Snowy Tales and Tag time...

Nantu and I love making the snowman. This year, every time there was enough snow for a snowman, we were either out of town or sick, so we have not got around to it. And then on Wednesday it snowed, and a beaming Nantu woke up on Thursday morning, egging to make the snowman!
However the past few nights we have been having bedtime struggles again and amidst all the kicking and shoving.. I have not been sleeping well. So Thursday found me irritable and I kept as quiet as possible to refrain from snapping at the culprit! But after lunch when I was thoroughly worn out and would have given anything for a few minutes of shut eye.. Nantu started his refrain. "Can we go out now?"
Promises had been made, and had to be kept... So I bundled up Nantu and mustered the enthusiasm to go out in the cold and make snowman! In the last minute I chickened out and decided to make a snowman with the snow that had fallen in my patio!! The little ruffian obligingly joined me and proceeded to roll thoroughly in the snow till he was covered in white particles from head to toe... I hurriedly made an excuse for a snowman (I can sometimes be smart.. and I knew this was the only way out!). and hurried in. When asked to come in, Nantu looked at the snowman thoughtfully... but before he could say a word, I rushed him in with "I am going to shut you out if you don't come in".
Patio door closed securely, I slumped down on the couch to see
Nantu still at the patio door...
"Enna Achu" I asked (What happened) even when I knew this was the wrong question!
"Paavam snowman" said Nantu
"Why?" said I
"Snowman kku kaiye illai" said Nantu (Snowman has no hands!)
"Why does he need hands?" I asked
"To hug me" he answered promptly...
Knowing Cheeky I just walked away to rest my reeling head! Later that day Nantu showed daddy the snowman, but didn't mention the hands, so I thought that was the end of that conversation! (aah... I do dream on!)
On Friday, Nantu and I sat in the kitchen, and Nantu climbed over me to look out the window at the patio
"Anga paaru kai illadha snowman" he said (Look at the handless snowman)
"Snowman kku kaiye irukadhu" I said (Snowman have no hands)
Nantu: "Appo epadi velayadum snowman?" (Then how will the snowman play?)
Me (as dense as ever) :"Epadi velayadum" (How will it play?)
Nantu: "Snowman snow va throw panni velayadum" (Snowman will throw the snow and play)
Me: With whom will he play?
Nantu: With the tree amma!
I now know this conversation is far from over, but this is where we left it on Friday. The handless snowman continues to grace our patio. An attempt was made at placing candy canes as hands on the snowman, but apparently candy canes don't work! So this mommy continues to pray for more snow to bury the snowman!!

Tag time... I have been tagged by Aryan's mom to list the A - Z of me!

- Available? – Anytime... up for some mindless shopping?
B - Best Friend – DH
- Cake or pie - Cake
D - Drink of choice – Water (I am a simpleton!)
- Essential thing used everyday – Computer (I should probably include Blogspot!)
- Favorite Color – Blue (Nantu wants it to be Pink - I am a girl remember?)
- Gummi bears or worms – neither... Nantu loves both though!!
- Hometown – Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India (A beautiful town.. situated near the Niligiri mountains)
I - Indulgence - Chocolates
- January or February – January - a fresh new start
- Kids and names - Nantu a.k.a Cheeky Monkey
L - Life is incomplete without - laughter
- Marriage Date – December 8th
- Number of siblings - One - the inimitable Vish
- Oranges or apples - Oranges
- Phobias or fears – roller coasters (DH loves it and I hate it.. we make a great pair!!)
- Quote - "Tomorrow is another day - Scarlet in Gone with the wind"
R - Reason to smile - Life
- Season - I love them all.. Winter - curling up with some hot chocolate, Summer - I spend outdoors, Spring - The scents in the air, and Fall - A feast for my eyes.
- Tag three people - Pass :P Anyone who wants to take it up is welcome to do so.
- Unknown fact about me – I learnt carnatic music .. for a few years.. but I am the worst bathroom singer ever!!
- Vegetable you don't like – so many.. yam for one (cheppan kilangu) and sweet potatoes.. (veges were never meant to be sweet)
- Worst habit – Talking to self :P
X - X-rays you have had - I have broken both my hands, I have broken my little thumb on my left foot. I have cut a tendon on my left thumb and had surgery for it.. The X-rays are endless for this accident prone butterfingers
Y - Your favorite food – Bhelpuri , Sweets from "Krishna Sweets" (I have been longing for this for too long), Eggplant Parmigiana a la Olive Garden.
- Zodiac – Aries.. the one and only!!!
(P.S. Sunday Update - All the rolling in the snow has the imp down with a cold and fever.. Poor guy!!
The snowman is slowly melting away... he is only a skeleton now!!)


choxbox said…
snow is such fun!

btw can you not use twigs for the snowman's hands?
Rambler said…
handless snowman :).. ha ha got me smiling early in the day..
Eggplant Parmigiana .. ah nice and mouth watery..
Madhumita. said…
Hey there ... enjoyed your post on bedtime struggles :-D. How true Preethi - you do forget the point of "doing things a certain way" when it seems such a struggle! All the best with getting Nantu to sleep by himself (btw, I can't help but be a little on his side :)) - this isn't the only thing you're going to be manipulated on. Be Prepared!
Preethi said…
Choxbox - I sure can.. but need to go looking for it :P I am just being sheer lazy
Rambler - :) Yeah I wanted very badly to go to OG after writing this post
Madhumita - Yeah I always am being manipulated.. so know how that feels!!
Thinking aloud said…
aww..momma...nantu is really testing you, isn't he?

Hope he is doing dte snowman is looking great...:D

Krishna sweets...i have a stock in my refrig..rite now :D
Preethi said…
He is testing me and my patience!! He is still not better... need to go to the doc! Krishna sweets... I envy you!!
Ps said…
Poor poor snowman..First you refuse to make hands--now you want him buried?!
:-)Just kidding.
Lavs said…
Ha, Snow man. Wish it snows in chennai:-)
Sumana said…
give nantu a candy, that is a nice snowman. See his attitude to make it look perfect. Appreciate it.
Preethi said…
PS - Yeah I am such a mean mommy ain't I :)
Lavs - What a dream... I wish too ;) Atleast this summer when I will be there!
Sumana - I know.. he is turning into a perfectionist!!! Giving me nightmares
Gauri said…
Awww ... hope the lil guy gets better soon.

The snowman looks real cute :-)

And did you have to mention bhelpuri ?? Now you have me craving for some .... !!!! :-)
Aryan said…
HOpe he get well soon...You don't like chepenkizangu???? I love the roasted one..
Aryan's mom
noon said…
Hi Preethi - Awn - sweet kid - really sweet of him to remind you to please give snow man his hands! Hmm...may be you can stick two long carrots for now! :) Red hands instead of red nose!
Preethi said…
Gauri - Yeah isn't that the best.. Bhelpuri I mean.. its been ages since I had a decent one!
Aryan's mom - I don't like any kilangu.. am weird that way!!
Noon - hmm.. good plan.. last year we had twigs for hands, and carrots for the nose.. now the snowman has been effectively buried.. but will remember next time :)
You're kidding!! you don't like seppan kizhangu!!!???
looks like our taste buds match otherwise - water and eggplant parm :)
Neera said…
Oh of course you have done it! I remembered the handless snowman but forgot that you had done atag as well in the same post :)

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