Cheeky Cheeky!

I have found that Cheeky sells, writing about Cheeky seems to improve traffic. So henceforth I am going to follow Cheeky around with a pen and paper... that should help with my blog ranking!
The other day we were off for a drive and a Hummer overtook us. Cheeky is enamored by Hummers so much that we once rented one (when Cheeky was 2) just to earn his approval! But now Cheeky is not just enamored by Hummer's, as you all know he enjoys tormenting us with his endless questions. So he asks his dad
"Daddy why did the Hummer overtake us?"
Dad in sheer frustration exclaimed "Go ask the Hummer driver!"

A day passed by and the questions did not cease, but no mention of the Hummer. The next day, Dad was at work and unsuspecting mommy was puttering around at home.
Cheeky walked up and asked "Amma do you know a Hummer driver"
Amma bewildered "No I do not"
Cheeky "Neither do I" said a Cheeky with a huge pout on his face.
Holding back a giggle at the expression Amma ventured "But what do you want a Hummer driver for?"
Cheeky "I need to ask him why he overtook us, Daddy asked me to!"
Hahaha. Later that day, Mommy related this incident to Dad amidst a lot of laughing.
A serious Cheeky listened on, wondering why this was so funny! Then it struck him
Cheeky said "Daddy we rented a Hummer in Denver"
Daddy slow on the uptake "Yes we did""
Cheeky "You were the driver of that Hummer"
Daddy the bulb above his head flashing frantically now "Yes I was"
Cheeky "So why did the Hummer overtake our Camry"
Phew!! Now it was Dad's and Mom's turn to stop giggling and look at the little Cheeky in utter bewilderment!

Cheeky thinks about work a lot. He wants to go work directly, whats the point of going to school and college he figures! And he has a fair idea of how the whole work scenario functions!
He asked his Thatha (Grand dad) the other day
"Thatha does the Accent work now or is it retired?"
Thatha said "No it works well now, I got it fixed"
Mommy thinking hard "Cheeky why did you ask if it is retired"
Cheeky "When things don't work, they retire like J thatha"
Now that I know why he retired, I am retiring too ... my brain doesn't work anymore!

I have been staying all cooped up from the heat the past few days. Last evening, I had a guilt trip and decided to take Cheeky for a walk.
I told him "Lets take a nice walk this evening"
Cheeky "Where are we going"
Me "Nowhere, lets just walk"
Cheeky "Ok do we take the stroller"
Me "No I will get bored, give me company walk with me!"
Cheeky "Ok lets go to the road then I want to look at cars!"
This is a kid who has his priorities straight! So off we went with layers of sunscreen on us, wearing our hats which makes Cheeky look cute and me look very silly! But although it was 5 PM we still needed the ammunition!
After a fair amount of time I decided to head back. Walking with Cheeky as you can imagine is an endless array of questions. He also stops to wave at everyone on the road. And I had to hurry him on lest he start a conversation. I was beginning to wonder what my problem was when he was acting shy! Is this why they say watch what you wish for? When I broke it to Cheeky that we were heading home, he did not want to of course!
"No! Lets go to someone's house" he said.
"We don't know anyone here " I said
"So lets go ask their names" he said. Simple solutions appeal to him!
"We cant do that" said boring mommy and tried to distract him by making him chase birds (yeah right!) in the grass instead. This is the boy who chases rabbits all around the place, he can chase birds now don't you think?

As we entered our building he did what he does every day, run to the apartment next door and stand at their door. He is going to freak them out someday. I decided to scare him (as if!) and said "I am going to knock and ask them if they will keep you, You seem to like that house, stay there! Daddy and I will stay at our place"
The imp got very excited "Knock amma, come lets knock on their door" says he "let us ask them their names!". Now what did I get myself into?
Vacations are truly endless. Now, I am going shopping for summer camps!!

[Edit: He still wont let it go. This boy is so persistent. ""Mommy do you have one friend or many friends" He asks.
"Many" I answer
Still undeterred "You want many friends, lets go ask the people their names"]


rayshma said…
arre i say go for it!
ask the neighbors... if they're nice and keep him... shift apartments ;)
kidding, obviously... before u kill me! :D
oh yeah, phone was dunked in disinfectant by the mister. got it back today. will call u if it works. :D
Cheeky thinks so logically - since his daddy drove a Hummer at some point, he asked him the question - lol! So smart of him to connect that and string it with his brand of logic! And see, he wants to knock on strangers' doors and make friends - you can't call him shy anymore! :)
ddmom said…
ROFL! He is just way too smart for his age. The way he is connecting things.. and he knows car names already?? LOL on lets go knock on the neighbors doors! Now you have to think like him before giving him options.
Preethi said…
Raysh - Call soon. as for the neighbors might as well see if I can get some baby sitters :P
MM- Logic? His brand of logic is just way beyond me!!! Oh no I cant call him shy can I, this boy is a bag full of surprises!!
ddmom - Already? He is like a directory for car names - has been for the past 2 yrs ever since he uttered his first word actually!!God save me!!
K 3 said…
Smart guy! Loved the Hummer Story!

And eh, yes we come here to read abt Cheeky Tales, There I said it!
Will you blacklist me?!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! :)
Sumana said…
He is a smart curious george. Wow renting a hummer. Really cool.
Swati said…
LOL !! I am laughing loud and my neighbour must be thinking I went mad. I could not read beyond Hummer ..will read after I can control my laughter. How old is he now ?
Preethi said…
K3 - Known fact.. much as I would like to think that it is my writing people come for.. I have always had the suspicion it was Cheeky after all!! :P
Sumana - The things you do to please your kid.. That was our way of appeasing him on yet another move!!
Swati - He is 3 and a half going 40!! :P
Neera said…
I feel so good reading about cheeky ..out of relief that its not just Vansh who is driving me bonkers with the kind of questions he asks. Exact same with him ..he talks so much about going to office in Toyota and Honda and Nissan, I was asking my husband last evening it okay to be so obsessed to talk about only that all day long.
Brilliant ability cheeky has of forming connections.
rofl , I bet very soon he is gonna do the ringing bell routine we all did when we are kids and instead of running away he would give them a doze of cheeky :D
Subhashree said…
Quite Cheeky, isn't he adorable!
Nomadic Couple said…
shock the neighbours and show how rest of the world do it. I woundt stop cheeky from knocking. Tell himhe has to do it though... Stand in acorner just to watch out.
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