The Indian Abroad

The Indian Abroad is part of a confused clan. At every oppurtunity he thinks of going back home to india... He misses his parents and family.. But something keeps him here, and he keeps postponing that return! Be it the quality of work, quality of life (except maybe for the roads/ polluiton this is a very questionable point. I had a better quality of life in India I think!!) or money - thats a big factor I guess. We keep thinking that in the next couple of years we will head back, once we have a green card we will head back, once we have a citizenship we will head back - keeping your options always open to run back to the US at any time. Why? Weren't people happy staying in India all their lives? But no now that I am here I need an option to be able to run back here when I please. But by the time I get this option, my son will be old enough to resist going back to India!!
Despite this, the guys and girls who pass out of colleges and join the various IT organizations across India are always yearning for an oppurtunity to get here!! Whew, vicious circle!
I ofcourse am part of this confused clan... I was very particular that I will stay with an Indian company and marry a guy with an Indian company so that my ties to India are always there. I came to the US for the first time 5 yrs ago when I got married, I loved the US ofcourse but missed my family. I rushed back to India in a year wih an intention to stay put. I even built a house in India to this interest. But then the lure appealed to me yet again and I am back. Now I have joined the clan of the confused Indian abroad!!! I keep thinking that I do want to go back one day, but that day moves further and further.... and my son goes to school here already...


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