So you think you can drive?

I told all of you about my butter fingers..or just my buttered self.. for it seems that my entire body works in tandem to cause some mishap or the other. What about my adept brain.. the power house.. you would like to ask wouldn't you?

My power house has an acute case of Extended ADD. Why extended you ask... because it continues for lengths of time.. unlike typical ADD which has kids bouncing from one task to another. I am cleaning the room, cooking, washing the dishes and blogging at the same time.. As a result.. the room get messier, the food gets burnt, the sink overflows and the blogs never get written... so now you know why I have been practicing abstinence from my blog.. its not because my butter fingers acted up again.. like you thought! So you can surmise that I suck at multi-tasking!! BIG TIME!!

Now imagine someone like me driving.. with this symptom... I am driving along on the road when Cheeky lets out a shriek "Mamma switch on the music"... so now I have to pull over and stop the car and turn on the music and then get back on the road again.. (despite the fact that the controls for the audio are on my steering wheel). If I attempted both at the same time.. driving and turning on the music can just not be done without swerving off the lane now can it...You get the drift?

But I have a thankless, thoughtless son who is my worst nightmare when I decide to sit behind a steering wheel... I have to listen to comments about how Daddy would turn the music on, the rumbly road is suddenly my fault, the slamming brakes (Amma pichaku pichaku break podadhey), not to mention the reading out of the speed limits and the rest of my rights every couple of minutes.. Now how am I supposed to listen and drive at the same time?

Wondering why I am waxing eloquent about driving? After a complete twist of fate when some clueless instructor gave me a license a year and a half back (I tell you getting a licence in Colorado is far too easy)... not to mention the many attempts and mishaps of the past. After that, I drove my car esconed in a night mare for a month. I would dread taking the car out, dread hitting the highway, and heart in hand would complete every ride with a thanks to the lord that yet again I survived it. Then the excuses began - Its night, we are late already, there is road work about a mile away, snow is here, roads are slippery.. and it went on and on till recently. One of my more demure friends started driving and taunted me into saying one morning.."I am going to drive". Cheeky and M looked agape as I adjusted the seats and started the burly red thing!

Since that morning I have made many more attempts at driving but there is no convincing my biggest critic. Everyone I brag to (I won those bragging rights fair and square.. was I not clear enough.. I drove the monster)... hears another version of the story from Mr. Cheeky... about mommy's death grip on the steering wheel, the gritted teeth, the squealing brakes and the ominous speed limit (I dont know why he has to keep mentioning that)! So this weekend I loosened the grip on the wheel and even let go of one hand to wave at the little imp and drink some water (aah my heart!!) while I went hurtling down the highway. At the end of the ride I had the audacity to ask Cheeky how it had gone.. "Who does that, everyone knows you have to hold the sterring with both hands" was the reply!! I think I am going back to my excuses again!

So while you can all relax that the terror on the road is gone again.. here are some fall pictures from our trip to the mountains last week.

(c) Preethi @ Incessant Musings, October 2008

And before I sign off... HAPPY DIWALI. Diwali at the Cheeky household came and went without much notice... let me put it this way.. we tried not to notice the burnt smelling, high sugar contraption mom had called thenga (coconut) burfi but looked like a gooey mass lying in the trash can sticking to everything! Other than that we had a lovely Diwali thank you!

[Thanks to all of you who checked in to see if I was okay... you guys are wonderful!! ]



rayshma said…
erm... u weren't driving when u clicked those, were u now?????

happy halloweeennnn!!!! :)
AYMAN said…
beautiful blog realy.......
PG said…
LOL! that was such a hilarious post. Well, I really cannot say that I'm any better than you when it comes to burning food and driving!!
The pictures are beautiful!
Happy Halloween!
Preethi said…
Raysh... don't you know me.. like at all??
Ayman - Thanks
PG - Hehe... thanks and a big fiver your way!!
Sandhya said…
I wanted to ask the same thing Rayshma asked! Who clicked those pictures, you, while driving? Hope not!
rm said…
hey u posts are so lovely , good to read. put a smile on my face. you know i was thinking i am the only person who cant handle two things at a time.glad to know i have company.waiting waiting waiting for all the posts...
The Nomad said…
Well Anyone can get licence these days (wink wink...0 I know the feeling about intial driving fears. Trust me turning on the radio and dirinking water will come, a lot easier when the bottle is opened for you!
lol , I guess bad motor skills just runs in the family. . .H
noon said…
Hee hee Preethi - you are a nutcase! :) And your son - too cute. I love his remarks! pichaku pichaku brake podadhey! Yeah, he is right. Keep on writing!
Suma said…
hey happy diwali to u too..never mind the burnt sweets ..think of it this way...less post diwali dieting :P

and cheeky seems to know his mom too well :)
Sumana said…
Hey preethi, loved the post. Went rolling with laughter. You are still better. I have a phobia for driving in india. It has been 6 months that my hands landed on the steering.
Mama - Mia said…

i so so love redaing your blog preethi!! i lamost always laught out loud enough to scare my colleagues! :p

i got a license, started practising when i found out i was preggie! used to get tired too quick, then everyone said this sint the time to TRY and learn driving and all that!

and now with evert increasing traffic, i just dont feel confident enough to attemt again!!

but i Have too!! :D

if one can drive, fellow butter fingers can drive too! :p


Pavi!!!! said…
so funny u are Preeti! U don't take ANY credit for how awesome u are!

n hey the narration of ur driving experiences remind me of my own! Not too many days back..i drank water while driving n also changed the temp inside the car while driving..wat an accomplishment ;)

B'lated Happy Halloween n Happy Diwali to ur family!
Preethi said…
Sandhya - you do have too much confidence in me!!
rm - welcome to the non-multitaskers club!!
nomad - yeah I forgot to mention that the bottle was opened and placed in my hand!! :P
Vish - ahem ahem.. ;)
Noon - Nutcase?? :D
Suma - Yeah thats the bright side for sure..
Sumana - Driving in India is a nightmare
Abha - get to it soon.. then we can swap tales!!
Preethi said…
Pavi - I take too much credit for my awesomeness.. didn't you know?
The coconut burfi never comes quite well ... lets blame it on US coconuts ... what say :))
rm said…
hey i was thinking how it would be if u drive with cheeky, cheeky junior and hub all talking diffrent things..( no i dont drive :-) )
Neera said…
Okay, u r officially my best comic read now :))

Am with u on doing all at the same time - cooking, cleaning, blogging and tending to 2 wailing kiddies!! ;)

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