Thursday, November 6, 2008

And History is made!

Should I? Shouldn't I? Write about the elections?

Yes I am thrilled that history has been made, yes Obama's acceptance speech was inspiring and touching.. especially the promise of the puppy. Except that if Cheeky ever finds out, I am going to have to run for President now! (What you think that can't happen... maybe in about 16-20 years? I will be old enough to run for President then!! wink! And for those of you who dare to point out that it is constitutionally impossible... Change is the buzz word!) (img courtesy:

After his constant requests for pets - first a fish tank, then a cat, then a hamster and then a puppy were rejected. Even his request to go ask the neighbor if she would let him take her puppy was only admonished! Cheeky tried a different tact. Mommy lets buy a baby.. considering that mommy had a son maybe she will like a pet of the human kind! It was only later that I found out.. when my sister wisely asked him why he wanted a baby was that he wanted the baby for a pet! I must be such a hit as a mom eh?! But when he was told that the baby would share his parents, toys and room.. (I seem to have put that in ascending order of importance!) the notion was immediately dropped! We are back to wanting a puppy dog now! (img courtesy :

Alright I have digressed enough... back to the elections. I called my dad in the middle of the night.. Mid day for him and yelled "OBAMA won the elections! And he is making his acceptance speech now".. My dad responded "I get CNN here you know?" .. So much for sharing my excitement! But really so did the rest of the world apparently... the support for Obama seem to go across national borders.

I have never followed any election with equal fervor! My interest in elections in India are limited to turning off the TV every time a politician comes on.. or avoiding all areas in the city where rally's were planned (Can't end up being blown up by a bomb can I, then who would write these blogs?!). This year I watched the elections here as the mud slinging happened across the aisles in this part of the world.

With an almost nonchalant attitude I would turn on the TV and watch the drama. And what I saw was this intelligent guy making a calm point even when he was playing the blame game. And it was easy to believe him. But that is enough about Obama, what I am really here to talk about is someone else! Tricked ya didn't I?

I am talking about this cute lady with her wink and snap, her "Maverick" talks tickled me to no end! So at the end of this election furor, I am actually sorry. While Mrs. Palin packs her bags and heads back to Alaska, I must say I am going to miss this hockey mom who wanted to sit at my kitchen table and talk to me! And I am going to miss SNL (Saturday Night Live... Live from Newyork!) and Tina Fey most of all! I am going to miss the cute wink and the "I will have to get back to ya" snap! I am going to miss all the digs people took at her! But most of all I am going to miss her sense of humor by coming right there at SNL and taking a dig at herself! (img courtesy:

So for more of Mrs Sarah Palin do we tune in to Elections 2012?

As I sign off.. I leave you with the link to Obama's inspirational acceptance speech . Which made even self proclaimed cynics like me to sit up and take notice. It is definitely just the beginning.. the road ahead is steep and it is going to be an uphill battle. But America and the world have been energized with the chant "YES WE CAN!". So anything is possible.. just wait and watch!


Suma said...

oh yes...i heard his was a good one..and what a journey for this man...truly commendable...

Rambler said...

ooh fish tank would be fun..

Mama - Mia said...

entertainment all the way with Ms. palin around, eh?!

if she would have actually become beocme the VeeP, Bushisms would have been replaced by Palinisms perhaps!!

and yeah! heres to change! :)



Sumana said...

LOL Sarah Palin, definitely the much needed humor of elections. No doubt she has been campaigning or atleast trying it out for the 2012 elections.
Preethi, all Nantu is asking for is a puppy. See then you will have more blog material but less time.. ;)

PG said...

wonderful! Happy for you, or should I say for the whole world...
This s surely a great moment in the history of America. People in the world will start believing that Americans are ...uhmm... very much sane! ;)
That was cute about the puppy. My sonny boy has made the request only once. I hope it won't get worse.

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

wow ,he sure can make inspiring speeches , no wonder he won by a staggering margin :) . . .

Ah so u gonna get a pup too , huh ? goood luck :P

Sandhya said...

Cheeky, can't have a pet! let him meet my girl and maybe they can plan a bigger jolt for us.
Mine says , if I don't let her have a pet, she will become a zoo keeper when she grows!

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Incredible, indeed! I was even touched by Mc Cain's speech when he said "The people have spoken!"

ya, that was cute about the promise of a puppy :)

wish you luck trying to talk him outta of my friends told her daughter that she'd have to clean the dog's poop...and was never asked for a puppy again :)

Preethi said...

Suma - yes commendable indeed
Rambler - we almost gave in to that.. but we move too much to make a pet feasible!!
Abha - Yeah Palin I do miss!
Sumana - Blogging material I seem to have with or without the pet!! :P
PG - From what I see from friend's kids.. it seems to get worse..
Vish - For now he has been given a cuddly soft toy dog for a pet!
Sandhya - Zoo Keeper what ambition!!
GND - Tried that too.. I bet he doesnt get it.. first he tried to talk me into doing it.. and then claimed he would!!

Pavi!!!! said...

u echoed my thots thru'out this post

1. i feel so happy that obama won!
2. I'm never the one interested in politics..but this one scenario was different.I've been followin closely thsi time.
3.Palin tickled my bones . she was so much entertainment! n i loved SNL. Tina Fey did rock!
4. Therz no way im having pets of any kind at home!

mnamma said...

M and N have been through this 'buy me a baby' phase before :) Your post brought back the memories.

King said...

this election is the biggest blockbuster ever from US!
Watever Media had a blast! :D

rayshma said...

all the poor child wants is a pup. and u deny him the joy??
tsk tsk tsk... :P
go, get him a lovely big labrador puppy! :D

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Cantaloupe has been asking for a pup for a long time now. Her dad has said, he will get her one when she is ready to take care all by herself, which aparently is when she turns 8 !!! But the catch is she can to convince AMMA before that .... and that is one HARD task. Cantaloupe spares no opportunity to remind me how cute or harmless pets are ...
Regarding the election ... a HISTORIC one indeed !!!

Preethi said...

Pavi - Yay!! High Fiver your way!!
MNAmma - And you bought them one.. bet they are thrilled!!
King - You bet!!
Raysh - What I am not enough??;)
CA - Haha.. I can imagine that happening.. same case here too.. Dad has already bought in to the idea.. and is this close to going to pets mart! Mom will never agree!!

Usha said...

That speech was really really good and the way he delivered it made it awesome.
As for all the promised changes, we will know soon, won't we? November and December will fly in a wink and then it is lights, camera, action to bring on the changes.

K 3 said...

Hmm puppies could be fun ... though .... dont knw ... i think i am a bit scared! ;)

Neera said...

Great post ..funny as ever :) Do u actually say those things to cheeky which u say u do :)

Preethi said...

Usha - yes.. we will know soon enough!!
K3- Me too!!!
Neera - What things?? yes I do.. some of my posts are exaggerations of course.. but most of the cheeky talks are verbatim!

Subhashree said...

Yes, a very inspiring victory speech. And I like the winking Palin.

Sandhya said...

preethi, where are you? No posts? are you alright ms.butterfingers?

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