Growing up pangs!

[CHEEKY IS BACK.. After a long break from his cheekiness. Well not really,Momma was taking a break from Momma-dom while the hoarde of friends and relatives in India listened to Cheeky! Now its back to when he talks and I listen, and he talks and I listen!!]
"Amma namma kitta naraya paisa iruka?" (Do we have a lot of money?) came a whiny voice. I sat typing away furiously as I chatted with my dear friend A. No phone and this has become a daily ritual of ours, this daily chats. And now we somehow end up spending even more time talking to each other than we would when we had a telephone.
Anyway, coming back to the whiny voice, I knew there had to be a reason. And there it was, ketchup adorned my new carpet! And my little imp had the cheek to ask me if I had money to pay for it!! God what will I do with this boy? Earlier today I moved his bed from his room to my room (thats another story I will talk about next, hold on)... and cheeky takes care to inform me "Don't spoil it? Do you know I spent so much money on this bed?"God help me!
Now to the bed story! When we got here, it was decided that Nantu will sleep on his bed in his room! And he has been doing a good job at it. Only a couple of hours later Mommy and Daddy peek in and finally after a lot of deliberation carry sleeping Cheeky to their bed! I am so worried that he will roll of his (so called) toddler bed! But Nantu has informed me that he will buy a bunk bed (yes all by himself) when he turns 4 and will sleep in his room by himself. My little boy is growing up fast, too fast!!
So that is the story of my life. I have a young adult now in my household, who talks and acts like one! And I have a whiny parent (yours truly) who misses the little baby who wanted mommy at all times! Time to get back to work I suppose! Cheeky thinks so too. "When I turn 5 go to work amma he says! You can come back home when I come home in the evening!". He figured not much use for mom in between I suppose.. so might as well put her to use!!
Amidst all this emotional trauma (!!), Rayshma decided to brighten my life with a lovely award and some lovelier words about me. I was really touched and now its my turn to brighten some of your lives!
It has been said "This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!".Now as per this, I have to give this award to all of you who have been so nice all this time that I have been blogging. And inspired me to write more and more of mundane topics!! (So what I am trying to say is that you are to blame for my boring blogs!).
However with value for time and space here I am going to mention a few.

K3 - She is a new blogger friend, and has touched me so much with her thoughtful comments and even inquiries when I went off the radar for a while. That was so sweet.Also I have to say I love Kocchuunni tales, even the name is so adorable!!
Neera - There is so much love shining through in all her posts. She is lucky to have a wonderful family. And her family is lucky to have her!
Keith - I absolutely love his sense of humor, his stories and his photographs. Everything he posts is so honest and full of life.
Rambler - Rambling on about his life, his take on the writer prompts at Sunday Scribblings, Writers Island always make me wonder why I never thought of it that way! He has been a loyal blog friend, visiting frequently and always has a nice word for me. Thanks Rambler!
Aryan's mom - I love the tales of Aryan.. I just adore the fact that it is written from the mouth of the babe! I know you wanted a break, but I want to give you a reason to come back!! :)
and Rayshma - thanks so much for the award. The only blogger friend I have ever spoken to! You are a lovely person with an enviable zest for life!! Stay that way!!
To all others out there, there are so many of you I wanted to mention and talk about.. but I will stop here for today.. My stomach is grumbling just a wee bit too loud! Thank you all for making this blogging world of mine so lovely!


rayshma said…
aww... i SO missed cheeky's tales! :)
muah!! to both of u!!
Neera said…
Hey thanks so much for the award dear and for the sweet words :) I am touched :)

Lovely as ever cheeky tales. He sure is growing up fast and speaking like a young adult.
Yay!!! Cheeky tales are back! :) Loved it!
keith hillman said…
Thank you so so much for the award and your kind words. Sometimes when visitors are few, I wonder why I bother to spend almost every spare minute on my sites. You have just reminded me that just maybe it is all worthwhile. Bless you.
K 3 said…
Aww, U just made my weekend :) Thank You. Even though I have been given this award before, its doubly nice to be acknowledged again!

Muchas Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! Thank You!

Rambler said…
ha :) I think it should be good for him when he sleeps all by himself, makes him more confident :)

btw thanks for the nice words..btw one small correction I dont do the sunday scribblings :D..
Hey Preethi,

First of all congrats on winning the award...
I like those troublesome-kids tales(because I was one of them a few years back!) and loved the cheeky part of the post...Convey my HI to him....
It's so nice of you to forward the awards to blogmates....Keep it up!
2 B's mommy said…
I loved ' when I turn 5, you can go to work'!! He sure sounds like a young adult - enjoyed the post !
ddmom said…
oops..ketchup on a brand new carpet, that must hurt. But.. still.. cheeky is one smart cookie to be able to relate spoiling something - with having to replace it - that costing money.
On him sleeping all by himself, have you tried bed rails? They are pretty good -
Sumana said…
Man preethi, we are in for a good time of this growth pangs. Last week when i was trying to forcibly get something done from my 3 year old, she put forward this question, "Amma, why do you not have to work saturdays?" So Nantu seems to be dictating you haan???
Preethi said…
Rayshma - Kinda missed them myself :)
Neera - You are welcome... you do deserve it!! I love the warmth in your posts
MM- Yay!!! :)
Keith - It is .. keep blogging..
K3 - You are welcome.. and you do deserve it!!
Rambler - oops...meant to say Skittles and whats the other one you used to do, but dont see that anymore?
Preethi said…
Friendly Stranger - will do :) and thanks!!
2BM - Boohoo, see he is growing up too fast!
DDMom - Thanks. Actually he has one of those fisher price car beds, so he doesn't really need these rails, still Nantu doesn't stay put so scares me! I need to first get a bigger bed and then the rails :(
Sumana - Just what do you do to Tiny on Saturdays haan? :) Join the club!!
Aryan said… made my day dear..Thanks a ton for the award...Even though I was awarded before...I love it..
When cutie nanthu turns five, he will extend his time that he asked you...hahhahah anyway so cute kid he is...

I will be back soon in Mid- july....
rofl, as always, wonderfully cheeky from the lil cheeky monkey :D ..
You really could start a comic strip :-) and yeah get some one else to do the drawing :P
Preethi said…
AM- Waiting!!
Vish - oh yes I should the minute I find an artist.. and you make sure Nantu doesn't grow up on me in the meanwhile!!

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