School Shopping

I thought it was all done. I think I had even made a post on finding the perfect school for the little imp! I had done this way back in January and even paid the first month fee in his new Montessori with the best rating in Colorado! Only to tell them sorry faced that I am moving. Once here, I have been torn between another Montessori or the preschool literally in my backyard! Finally we figured, its play school for heaven's sake so the closer the better at least we will not have to subject North Carolina traffic to my driving! Phew!! I know many drivers sighed in relief the day I decided against the Montessori!
So this morning, I decided to go there and ask them if they would have any openings. And also check out the place while at it. Nantu tagged along with a long face!
"I don't want to go to school" he said!
"Whats your problem? I thought you loved school" I said.
"No I don't! " says he. Now I am smart and so I know I don't want to be sucked into this discussion. So I just stuck his cap on his head and walked out the house! In 2 minutes I was at the school's doorstep and Nantu spying the play area perked up!!
Meanwhile a lady walked up to us and offered to take down our details for the secretary. I think she is a teacher there. She asked Nantu some questions and Cheeky decided to answer very politely, much to my surprise. No hiding behind my legs this time!
He then asked me if he can see the class room. I told him he could when he gets an admission there.
He then asked "Can I play in that yard too if I get ammichon here?"
"Yes you can" said I!!
As we walked out Cheeky was heard saying "I like the play ground, I think I will go to school here!". It is a simple life after all!! Except we don't yet know if he is going to school there, they have not told me anything about availability!!Uh!(Pict Courtesy:

K3 tagged me to do a post on 6 of my quirks.
I have done that a couple of times before - here and here.
I sure seem to have a lot of quirks don't I? Another to add to the list, brought to mind by one of K3's quirks.
I had a knack for story telling as a kid or so I have heard! I used to make up stories all the time. And if I did not like a story my mommy told me, I would just change it the way I liked it! So no evil witches in my tales I presume!! Nantu seems to have acquired that trait! I had once written about how he twisted the Crow and Vada tale here. Just today he decided to re-sing the Piggy on the railway rhyme!
It goes "Piggy on the road picking up stones
Down came the engine and piggy not there"
[The original goes "Piggy on the railway picking up stones
Down came the engine and broke piggy's bones"]
We don't like that as Pig is our favorite animal. Yikes? I know.. he wanted to know if he could pet the pigs he saw in India.. I wanted to make a face, but I calmly told him that he could only pet the ones in the petting zoo. I have a tough job.. being a mommy is not easy. And keeping a straight face is even harder!
As for the altered rhyme, reminded me that He is truly my son!! yay!! His poor teachers are going to have a tough time though, don't you think?

Another thing Cheeky has been bugging me about all day is to return to Chennai. Last night a friend was here from India and asked Nantu if he wanted to go to India with him. Since then Nantu has been asking me to take him on a flight to India. Apparently he needs my help and presence only till we reach India. Once we are in Chennai all I have to do is wait for Chitti (his aunt, my sister) to arrive and then I can just turn around and come back.
"Wont you miss me" I ask.
"I will talk to you on chat" he tells me!
Boohoo... what did I do to deserve such a thankless son??!!! Priya Chitti [Fantasies of a lifetime] here is wishing you a very happy birthday from all of us. Nantu even baked a play doh cake for you today!! We miss you so much! (pict courtesy :


Rambler said…
good to see youngsters [If I could call him that :)] wanting to come back to India :)
Prats said…
Oh so cute...he ca play all he wnats here...send can chill out there.

and have an even tougher job ahead trying to maintain a straight face...while your insides are being chewed up in embarassment....enjoy this while it is fun. ;)
Aryan said… cute he is ...You altered the rhyme..???
When aryan sings this he says..Train piggy Aadi ....Train aadi...He keeps his hands on his lips and say mmm aahhh...all scolding train for breaking piggies bones...I should have also altered the rhyme..
Good job preethi
rayshma said…
lol! me like nantu. :)
and why aren't u baking a real cake for her, eh?! ;)
Happy Happy Day, Priya.. :)
Mira's mom said…
Hi Preethi,

First time here! This (play)school thing is driving me crazy too - Mira (my daughter) joins school for the first time this monday - keeping my fingers crossed.
2 B's mommy said…
oh, I hope he gets the ammichon there - he surely likes it and its close to home !

My son did the same thing - he hated India when we were there and we thought that even if we mention the very name, he will lock himslef in his room but when my dad asked him the other day if he wants to visit him, he said he surely will in his holidays ! when I told him that we haven't made any plans to go to India this year so he will have to go alone - and he said " ok, mum, I will go by myself"!! What the....????
ddmom said…
"I will talk to you on chat" stole the show!!
How old is he again?? 4 right?
Swati said…
So he will go there for playground :D
lol my smart lil nantu :D. . .I am gloating about this to everyone :D. . .and thanx for the play doh cake :D

@rayshma - thank you :D
I wish my office had a play gorund to make me wanna go there:D
Preethi said…
Rambler - all of us do... but we are more practical about it.. for him I think the idea of vacation appeals to him!! ;)
Prats - tell me about it!! As for the school, hope he gets in.. he is now wait listed!!
AM - I did not alter the rhyme.. he did !!!
Raysh - I will leave you to it.. or there is always the bakery guy!!
MM - Welcome, and good luck.. its a tough thing first time school for both parents and children, emotions do run high!!
Preethi said…
2BM - I hope so too... as for your son {smiles}...
DDMom - he is going to be 4 in a few months, yes!
Swati - Yes he does have his priorities right!!
Vish - Gloat on... a playground at work?? you dream on girl!!
Great feeling.Happy to hear their simple doubts,solutions....
It is always wonderful to be with them...
Your blog has a unique fragrance.The fragrance only indian homes have.
Thanks for the visit too.
will keep coming..
Neera said…
Good luck with the school!! I can very well imagine going thru such pains to find a great scl and then having to leave it behind :( Hope this one is able to take Nantu in. 2 minutes away is a big plus. How are the winters in NC?

Smart as ever Cheeky altering that rhyme and talking to u on chat :))
Preethi said…
Man in painting - yes they do send us on a thinking spiral
Neera - its much better I hear!! :) Just 6 weeks of snow!! yay!!

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