Yipee! Its Halloween!

This was my son's reaction when he found out today was halloween! I was bewildered. He informed me that he was going to get dressed in the evening and go knock on every door and say "Can I have some candy please?". I refrained from saying anything. The rest of the day went uneventfully. He has been nursing a cold, so I had him bunk school today. Was thanking myself for that, or he would have come home and insisted on trick or treating.. after talking to his voiciferous friends! Anyway, he settled down for a rare nap this afternoon... and I had a nice afternoon to myself ! He got up and asked for a snack...and ate it without fuss! He then came to me and said "Alright lets get dressed". I dared to ask "Whatever for?". He gives me an exasperated look and says "We need to go trick or treating!". I told him "If some other kid visits our house, you can go".

I had a long talk with my husband on the possibilities. My husband who conveniently chose this time to go out of town on business! I have decided I will call a friend and warn them and go over to their house if the need arises. Still no kids at our door. So am I saved?

My son sits at the window in his room calling out "Hey Kids" to an empty pathway... He sings "Trick or treat" every couple of minutes! Its so cute and I am almost tempted... but its also freezing cold outside, and I dread knocking at strange doors! Also, I am sure when we do get there I will be the one shouting "Trick or treat" and whatever else, because my son is sure to clamp up!!

Waiting with my fingers crossed to turn off the porch lights and call it a night!


Kodi's Mom said…
thanks for visiting my blog! so how did the day end? did you trick him or treat him? ;)
ps: how old is your son? don't see a ticker...maybe I should look in your archives!
Preethi said…
I tricked him... and gave him some candy myself.. which pacified him !! Added the ticker!
Hip Grandma said…
You may have been spared this year but it won't be the same next year.He'll learn the tricks himself.My g'daughter collected enough candies to last a whole year.The year before she too got dressed up and waited in vain.
Thinking aloud said…
sweet...but don't be fooled, he'll learn fast...
Gomathi Sarma said…
gggrrr... I am gonna save this blog and show it to Ananthu next year. He can ask for the dues then :)
DotMom said…
you should so try trick or treating next year. it's such good fun! thanks for visiting my blog!
Preethi said…
@ hip grandma - I know I am in for the whole fuss next year.. but thats 363 days away!!!
@ thinking aloud - you bet, he already is telling everyone how he din't get to go trick or treating at all this year!
@ gomz - You think.. you bet he will remember next year!
@ dotmom - I should ... it will also be good fun for my son!! But Inertia strikes. I am hoping he will have some company next year... some older kids to take him trick or treating :)

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