My aunt recently told me Preethi I worry about you, you are turning into a yank!! Yeah I am reading those books on American history, mostly to find out what the american revolution was all about! I am also referring to Autumn as Fall! And celebrating Halloween and Christmas!

The american history is just general knowledge. I love reading, and am always reading something or the other, trashy novels topping the list! So decided for a change will try and improve my perspective!

The language, I wont even talk about... I am myself very confused these days on american and english!

The halloween, bane of having a pre schooler in the US. Last year I spent halloween blisfully unaware of all the fuss! This year I decorated my house with pumpkins and spent the better part of last month discussing costumes. My son changes his mind every 2 days, and we have visited the costume stores about half a dozen times returning empty handed because he changed his mind yet again! Finally we bought the tried and tested Spiderman costume and assured my son that all other costumes in every store in the US was for bigger kids!!

Arent kids the best consumers... the spiderman costume cost us 25 bucks! I berated my husband about this and warned him that if "his" son dint wear that costume he was in big trouble. Also that our son would have to wear this costume for atleast 4 more years of halloweens/ fancy dress/ costume party. I wish!! Already my son wants to be a power ranger now!

We did go to one haloween party this year in his school. My son first said "Can I go as Ananth?"... We convinced him that all his friends would be in costumes, does he want to stick out? (like he cares...). Finally convinced him to wear just the costume, no mask!! We went to school and there were atleast 5 other spiderman's with no mask and other super heroes in equal stages of undress!! yay! I have a normal 3 year old!


lol he looks cute :D. . . .Muscled et all. . .And am pakka next year ur gonna be spending yet another 25$ in the costume section!!
Gomathi Sarma said…
hey.. spiderman looks very cute. But how come you celebrated spiderman early than others. Its on 31st - right?

Payyan periyavangattum.. he will make dad wear that costume, but for sure he wants a new set next year - may be like one of those pirates.. or whatever..
Preethi said…
halloween party at school.. 31st predicts to be a cold cold night.. so am gonna stay put at home.. also because can afford to do that this year.. cant do that from next!!

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