Attack of the toddler.

A couple of friends recently asked me "Why arent you writing the blogs anymore". First I was surprised that anyone did read what I wrote.. well I need to be more cautious what I say now right?!! And I thought no one actually read these things!
Anyway, this is for the people who wonder why I keep disappearing from the radar ever so often. That is because I have been attacked, by toddlerhood. I stole this phrase from a book I read which was named "Attack of the toddlers". The book was reassuring, told me I was not alone!
Alright, here is my story.
I sit down in front of the computer and my son comes to me
He: "Mommy why are you at the computer, doesnt daddy have to work"
Me: "No and if he does, he can work on his laptop"
He: "Why dont you work on the laptop?"
Me: "Well..."
He: "Are you going online?" ...
Me: thinking now where did he learn that word "Well yes!"
He: "Are you going to log on to chat?"
Me: Bewildered .. "What?
He: "I need to call Jana thatha on chat"

Believe me this conversation actually happens in my house.. this and many more such! This is the easiest one yet!! There are so many more questions which I cannot answer. Like the one my son asked recently.. He was sitting on my lap and talking incessantly about his friends at school. He suddenly stopped short to ask me "Mommy whats sexy?". I ask him "Now where did you learn that word". He quite literally says "In the playground". Me: "From whom".
He: Ben said "your cold is sexy""
I cant help but laughing.. and tried explaining to him why kids shouldnt use that word
He: Can adults (yes he says adults) use it then?
I just divert his attention and hope he will never ask me this again.. high hopes!!

Neway, like I said this goes on all day long along with all the little arguments we have to undergo everyday for doing just about everything from brushing the teeth "what food doesnt have any germs can I eat that?", to bathing " will you promise not to pour water on my head", " can i have a bubble bath", "can i bathe myself.. and no you cant enter the bathroom"... to sleep "i will sleep tomorrow"! I have no time for blogging!

To all those who are also going through this my sympathies... and to the others who havent got there yet.. good luck!!!


Gomathi Sarma said…
achacho.. kutti payyan romba fast aa irukkan polirukku :)

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