I have too much time on my hands I tell you. This despite the voice in the background from morning to night. Or lets say foreground!! Cheeky no longer stays in the background, if he doesn't get answers at once, he is dancing in front of my face with the questions! But I am Cheeky's mom and equally relentless, so I spent this morning reading my past posts. I stumbled across this one - Culinary Chronicles. This brought to mind an episode that happened in India this time.

I d mastered the skill of telling Cheeky "You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it" with a straight face! My aunt speaks highly of this other aunt of mine who would tell it to my cousins and they would listen implicitly. I dont think my mom could use this on me, I was quite a trial on my mom and I should know by now that history repeats itself! But this technique worked for a while and I was too proud of myself that I got carried away! We visited one of my aunts in India.

My aunt had lovingly cooked us a delicious meal and had made a south indian style dal (paruppu) for Cheeky. Cheeky however decided to eat plain rice and beans! He refused to eat the dal. I put some on his plate and used my tried and tested "You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it"! Cheeky decided that was enough of that "Amma how can you eat something you don't like?" he asked me! As I stood there fumbling for a retort, he went on to tell me "Why did you put that yellow thing on my plate, I told you not to! You are on a time out now.. sit on that chair and don't talk!" What can I say, I was this close to being the authority figure and I lost it!! Big time!!
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I have learnt my lesson, so I now consult Cheeky for all major decisions. The past week I have been thinking we need to name DH and me for the purposes of this blog! I am tired of calling DH a different name in every post! Now I am not very imaginative, or by now I would have thought of an appropriate name... I don't want to call him geek despite all the geeky talks I am subjected to just because there are a lot of geeks in the blogging world!! (no offense!!)

So I decided to stop deluding myself about my imagination and fess up to the li'l imp that I needed help. After all he has named all his toys successfully even if they end up being called Duppy Gocho (the turtle) or Breegy Briggs (the Rabbit) and Fristan (the Catterpillar) or Spatty (the cow)! Just where he gets some of these names from is just beyond me!

So I ran to Cheeky for rescue and he tried many names for Dad including Lion King and Drivy! He then suggested Koff and Keef (for dad and mom) and when I scoffed at that, decided that it had to be Mickey and Minnie! Yikes! So much for that, now it is up to me to come up with some names and I have decided to try the oldest trick of all, open it out to you!

What do you think we should be named? And do you think Cheeky should be renamed?? Before I go I leave you with a picture of us as drawn by Cheeky.

Thats Dad, Cheeky and Mom eating Spinach. I wonder why Mom has such a swollen face and no hair? On the top right corner is a dog (see the 4 legs with one leg longer than the others!). The fourth image was his cousin but has been stricken off as "she doesn't live with us!" {pout} {pout}.
So now that you have seen pictures of us, out with the suggestions!

Now I am off to dance to the tunes of "If you are happy and you know it..", being sung loudly by one cheeky brat! I better go soon to avoid that time out!!


rayshma said…
oh, i'm so creative that i decided to use our original names for the blog. simply coz twas too much effort to think of anything else! :D
Rambler said…
I think cheeky should be called "nantu" like the days before..:)

parents eating spinach?? that sounds real fun way to imagine your parents :D
hey keef :P . . . very cute drawing :D
Suma said…
you know, my cousin presented my eldest with a t-shirt which read, "parents are really tough to raise"

she's still hiding...

but there you go...that said it' opinions matter and don't you think otherwise...:)

now have fun, renaming yourself,..cos i can't think of any...not at least on my last 3 days of vacation...
Just Jen said…
thats one cute picture!
good names too
we have me Hubby J and T
so imaginative...LOL
noon said…
CMa - Cheeky's ma - I loved the little cartoon...very cute!
Loved all his toys names as well!
sweet picture!
I guess Cheeky should be named as Smarty! That;s what he seems to be!
Neera said…
"I have learnt my lesson, so I now consult Cheeky for all major decisions."

You ma-beta duo are really funny!!

Can't help u on the naming front. Am creatively challenged!
K 3 said…
Just to give you a break from Cheeky tales - here's a tag for you! :)
Preethi said…
Rayshma - no help?? think think think
Rambler - Nantu eh?? Eh he has been teaching us a lot.. I think he wants us to eat green now!!
Vish - you just wait .. next you will be named!!
Suma - Well said!! I would love one such for Nantu.. will go looking.. will suit him!!
Jen - Uhoh.. looks like I am not getting any help with the names!!
Noon - I think that is next we will be called their Ma's and Pa's ..they will no longer be called our kids!!:P
FS - Oh yes Smarty Pants!! Great name!!
Neera - funny eh?? I know we do look like a pair of comedians!!
K3 - Coming there
Aryan said…
keef and koff..ahha..cheeky darling he is .
Oh now that was doggy in tne picture???
Hmm good imagination has got. Moomy better be sure before even asking him anything
Preethi said…
AM - Oh yes, I carefully choose my words and questions!!
2 B's mommy said…
I am the last person you should ask. Reason ?? when I wanted to change the blog names of my kids..I resorted to a 'poll'. That's how creative I am...NOT. hehehe...

I would go with Keef and koff..very original. Seriously.
Mama - Mia said…
hehe!! time out, eh??!!

well i try to tell myself, i was a good kid, so will Cubby be!! but the signs that this theory doesnt actually work is are already showing up!!

LOVED all his toy names!! super!

i would go with K n K bit too! kinda alag! :)



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