College Nostalgia - Part 2 (Forging Friendships...)

College friendships I have always been told last all life. Same is the case for me.
I met some amazing people there who stood by me through all my craziness, and continue to do that today. There are the people who have listened to all my frustrated ramblings then and later in life.
I read this quote somewhere...

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
How true... the friends I mention here are people who can write this narrative of my life better than I ever will.

Akila (Kil) - One of the first people I met at college! She had a knack of talking just when the lecturer was looking at us, or better still falling asleep. I spent a lot of time kicking her under the table! When she was not sleeping, we were yapping away and getting into trouble for that!
Sandhya (Sandy) - Another of my first friends at college! She sat between Kil and Me all of first year to keep us from getting into trouble! She and I had a lot in common including our love for books, and all competitions which invloved speaking! We had some great times attending every possible competition in every possible college.
Bhanu - I camped out at her house so often, and spent hours on the phone with her... We shared the passion for books and computers!! She has always been rake thin and I have always wondered if I should pin her to the ground to keep her from flying away. Her mom is one of the sweetest people I know!
Ananthi (Nu) - She was always calm and composed and kept us all grounded to earth... but was always raging a storm inside... She has also listened to the most of my frustrated ramblings then and later in life. We created a joint email account and used to chat with strangers every sunday at the internet cafe!!!! I was a chauffer for her and would chauffer her around in my scooty! She was also the person who gave me valuable advice (on makeup and posture) on how to get my photo taken (at a studio) to send to alll the prospective grooms family. She took me to the studio and we got my picture taken. My mom rejected every one of them!
Priya - She is probably the one person I have argued the most with.. and enjoyed the arguments! She is also the one person who is very similar to me in nature.. we are both non-conformists, to put harshly rebels! She is also a very dear friend who thinks friendship is sacrosanct and will do anything in its name!
Sri (Lekha) - I have always thought of her as this dear nutty girl. We had so much fun at her expense, but she was always quick to forgive us and love us! She would read M & B's at the rate of atleast 10 a day! She religiously passed notes in class and kept us in conversation through all lectures! She was also this clumsy butter fingers with a penchant for accidents!
Vijayabanu (Viji) - She has been a good friend to many of us mentioned above, although she didn't belong to "the gang". She was the one who kept me grounded in the crazy Odyssey days. She is such a cute person, I am really very fond of her!
There were many others who made my college life so memorable - Rashmi, Nandini, Veena, Krithika, and many many others!! The list is endless!


Vishnu said…
boo hoo i miss college too :(
boo hoo i miss college too :(
Priyadarsini said…
hey preethi, good one!! Took me back to our college days. hmmm.. those good ol days. Hey and good descriptions of all of us.
Gomathi Sarma said…
Those fun filled college days..
unna pathi yaaravathu indha maathiri ezhuthuvannu oru nambikkayoda thaanae indha blod potta ...
Preethi said…
Vishnu - I agree!!!
Priya - Yeah good old days.. and thanks!
Gomz - None of my college friends mentioned here blog :( so no such luck... neway I dont want the world to hear about how impossible I was at college!! :P
Nice post! There are days when I constantly indulge myself to the good ole days..but I realise now, it was much easier to make friends then than it is now...

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