May I ask you a question?

I have been tearing my hair apart! I have found that the questions don't cease, they don't get deflected and they get repeated ever so often. There is also no right answer sometimes.. and the why's keep piling on!! What am I talking about? A day in the life of a mom of a soon-to-be 4 yr old. On weekends I try telling him that the questions can be asked only to daddy, but daddy gets tired soon and says "Go ask mommy". So the imp comes to me and says "Amma, daddy says its your turn now"! I pretend to be very busy in the kitchen, this trick has worked in the past but I have found it does not any more!! I have thrown tantrums about the repeat questions. So Cheeky comes up with "Mommy can I ask you a question?"
Me: "No" ***Mean you think? You would not think so, after you have answered the questions non-stop for 12 hrs a day! ***
Cheeky : "Mommy can I ask you a question I have never asked before?"
He is relentless!

Cheeky came up to me the other day and asked
"Amma can we break the roof of our car?"
Me: "What? Why?" I am ready to declare a time out for such violent thoughts!
Cheeky replies "Then we will have a convertible"
Bingo... what a simple fixer upper!!

This weekend we took him to a friend's house and let him loose on our unsuspecting friend! I must go off track and inform you that the shy bone has been lost again! I have a son who talks too much again (for those who did know he was shy all of last year and had me bewildered) and asks me just to confirm "Mommy was I shy today?" This I have found is his way of fishing for compliments and is the same as and followed by, "Mommy was I good today?". So back on the topic of the relentless questions... We turned Cheeky loose on S and had a blast watching S answer all those questions. S of course broke out in cold sweat quite a few times in the 2 hours and could be heard lamenting "My daughter is going to ask these questions soon. Oh God!" Just our way of spreading some joy!!

While there, S's cute kid little A all of 7 months kept wanting everything Cheeky picked up and Cheeky would hand it over and move on to the next toy. He seemed to understand that she was very little! I had the proud mamma expression on my face, when he turned the tables deftly! Cheeky had brought his mobile phone all secure in his pocket and fished it out to display with pride, to S! Little A made a bee line for the mobile which makes sounds and lights. I urged Cheeky to give her the mobile to play with.
Cheeky put it back in his pocket hastily "Amma it needs to be charged"
Me: "Come on give it to the baby, you can take it when we go home"
Cheeky: "Amma that is not a toy, and I have a call"
I had to give in, after all I have talked my way out of many sticky situations in the past!!

M had cooked up a delicious meal and as we urged Cheeky to sit down she asked him "So what do you like? You can eat whatever you like"
Cheeky responded sweetly "I like the plate, can I eat that?"

And it went on and on the Cheeky retorts and the relentless questions. While it was fun, it could only last the 2 hours as S and M seemed visibly exhausted at the end of it, and we made a bee line for the car. After all we can use the break every once in a while and we don't want to push our luck do we?

But Cheeky doesn't get it. He got up bright and early this morning to ask me "So when are they coming"
Me: "When are who coming"
Cheeky: "The people we visited yesterday"
Me: "Uncle S?" Cheeky nods vigorously "They are not coming today"
Cheeky: "Thats ok we can go there then!"
We need to make more friends here, we can't subject M and S to a daily doze of Cheeky can we? Anybody game?


rayshma said…
oh dear! come over! anytime. we can leave cheeky home with V and galliant around town! :D
or we can send him with V to the "farm" where he can see baby chicks and ask innumerable questions to V! :D
Neera said…
break the roof of the car so we can have a convertible ...ha ha ha :)) I am laughing out so loud ...too cute!! LEt me read the rest of the post now !
Neera said…
Mommy was I shy today? ..he's too cute Preethi!!
ddmom said…
Got to learn a thing or 2 from a almost 4 year old. Am going to be the proud owner of 2 convertibles very soon. LOL!!
I was smiling all along at cheeky's questioning, then for a second I remembered D with her non stop, sometimes annoying questions.. Sometimes annoying, but mostly cute!
Nomadic Couple said…
Well I have done my share of answering questions back when there was alittle girl and I was the chithi... So I think it is chithi's turn now. Put cheeky on chat and let her answer them....
Prats said…
**"Mommy was I shy today?" **
This was adorable....aaawww...this phase never ends...
You just have to learn some more patience and the art of answering them heheh

If you feel like throwing the roof of the car back at me....You can't...i'm hiding under the
Rambler said…
good to see cheeky back in action :)
2 B's mommy said…
that was just too cute !! I remember that time too when I was put through those questions.....its been a while, so send him here anytime you want a break !!
Sumana said…
Wow that was far too clever to say that he likes the plate and he wants to eat them. I liked the convertible idea, perhaps you should let him try this idea on his toy car.
Swati said…
"Then we will have a convertible"

LOL ..tooo cute
Preethi said…
Rayshma - Sure thing.. but who will listen to him on the flight/drive there?? :P
Neera - you are laughing?? I am now just too scared to let him in the car!!
ddmom - Oh yes annoyingly cute!! :P
Nomadic C - Dont even go there, its ages since I talked to Chitti or Thatha. Be it chat or phone, Cheeky hogs it all!!
Prats - You hiding?? I will find you ...
Rambler - yes at least I get daily fodder for my blogs!!
2BM - Thank you so much.. will send him packing soon :)
Sumana - you wish, I am sure his toy cars will be intact, its only my car he has his eyes on!!
Swati - yeah you laugh girl, it will be your turn soon :P
he he. . .
2 day wiser ananth : roof a odacha ottai car aidum :P
dont complain..ur getting non stop entertainment :P
Suma said…
that was hilarious, preethi...

enjoy while it u don't throw that roof at me okay?

DotThoughts said…
he is sooo adorable. I can't wait for him and Chip to meet and talk non stop together :) And I need a daily dose of cheeky! very cute :)
Preethi said…
Vish - oh yeah.. I do get to laugh a lot!!!
Suma - Welcome back girl.. you have been missed
Dottie - Oh yes.. now that we live close by (!!) we should plan for that meeting.. I am sure that will be fun and double trouble!!
LOL! That's a simple and easy idea! Breaking the roof of the car to create a convertible! Wonder why no one thought of that!! And "Was I shy today?" - hehehe! So perceptive, I tell ya! Cheeky does ask the darnest questions, doesn't he? :D
Usha said…
All this is what you miss when this "shy" little boy grows up into a young man. So enjoy and it seems that there is not a dull moment with cheeky around.
noon said…
Preethi - I totally know what you mean - I sometimes go nuts - I sit down to eat dinner and KB will come and talk to me - even though Daddy is right there...I just glare at B indicating I don't want to have to talk or acknowledge or nod or say wow or any such thing in those 10 min that I am eating because I have been doing that ALL day long! KB doesn't ask as many questions like Cheeky does now - not sure if he will once he turns three - but he talks to me non stop...I have to acknowledge every bit of everything in his life/world view...he will look out the window and say "Yaaru daa ippdi day time'le poi light pottu vechirkaa?" if the street light comes on before it turns dark (because I tell him not to waste power by turning lights on during day time). And I have to reply and repeat the same thing after you can imagine on and on things like I totally know what you mean...
God it will be even more tiring when there are deep questions for which I have to think about the answers!
Nevertheless - all his remarks were really cute and fun to read..I can also see how much fun you are having with him!
Noodlehead said…
i must say Cheeky has a very good idea about the convertible. lol! i've seen other moms tearing their hair out from the incessant questioning. sigh. i'll be there in about 3 years time...that sounds too close for comfort.
Nice one......
*"Amma can we break the roof of our car?"

* Cheeky: "Amma that is not a toy, and I have a call"

* "I like the plate, can I eat that?"

So sweet!
Preethi said…
MM - I used to love Bill Cosby's Kids say the darnest things, now I am living it!!
Usha - I know what you mean.. and I keep lamenting that as he grows up, already!!
Noon - That was so cute!! as for the questions, these are a fairly recent development, so it will be your turn soon!
Friendly Stranger - Sweet? yes in retrospect you are absolutely right!! :P
Akshatha Kamath said…
Was ROTFL at "I like the plate, can I eat that?"

You should admit, he is a GENIUS!!! Sooooo cuteeeee!!!

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