My little sister writes blogs.... and so do most of my friends... I have time on my hands and am online for so long and I do have a case of incessant musings.. so I thought why not?
I am the typical indian girl (more on that a little later), cosetted by parents... stayed at home all of my student life... then went to work and actually managed to stay alone for a year and a half when my mom called me day and night and supervised me over the phone..
Then I got married to a guy chosen by my parents! 2 years after marriage, oh yeah we decide to multiply and had a kid!! A year after that I quit my job to take care of my naughty and already spoilt little brat!! And the past year we have been moving all over the US in my husband's climb up the corporate ladder... or so we think!!
Now my son goes to school and my husband ofcourse goes to work to bring home the bread (I suppose!!) and I am going out of my mind with no one to control during the day... :) hence this experiment with blogging.
I used to be quite literary a long time ago.. writing diaries and poetry!!!, reading books, winning every speech competition in the city (yay!!!) ... though I have always wondered if I was any good! Looking back I dont think so...I just knew how to dress my speeches and impress the judges!!
Anyway even presuming that I had some literary talent back in those days, I sure have lost it now! But then were do we have time for the written word these days? We used to write snail mail to friends when I was back in school, then we started writing emails but now no we dont even have time for that we write scraps!!!!!! with an abbreviation for every conceivable english word! I have forgotten how to write anything at all....
With this note, I dive into the world of blogging...


Vidhya Rajesh said…
Hiiiiiiya there!!!
Did not know you blogged..... Nice "Intro" :) .... Thanks for dropping by my blog ... where did you get the url though (curiosity killed the cat) - Oh!oh! now the "anonmity" is lost ;) .....
Preethi said…
the one and only gomz!!!
sulo badri said…
i dono how i stumbled into ur blog - but am glad i did - u r gettin me hooked ;) jus now read ur pregnant ka tag - funny! will catch u again - am off to read ur other posts..

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