The Star Teacher!

My son started preschool a couple of months ago. He has been mommy's boy for the past year and a half, with mommy figuring in his every waking minute ... so he had a rough start at school. His school days typically began with "NO... Its not morning yet!!" and "Its Leave today!!!!!"... he whined his way through getting ready for school. I am usually not very patient, but I calmly dealt with these morning tantrums much to my own surprise. I quietly but firmly manage to get him ready for school. I had started to dread these mornings. Then he would go to school and hug me and refuse to let me go... through the day he would yell and scream and torment his teachers.
He once refused to sit down for story time and insisted that he needed to go on the bus! I think he figured if mommy doesnt pick him up he would take a bus home? Now this was all heart rending!!
Then there came the star teacher. When he cried for the bus, she took him to the school bus and let him play at the driver seat! When he had a rough time she hugged him and pampered him and coddled him. Now my son loves school. He looks forward to meeting his teacher every day and is raving about his teacher all the time after school.. She is his new best friend!
Also he is well behaved in school and helps out, helping her put all the chairs back in place, helping in clean up etc. I pick him up during nap time, so after the kids go for their nap he sits with his teacher and chats with her and is "funny"!! His teacher is always in raptures about how good he is!! Can I take that boy home I want to ask!! No not this boy who turns into the little imp once he is home!!!!!
Lately he has started wanting to go to school on weekends and in the afternoons . He goes to school only alternate days, so you can imagine how I dread the days he doesnt go to school now. He has started crying to be taken to school , especially when I try to punish him. A friend recently said, "your son is being spoilt rotten at school" I am really glad school is such a positive experience for him:)
Kudos to the star teacher!!!


ooh la la my copy cat :P. .the blogs are great..keep filling in:)

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