow your child to choose how much they want to eat without pressuring them and forcing them, they will eat well.

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