1,2,3,4 ...Happy Birthday!

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Now we are officially in year 4 of His Cheekiness's reign.. where he continues to rule our world! Before we start, let me strive to confuse you! We have two birthdays in a year.. A star birthday that corresponds to a tamil star (28 in number) matched with the tamil calendar year! Are you confused enough? Dont worry so are we... read on!

Year One!
After much ado about that first star b day when the world was invited and a hall booked.. the holy fire lit and the mantras told, we did not want to make a lot of the English b day! But since it was the first ever such it could not be let go too.. so a Mickey cake was got and the lone candle lit.. and when Cheeky finally awoke from his nap... the drums were sounded of momma's thundering feet down the hallway.. and she yelled down the stairwell "Party time.. Cheeky is awake!". The other wee ones were picked and physically carried to Cheeky's living room .. and while they watched and cooed, cried and yelled the adults cut the cake and gorged on it and soda and chips and added a few pounds!!
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Year Two!
By year 2 we had been burnt once and we were enlightened that a party of toddlers left much to be desired!! Not to mention the big hoopla Momma had created by cutting her thumb (tada.. a post idea.. Miss Butter Fingers.. soon very soon). But the day before the big day Mom and Dad who sometimes can be such nincompoops sat the toddler down and told him about his birthday. "Yay tmollow Cheeky cut cake" was the reply - in your face you aghast parents! So the next morning ensued a hurried trip to Costco and a huge Strawberry Mouse cake.. seriously who is going to eat all that sugar dripping contraptions?! A friend was hurriedly called.. "Its His Cheekiness's birthday and apparently we are cutting cake, it will do better for the photographic records if you were here too". So 4 of us (the friend brought a husband in tow.. to help numbers) sang the song, clapped hands and helped consume the cake!! Now you know the secret to my love handles! (img courtesy: http://carey2.blogspot.com)

Year Three!
Year 3 was filled with grandoise. We were pushed and prodded by Cheeky.. who started way in September interogating us about the plans for his party.. he chose the decor, the cake (Winnie the pooh was decided on after much delibration.. for the records) and the plates! And then proceeded to use the plate for a steering wheel... while we put up the streamers and the balloons cooked up a storm and proceeded to have a party barely getting arrested (the kids not us.. created a lot of noise and pattering feet could be heard for miles). And once the big day drew to a close Cheeky declared "Time to shop for Halloween"! (Img Courtesy: http://www.danzfamily.com)

Year Four!
We are now bunch of experienced people.. or so we think! But not quite..
Our quest towards becoming a 4 year old started with the school hunt! When we were hunting for school yet again in our new town this year, we were told that His Cheekiness could attend the royal classroom for 4 yr old's! But he was just 3!! In all the forms I was instructed to write his age down as 3 and not 4! It was not a request of course.. His Royal Highness does know how to issue his orders!
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I was promised that the age 4 will start to become a reality only after the cake was consumed! Seriously.. what world are we in? ( Do I have a toddler or a teenager? In my confused state I am one step closer to accepting the looming reality.. MID LIFE!)
But did I tell you we are experienced now? So we know the trick.. when you cant conquer, confuse! So we started with the star bday! He was informed about it.. decked with new clothes and sent off to school with a promsie of a sweet waiting in the afternoon "Momma I will eat it and turn 4" he informed me (if mamma makes no sweet, I just wont turn 4 he figured). So I slaved over the stove and made some "Appams" before the brat got home! His Cheekiness had a few appams got a few photos taken and threw the curve ball! "Where is the cake? When I eat the cake I will turn 4"! Phew so much for trying!
At least we have enough notice.. lets do it the week after the birthday... no such luck Cheeky has plans for that weekend (?? seriously he is turning 4 and not 14? you sure?). So it has to be the weekend before the birthday! Phew rush again to get everything ready.. and this time lets not forget to invite the people! So the friday evening was chosen (a trick dad played on mom.. who now had to work on the meal all by herself) and the cake was ordered, people were invited and the stage was set!
Thursday evening came and Cheeky declared.. "Where are the decorations?" So the box that says Birthday decorations was brought down (at least we had the good sense to save that...) and the streamers and balloons were put up for the party!
Friday arrived and the brat was packed off to school reluctantly "But momma I need to be here for the party".. If you don't go to school there ain't going to be no party mister!
The feast was prepared and the guests began to trickle in.. till the last one decided to be late much to his (the guest's of course) ill luck! So Cheeky was seen entertaining his guests talking, singing, dancing (considering they were all dad's friends from work, wasn't it fair that dad gets a word in? but we know how to steal the show in style!!)..while doing all this every few minutes Cheeky would throw open the door to go peer outside.. and come back in and insist dad call uncle G!
Finally at 8 PM uncle G arrived to apologize to an irate Cheeky.. "You are late.. you know because of you I stood outside with my bare feet"! Seriously, were you asked to stand outside? But Uncle G was good enough to apologize and speed up the cake cutting.. much to everyone's relief.. for finally Cheeky decided to play with people his own age (at least for the most part)!
The weekend was spent opening presents and playing with them so much that soccer practice was missed (And now coach wants him to go for make up class! Seriously.. how old is my son again?)
After all this.. remember the birthday was still not over.. so if he cut the cake and ate it.. he turned 4 did he not? So on the Big day would be turn 5? On the actual big day.. he was dressed in yet another new pair of clothes. The "Birthday Boy" badge was pinned on.. and off went Cheeky with a bag of sugar cookies and candies for his "School party" (at least no more cake). At school he was awarded the birthday crown which he proudly wore the rest of the day. For the party momma went and clicked pictures while the kids got high on sugar and then read them a nice book called "Sam goes to School" Cheeky's favorite to finish off the party and send the now hyper kids packing home!! After more phone calls that evening wishing His Cheekiness Happy Birthday.. the Birthday celebrations finally draw to a close (I think I might even be able to take off all the streamers and balloons today.. and my house will be looking sane again!)

Like Cheeky's teacher said .. "Looks like the Birthday week celebrations have finally drawn to a close" (Oh yes she gets a daily recap of events at home!) So the mind boggling, earth changing, world stopping celebrations are done.. and we can relax.. till Christmas or Halloween or this weekend! Sigh!

Cheeky if you are reading this (years later.. for I intend to keep my secret for as long as I can)... I am grayed and old and no longer remember your birthday.. remember how far I went when you were 4.. but I will not have photographic evidence because in all the hoopla we forgot to take pictures.. at least there are none of the food/feast I cooked (and no that does not say a thing about how it tasted). (Img courtesy: http://www.anythink.org). As you can see every year the party has become progressively more larger in proportions. Now I dread to think of Year 5.. I think we will just have to plan a party on the moon!


Sandhya said…
Congratulations Cheeky on being 4! My daughter turns 4 in December and is talking about it since July! It's all about them, all the time.
Happy Birthday, dear Cheeky! Looks like you had a wonderful b'day week :) - lots of love and hugs from auntie R and Popol!
Neera said…
A very Happy Birthday dear Cheeky ..wishing a year full of wonderful cheeky moments to shine thru in this blog :) And oh my what a week, in deed!! Phew!!
Kodi's Mom said…
happy b'day cheeky :) and four is just the beginnig of fun!
Anonymous said…
The same age as my 3rd child.
Happy birthday dear boy.

And now think of me, as I plan a party this friday for my 2 boys in the midst of moving..

The first thing on the menu magaritas for all the mommies :)
2 B's mommy said…
hehehe...wait till he is 11, for his 12th bday, my son wants to take just himself and some other 12year olds to 'snow planet' ( about 40kms out of the city) for skiing, snow boarding and works - He has found out that there's a special package for a birthday party of 6 or more and I didn't even dare to look at the price of that package, all I know from our previous visits to snow planet is, it ain't cheap to get a day pass for this place specially if his friends don't have ski gear and if we would need to rent it for them !! I thought he might want to do something like this( taking his mates for skiing) on his 21st !!!hehehe

A very Happy Birthday to dear Cheeky !

Love and hugs.
A lovely touching post,You could recollect every year !
This will go on till teens & then even if you request theres no way birthdays are going to be celebrated at home,It will be only with friends !!
Rambler said…
hey congrats on Cheeky's birthday
U-t-h-r-a said…
Happy birthday dear Cheeky.
Hmmm...He is 4 now Pre , time flies
Party on moon , what would be on the menu , cheese ? :P I am definitely coming to that one!! . . .
rayshma said…
hehee... this was an amazing run-down of all of cheeky's bdays! :D
and heyy... make sure the ticket to the moon next year is not one-way! ;)
Pavi!!!! said…
Here's wishin Cheeky a Very Very Happy B'day..May God Bless the li'l one!

n hey hes my kinda boy!@26 i celebrate my Happy B'day for a week!n will continue doing so until i turn 50 atleast...Wats wrong wit tht huh??

n Butter fingers!haha thats me as well :)
Suma said…
what a week and what a recap...

happy birthday, cheeky and congrats proud momma for having lived to tell te tale...

you have 4-5 years more to enjoy, By then he would be smart enough to plan his birthday the way he wants, which may not be god news...:D
Pinku said…
hey...a huge hug and a kiss to the big boy who turned four

and a bigger hug and more tender kiss to the mom who made it happen... :)

this post you have done for posterity is much better than some pictures that you might have taken.
Aryan said…
Oh no ..he is already 4...So fast time goes..
Preethi said…
Sandhya - Good luck :)
MM - Thanks Auntie R and Popol says Cheeky
Neera - Its coming to you too.. another year to go!!
KM - Absolutely right!!! This is just the beginning for sure!
Aasaan - Wise decision!! :)
2BM - Now you are freaking me out!!
CU - My friend's 8 yr old already has a party for only friends.. I asked nicely but was not invited :P
Rambler - Thanks
Udu - It does doesn't it.. seems like only y day we were in training together!! :)
Vish - Would we have to pay for extra baggage.. candy?
Raysh - Just one way for me!!
Pavi - your kind? you sure!! Am sending him your way for the week!
Suma - I can imagine.. 2BM has been scaring me too!! oh Boy!
Pinku - That was so sweet thanks!!
AM - time does fly doesn't it.. Aryan is 2.. this one is 4!! Phew!!
Vivek said…
Hey my belated wishes for ananth!
Am expecting an invitation for the next year at least, yes to visit the moon of course! ;)

But how can he miss soccer practice?
Am counting on you to see a Beckham for India. Yes, for INDIA. ! ;)
Happy birthday to Cheeky...my first memory is a time when I was four. I remember proudly telling someone who asked my name that I'm Akshaya and I'm four years old. It was such a proud feeling. Oooo I've gotten so big! lol And now I consider 21 young.

And Cheeky is really lucky to have a mom doing blog posts for him.
Preethi said…
Vivek - Beckham? I need to send you a video of the soccer practice... :P its complete mayhem!!
Akshaya - Yeah so true right.. :)
Meenu said…
Happy birthday to cheeky ...and happy 4th anniversary on becoming a mom .
Sumana said…
hey preethi, wishing nantu a very happy birthday. I am sure he would have had lots of fun the whole week. Aah sure on the moon would be the bestest birthday for the little guy.
PG said…
such a sweet post! I'm late, but
better kate then never, they say...
Happy Birthday Cheeky!
May God bless you with wisdom (well...that he has in plenty already ;)), health and happiness!
And wishing the mom a relaxing week...:)
Mama - Mia said…
belated happy birthday Cheeky!! have a sooper dooper year ahead!! :D

so much work you put in owman!! least you could have tol us what you cooked since you forgot to click pictures! so that we could have just drooled!! :p

loved the recap! Cheeky will cut cake was the cutest! :)


Preethi said…
Meenu - Thanks
Sumana - Yeah it would.. what would I serve though?
PG - Relaxing week? Have another hectic one lined up :(
Abha - Yeah I should have listed the things.. to show off my culinary provess.. I did cook up a feast all by myself.. so I have gloating rights!!
Pavi!!!! said…
@preeti: A week! LIAR! i know how u parents are..have a whole bunch arnd where i live..When V(the hubby) n I play wit thier kids,,they ll be so happy n keep sayin oh u can take him/her away..but if at all we do take thier child out..thye ll come in 15 mins to collect them.

one neighbor allowed me to take care of her daughter(1.5 yrs old) for 1 full hr coz she had to shower...her hubby did scold her for it tho :(

Nobody trusts US:((((
Preethi said…
Pavi - hehe... yeah a week is a bit overboard.. what would I do for entertainment really? but we could do a few hours I promise and M wont even scream at me.. :P But would you go screaming out.. that remains to be seen!
Fuzzylogic said…
Oh shoot!I can't believe I missed this big day.Belated birthday wishes to Cheeky. Hope he had a great one!
Fuzzylogic said…
Oh shoot!I can't believe I missed this big day.Belated birthday wishes to Cheeky. Hope he had a great one!
Anonymous said…
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