Fall colors

End of September, beginning of october is the official beginning of fall. So in the first week of october we headed to the rockies heeding to the warnings from friends that the colors will last only 2 weeks no more. So we dropped everything and rushed to rockies the first weekend in October. As luck would have it there was the university playoffs at boulder (CU) and the highways were all packed with bumper to bumper traffic starting from Denver Downtown - about 30 miles atleast! We were so sure that everyone was heading to the rockies to see the fall colors, so stayed in the packed highway for about 2 hrs, when it finally cleared at boulder and we realised we were so wrong! Reminded me of the queue in thirupathi to see the God!

Anyway, we went to Estes park full of anticipation, we had seen it in summer and it was beautiful even then. And lo behold, fall colors ... It looked not only so beautiful and serene, but I kept thinking how untouched the postcard perfect surroundings looked.

As we were walking away, we saw a small crowd forming at one side of the park. And there it was a majestic Elk sitting there like the king while the subjects were standing around in awe of his presence! And the elk sat there unmoved by all the action around him.

We moved on to enter the national park now motivated by having seen such wonderful sights at the base camp itself... We fell in love with colorado, and I (in all my naivette.. more on that later) declared to my husband that we are never leaving colorado ever!

Unfortunately we never got to the summit. At Rainbow curve (about 10000 feet) there was a severe snow storm and the roads were closed further uphill. So we turned back and headed back home early, only to be hit by the returning traffic from boulder! We sure are very lucky arent we?

Here are some more shots of the breathtaking sights.


Gomathi Sarma said…
Fall pics looks cute.. Chk mine at http://gsarma.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!89E85A03FDD3803E!1245/

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