Post 50 and More Nantu-isms

Post 50

(Pict :
I thought and thought.. is a 50th post mention worthy?? But then I thought oh well, it is my blog after all.. so I decided to say "Yay, I made 50"!! Or like DH saw it when I told him last night.. "You wrote 10 posts every month for the past 5 months.. you are crazy"!!
I started blogging one lazy August afternoon.. and ever since have had a fun time in my new found world!! I have also made many friends (albeit virtual) and read so many varied blogs! I have re-discovered my love for writing. But I have also discovered that there are so many out there who are so much better at it than me!! And today, I would like to thank you my blogger friends for making this journey of mine so much fun!!

Pooh-ed(Pict Courtesy:
Aryan's post on saying "Ba .. Ba" for "come" took me on another trip down memory lane! Both my sister and I have been fond of Winnie the Pooh... although I don't recall ever watching Pooh cartoons myself! So when Nantu was a baby my sister got him this little Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy which Nantu loved. He could even say "Poo" at 10 months, such was his love for this cute yellow bear!! One day, when Nantu was 10 months old we went to good old Naidu Hall (a store in Chennai). And there was a 3 foot version of Pooh sitting there in all its glory.
Nantu was impressed!! He made his dad take him to Pooh and spent the rest of the time in the store talking gibberish to Pooh. A big mistake DH made, without realizing what he was starting! When we began to leave Nantu called out to Pooh "Baaaaaa...." "Baaaaa..." so endearingly. I looked on with an amused look on my face. But Nantu was not so amused. "Poooo Baaa " he screams, but Pooh remained where it was.. the entire store looked on as Nantu demanded Poo to Baa!! Eventually it was a teary Nantu that left the store because Poo wouldn't Baaaa!! And I have felt guilty ever since, the first thing my son asked me for and I dint get it for him!
Meanwhile the love for Pooh hasn't ebbed. He had a Winnie the Pooh cake for his 3rd birthday. We also celebrated Pooh's birthday on October 14th with a chocolate cake and balloons!

Thanks Giving
Today is the Tamil Harvest Festival - Pongal. My Aunt reminded me a few weeks back that this was the Tamil Version of Thanks Giving.. I made the traditional Chakarai Pongal -A sweet made of Rice, Jaggery (Brown Sugar) and (in my house) Milk and Vadai (A fried snack). As is tradition we cook without tasting it and then offer all the food to God before we eat. As I was praying, I asked Nantu to list all that he was thankful for.. Here is his list
1. Chakarai Pongal
2. My toys
3. My cars
4. Santa's Gift
5. Library and Books
6. (after a lot of thought and prodding) Parents
7. Food (seeing the assortment placed before him)
After this of course he started being silly Nantu and went around thanking God for every single thing in the kitchen! I put an end to the thanking, by giving him a lunch of Chakarai Pongal! As you can guess, today's lunch went without fuss!

Yesterday at school his Teacher Miss A had something to say about Nantu which has really done me proud. She said "There are 2 new kids in our school today. Nantu befriended them and played with them today. He has been helping them adjust." I was very proud.. I came home and told him that I really appreciate his act of friendship. I then showered Nantu with wet kisses which he put a stop to!! What's a mother to do? I decided to blog about it instead!!


Aryan said…
So Nanthu was behind Poo saying Baaa...I loved it. How cute he must have being at that time...???
He is a extrovent boy..and so nice of him to extend the hands of friendship to his new school mates. It is good that the teacher recognised it..
Aryan's mom

Oh forgot..congrats for your 50 post. It took almost one year for me to reach 50.
Thinking aloud said…
congrats on the 50th...

nantu and pooh made me are so sweet!! Continue blogging..i agree we have all made friends this way...and i do so love it...
Rambler said…
hey congrats on 50th post :).. and wish you a happy pongal..
DotMom said…
congrats! preethi. i love reading about nantu's antics! That was a nice tale.. nantu helping the kids adjust. you have one precious boy there!
Preethi said…
Aryan's Mom - Actually Nantu is not an extrovert.. Well I do compare him with me and I should remember not to do that.. I will write a post on Nantu's extro/introvertedness soon!
TA - Kids are sweet really :) And special thanks to you for following me around in my blogging escapades..
Rambler - Thanks and wish you the same!
Dotmom - Thanks for your encouragement... Nantu as I have already said is inspiration to blogging.. as for helping kids.. he surprised and impressed me too!!
congrats on the 50!!another 5 months for the century eh?
Preethi said…
hmm.. still thinking.. I choose not to answer that one!!
rayshma said…
heyy.. .congrats! :))
i love pooh! :D lol!
looking fwd to a century soon! :D
Sraikh said…
woohoo on the 50th post. I'm sure there are many more to come :)
Preethi said…
Rayshma and Sraikh - Oh yes there are a lot more to come.. Thank You!! :)
Preethi said…
Such a sweet post...and chakkarai pongal made it sweeter. he heee
Happy blogging.... 50th et al. Felt guilty that i didn't do anything for my 50th (sniff sniff) may be 75th! mmmm... I'm getting addicted to Nantu's antics he heee. I'll be prodding you now and then for them i think ;)
Preethi said…
Preethi - So many have told me this.. about Nantu's antics.. wow!! I am both happy and feel the pressure of keeping them going!! Now I need to turn to Nantu and ask him to help me out!!
Lavs said…
I came here via Indian mommies. Congrats on 50th post. I am gonna link you up at my space.
Preethi said…
Lavs - Thank you so much for visiting.. and I do love being linked!! :)
keith hillman said…
50 down and so many more to come! There is something very addictive about this blogging lark. Keep up the good work!
Preethi said…
Keith - Thanks so much

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