A big hearty southern breakfast

I recall the movie My Cousin Vinny. Set in Alabama, Vinny is shocked when he sees the guy in the restaurant making breakfast with a huge laddle full of butter “Haven’t you heard of the ongoing cholesterol problem in the country” he asks. I got to experience this in reality this weekend!

I have always known that southerners are fabled to eat hearty meals. I have seen it in the movies read about it in the books but was yet to experience it! I am a light eater in the morning. Coming from a culture where the mid day meal is the heartiest packed with loads of carbs and centered around eating a lot of white rice, I have followed this all my life. I start my day with a glass of water and then rush through a small tiny bowl of cereal after an hour or maybe 1 banana and a coffee! I have never been able to eat more than that. Now my lunch is bound to have bowl after bowl of white rice with spicy concoctions and a side of vegetables. I am a vegetarian, so I have to fill up on this to survive, that is my excuse!

This Saturday however I had to make another trip on the quest for “that elusive flu vaccine ” (more on that later) and couldn’t fit a breakfast into my schedule. So after struggling with my 5 year old and that flu vaccine, we made a trip to a diner for we were famished! We were handed a 4 page bound menu for breakfast! I looked incredulously at the hubs who was struggling to understand the multitude of combo’s and sides that we could possibly have. I never knew there were so many options for breakfast trust me! The hubs likes to have a hot breakfast and it usually comprises of toast and maybe if we have the energy a couple of scrambled eggs! This is our idea of hot breakfast. On weekends I make the exception and make some rice pancakes a la Indian style and I think I have excelled myself. And here I was staring at at least a 2 dozen options for breakfast and was almost having a dizzying fit! My 5 yr old however was unfazed as he decided to have an egg and some fresh fruit!

I on the other hand ordered a combo and if I was a camel I wouldn’t have had to eat for the next 15 days. There were the grits resting in enough butter to coat all my stomach and intestine I assure you. Haven’t heard of grits? Its a porridge made of corn! Looking at the butter I raised an eyebrow at the hubs and asked if we better call emergency before we have that heart attack? This was followed by a plate of roasted potatoes that oozed oil, 3 scrambled eggs with mushrooms, spinach, cheese and grease, some buttered toast that literally melted in my mouth and a big bowl of fruits followed by a large glass of juice to help drown all that cholesterol! I refused the ham, or I would have had that resting on my plate too! And now I know what a big hearty southern breakfast is! I was left looking around in amazement at all the people who sat around me and ate that meal unfazed! I was seen peering into a lady’s plate to make sure she got all that butter too.. but I am sure they all ran home from the diner. Me, I sat in my car and went home to stretch in front of the television and try to ingest those 2000 calories of breakfast, while my rice cooker was cooking up a big bowl of rice for lunch! Sigh!

(Note: The picture courtesy of google images does not describe my hearty southern meal as the egg portion is a lot smaller as are the bread. The fruits are missing too.. ) Makes you want to try a big hearty southern meal doesn’t it? For all the cholesterol I assure you the meal tastes absolutely heavenly even if it left me with a pounding headache as my stomach tried to process all that fat for the rest of the day!
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Anonymous said…
heehheee...you are a camel....so for 15 days you are not eating right????
Funny post as ususal.

Aryan's Mom
lol , they sure take "Eat breakfast like a king" seriously :)
Now I know what a Southern breakfast is ...
Me .. I love the breakfast from South ... err ... South India. Dosa, Idli, Uppit, Uttapam it is for me :)
Pavi!!!! said…
ohh..i can soooooooo do a B.I.G hearty continental B'fast! yummy for the tummy!!

Wake up LATE..n brunch that conssits of Toast,Eggs, potatoe fries n orange jucie....! Heaven i tell u, Heaven!
Prats said…
I am left wondering now if the very hearty and feel good south indian breakfast would actualy do justice to those loads of calories....heheh...

Have you woken up from that position now????
Sanand said…
Interesting, especially the Camel's bit.
Preethi said…
Prats , CA - Will soon do a post on A hearty southern breakfast.. pongal and vada, idli, oothapam, dosa and upuma.. yum!! Had a blast when in India!! :) I think I have an affliction for the South.. Now its Southern USA!
Mama - Mia said…
yummmy!! i love BIG breakfasts! we dont do it at home everyday. mostly its upma, poha, eggs etc!

but occasionally we go for these buffet breakfasts where you can REALLY eat!! or the breakfast at Koshy's! THAT is sheer gluttony!! yummy!

your description actually made me drool!! :D


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