The genetic tug...

I have been hearing a lot about the differences between boys and girls lately in blogs and emails. I decided to do a google search and see what I find, and found some really interesting stuff some saying girls are polite and courteous while boys are brutally honest and lacking in tact. How as they grow older boys are better and loyal friends in comparison to girls. I read another blog which said how society is hard on boys who are not masculine enough! By far an interesting exploration...

I have always blamed it on the genes though. I had seen girls all my life, sweet little things who loved to talk and bawl (girls at all ages do love a good cry).. girls who are polite and listen to you and want to be goody good! Then I gave birth to a boy... one of the first words my son said were car and tractor. As soon as he could crawl he'd be everywhere in every appliance exploring. He is now 3, and he never listens. He wont even stop long enough in one spot to listen... I am in for a lifetime of this!! But the good part, he can play by himself with those cars for hours, he doesnt cry too much and road trips are good fun with him - he can entertain himself for hours looking at the cars on the road.

I have seen girls play and boys play. If 2 girls play you can be rest assured they are playing house, pretending to cook, being a doctor or talking - now thats dangerous, girls tell each other everything about what goes on in their home. Not to mention they will observe everything on Tv,in the mall, on the road and ask you about it.
Boys are easily fooled, show them a car or a tool and they will forget mid speech what they were talking about. Put 2 boys together and you will hear a lot of vrooms and bams!! They will talk too, but will talk about all the taboo words they cant say and come back and ask you why they cant say it and when they can! Or they are talking about attacks, fights or are trying to fly, jump, run and tumble all at the same time.

You ask a boy about a car on the road he will tell you the make, model, year, number of cylinders and what not. A girl will tell you if its red or blue and if she heard the boy might try and read the licence plate for you! You put them both on an art project - she will make them as if her life depended on it, be neat and make about 5 for good measure one for each member of the family. A boy will play around with the glue, see how all the pieces look stacked up ... make a couple of wiggles and call it coloring and will leave the half finished piece to tinker with the nut/screw on the edge or under the table which ofcourse we can never spot!!

You dress a girl up, she will keep her dress intact and neat, sit carefully and worry about her looks. You dress a boy up, he will run around roll in mud and come back in bedraggled state. Try and wash him, he will turn that into play time too!

Having said that there are the tom boys... like the little girl who once came home and left it looking like a tornado had hit it. Or the sweet little boy, who will come and sit there playing with his thumbs for hours!

Whichever kind you have though they are all equally adorable and good fun!


Thinking aloud said…
Hey..i have two boys..and i agree with you :)...nice reading

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