Object of my affection

Its the tag season again.. and when it rains it pours.. Here I have 3 tags in the offing.. so you will be hearing a lot from me!! (yeah right.. like thats the only reason!). Anyway, I have decided to start with Dotmom's tag...She did a great job with it herself. I also read some other posts on the same topic, and I wondered what was the object of my affection?!
Would I write about the lovely (Kemp) pendant that has passed down generations.. from my grand mom's mom to her, to my mom and now to me. I string it with my little coral string necklace and wear it ever so often.. Its a lovely swan and looks so beautiful in its antiquity. But thats all I have to say about it.. Or would I write about the 300 books I left behind in India.. Books have always been the object of my affection. As I read Noon's post, I thought of the little oval plate (thattu) in my grand mom's house which my cousin (who is 11 yrs younger to me) and I still fight over every time we are there! I then thought of the wonderful paintings in my Granddad's place which I wanted, but he sold with the house! Or the boom box and oonjal (swing) that he gave away without consulting me first (I was all of 15 but I wanted all these things :P)

And then I remembered my conversation with DH yesterday and I had found it.. the object of my affection.. My house! In Chennai. Last night, DH was changing the desktop picture and I told him "Please put up the house picture, I want to look at it every time I boot up the computer!" And he did..
A few years back we moved back to India with the intention of staying on.. We had saved up some money and decided to buy a house in Chennai. We did all the research and started looking at apartments all around the IT Corridor. But we wanted a 4 bedroom apartment with loads of living space. We considered buying 2 adjacent apartments and joining them.. and made several architects come up with some interesting plans. But we were just not happy.
On one such occasion, we had visited an apartment in Medavakkam on the Velacherry - Tambaram road. When the time came to pick up the plan, I dropped out and DH proceeded along with my Uncle, checkbook in hand . We had given up trying to find the perfect home, and had almost decided to settle for this apartment. A couple of hours later still no trace of DH. I got a call.
"I have found it" he exclaimed
"What?" I said
"The perfect place.. there are so many trees in the colony, there is a reserved forest on one side and lake on the other, and farm lands on the third side.. In between is this beautiful colony of independent homes. It really is perfect"
"Oh great.. so come back and get me " I said
"No there is no time for that.. I am going to give them an advance for 2 plots. You can see it later"
This was a first, and I was literally stomping and fuming.. but he said that these were selling like hot cake, and he made an advance payment of Rs. 1 lakh.. and came home raving about the place. I on the other hand, sat there seething with anger! But I knew how important this was to DH. This was his first home and he was more particular than me for it to be perfect. So I let it go!
And we embarked on a tedious and bitter sweet journey of building a house. For the next 2 years, we thought of nothing but the house. After Nantu was born, we started construction, so as you can imagine for that first year we had only 2 things in our mind.. our new house and our new born child (not necessarily in that order!). Much of the time went in explaining and getting what we had in our mind from the contractors.. We wanted a separate living and a family.. an open plan, Kitchen Island, dry bathrooms. Basically things you take for granted here in the US, but explaining these concepts to the contractors in India is a nightmare! Anyway, after a lot of head butting and running around for the perfect materials (flooring, counter tops and bathroom fittings) we got there and completed the house of our dreams..

Unfortunately we chose to move back to the US a few months later.. (for reasons I can't begin to explain - that will take a whole new blog.). However the house beckons to me.. The house is a looming entity and I can't begin to describe what my feeling for it is.. I do know that I will go back someday and it awaits me silently in all its splendor.. I present to you.... The object of my affection!

I some how can't get the pictures in any particular order.. so forgive me!! I also do apologize for sounding so proud and materialistic... do bear with me just this once!! :) Thanks Dotmom for this lovely tag.
I tag Suma of Thinking Aloud
and my Namesake Preethi
All others who want to take it up are welcome to do so, I would love to read about all your objects of affection!


rayshma said…
:) u don't sound materialistic... just smitten! :)
this is a tuff tag... will take it up soon, tho :)
Sumana said…
Wonderful house preethi. No wonder you want to be in there.
Not at all ... you are not materialistic ... I know the sense of pride you take in your home !! I am sure you guys have invested a lot emotionally on this home :)
Lovely place!
Preethi said…
Rayshma - Right on.. :)
Sumana - Thanks.. was wondering what happened to you? No word for a while?
CA - Yes... we are very attached.. this is probably one of the few material things I am so attached to ;) and thanks!
Orchid said…
Please dont apologize...I understand why your house would mean so much..we are going through this ourselves :)
what a beuatiful home too..I am sure that is where the heart is too :)
rayshma said…
i can't resist a tag!! done!! :D
Thinking aloud said…
hey materialistic...i don't think so...a house isa dream ..i've been wanting that dream, tho we've bought a house inblore, it was for investment purpose....

i want a place where my kids feel attached to and would call home!!!

and URE house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!i can imagine your pride in it...building in india is no easy task....

and this is a tuff tag...i have too many objects of affection...

gimee time...swaran had anasty fall and my other projects have fallen behind...(he's fine now and lesson not learnt yet!)
Aryan said…
What a lovely house...That is really your dream house..
Good post..
Aryan's mom
Rambler said…
I am not sure why but there is a lot of attachment to the house, everyone of us have it, is it because of the house or the home we make out of it, I am not very sure
DotMom said…
what a lovely post!!! A whole house :) That's a beautiful house and I totally relate to why it is an object of affection :) It should also be a source of pride!!! Great reading. And you have 300 books!!! WOW.
Preethi said…
It's beautiful. Your house must be very happy to have a family living there who love it so very much! :)(Albeit after a few years years) And what a wonderful job of the tag too!
It is a tough one, i'll take it up soon mademoiselle :)
Preethi said…
Orchid - It is indeed where the heart is :)
Suma - Hey hope swaran is feeling alright... yeah building a house is a dream.. I wanna buy a house here, but I know I will not invest as much emotionally. time wise here as I have in India...
Aryan's Mom - Thanks :)
Rambler - That is one aspect.. the other is that for people like me it is a dream.. and we have worked so hard to make that dream a reality.. also your first home is an accomplishment of sorts!
Dotmom - It is.. although I am a little reluctant to show it off.. DH has no such qualms.. he shows it off to everyone :) And yes I have 300 odd books in India and about 100 here.. thats my weakness I hoard books!! :)
Preethi - That was very sweet thanks!!!
Preethi said…
The tag is done Preethi. take a peek ;)
~nm said…
Thanks for dropping by at my son's blog err..I mean the blog where I note down his antics :)

And hey, I really liked your house! Its looks so beautiful. Just like a dream house! It shows how its has been built up with so much love and happy thoughts.

So is it lying vacant or have you rented it up?
Prats said…
Hey Preethi...yet another tag for you to handle ....please do come on over and check it out
Prats said…
Your love for that home is because it represents your security and your feeling of having something that is yours only.
I cna understand that feeling so well.....having to do up the place an dthen shifting out..."sigh" that can get a lil sad..
But its yours and you'll be back one day...
Preethi said…
NM - My dad lives there now :)
Prats - Many times when we look at the house we are tempted to go back :)
Prats and Preethi - Coming there... :)
Solitaire said…
The house is so pretty!
noon said…
Hi Preethi - that's a spacious lovely house...and they don't call it an American (Indian too) dream for nothing...so no surprise you are smitten by it. It takes so much effort to build a house...and to think this is going to be your home for ever unless you decide to sell it...that feeling makes you feel so proud - that it is yours and you made it happen - and that is what makes this an object of your affection! :)
Preethi said…
Solitaire - Thanks :)
Noon - Yeah it is a dream indeed... thank you!!
Neera said…
WOW!! If I had a house like that I would sound doubly proud, vain, may be! No wonder its ur object of affection :) and to think u put so much thought and heart in this one ..huh Wow again! Would like to read what made u decide to move back to US (of course its upto u whether u want to write or not).
Lavs said…
Am I Jealous looking at your house? RESOUNDING YES.

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