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As you already know I am getting to be an addicted blogger. This knowledge of course has no effect on me. Despite the fact that the past few weeks have been pretty busy in the Nantu Household I have been sitting down at the blog-dome! A couple of days back I decided to start authoring another blog ... at Sulekha.com. I decided I would get creative and write short stories. So I wrote my first one yesterday and waited day and night and all day today to receive a comment. I did receive one comment from my dear blogger friend Suma. But it did say 77 views. I wondered, is Suma just being nice to me? So I caught hold of DH (at least caught hold of his attention) and made him listen to the story.. With a very questionable smile (of course I haven't figured the meaning of the smile) he said that the story was good. But he went on to say "But maybe you should post it on Incessant Musings, then people will read it". (I choose not to interpret this!!)

Incessant Musings is for my rants and raves though, I dont want to use this space for my sparse creativity. Hence I renamed the erstwhile Poetic Trails to Creative Outbursts. I have always sucked at multi-tasking, so am not sure what to do with the Sulekha blog now. I think I will just let it be and die a slow death!! I already have one blog too many..
I have posted my first attempt at story writing in Creative Outbursts. Hope you my blogger friends will read and give me some honest feedback.
Meanwhile here is another story!
She had always been very fond of and attached to her Aunt . Her aunt had doted on her all through her childhood. She had made dresses for her, read to her and spent all vacations with her. Every vacation her aunt took her to Vandalur Zoo (Chennai) and to the IIT Campus (where her aunt was doing her doctorate). She looked forward to every vacation.

However when she turned 7, her Aunt decided to get married to a guy in Australia. She was very upset that her aunt would choose a stranger over her!! Everyone in the family did their best to develop a special bond between her and the would-be uncle. So by the time of the actual wedding she was reconciled with the fact that she would still be very important to her Aunt!

Soon the wedding was over and it was time to say Adieu. Her aunt and uncle were going to have a short honeymoon in Fisherman's cove (Taj Resort near Chennai) before they took off to Australia!However as the left for their Honeymoon her ever teasing Uncle (Mama) took it upon him to etch that moment in the memories of all present!
Mama: Chitti and Chittapa are going to Vandalur Zoo without you. Don't you want to go say bye?!
Her: Really? But the Zoo is closed at night!
Mama: I don't think so, if they close the zoo at night where will the animals go?
(For some reason that made sense)
Her: I want to go too!!!
(She ran up to her aunt...)
Chitti Take me along, I will come too (Naanum varuven)
Her Aunt (No clue about the conversation She had had with Mama): Kids cant go there sweety
Her: No they can.. I will go too..
(Wailing - and standing in the middle of the road before their cab)
Her: I don't like this chittapa, why does he have to take you away.. Why cant I go too?
Her cousin (5 yrs older and wiser): Hey you idiot they are going on their honeymoon, kids can't go there
Her: Really where is honeymoon?
Her cousin: I don't know
Her: You are the idiot, you don't know anything? What will they do there? Why cant I go??
Her cousin: They will look at the moon and eat honey I think
Her: But I like honey!!
At this point to prevent further embarrassment to the couple her dad stepped in and carried her screaming and wailing into the house!!
Unfortunately the little girl was me, and the chitti and chittapa have not let me live this down!! Neither did they let my cousin live it down.. We (as in chitti and me) made sure we let my cousin's wife know about this episode on the eve of their wedding.. so that she would know what to expect from him - We also made sure we gifted him with a bottle of honey !!


Rambler said…
not far away when Nantu will begin to ask such questions :D
Just Jen said…
hahaha....look at the moon and eat honey! that is so cute! i cried when my sister got married, I was 10, thought she would leave me forever! ok, i'm off to check out your other blog! (you can never have one blog too many...lol)
Preethi said…
Rambler - I do dread that!! But then I bet I will give him some creative answers.. what do you think??
Just Jen - Cute right.. but no so much when you are getting married yourself and your aunt and cousin just wont let it go!! :P
Nomadic Couple said…
Well.... reminds me of another story. this is about a little girl again (you can guess who...) about 3, asks her mum
The mum always believed in telling the truth and make it as plausible as possible for the little one (So not stork stories in this house hold) So one of their conversation's goes like this...
Little One (LO) 'amma... I came from your tummy didn't'

Mum - Yes Dear
LO - Then how come every one says I look like Appa (dad)
Mum - Hmmm... Its because I see him everyday...
LoL - You Also see Poonan Uncle (the neighbour) everyday, how come I dont Look Like him?
Mum : - Hmm Haaaw... Do you want a choclate?

Hope you enjoy this.
Preethi said…
And that my dear friends is the beloved aunt who wont let me live it down.. she even furthers the embarrassment with another tale!!
NC - Thanks for the trip down memory lane. As you know I am not easily embarrassed, so this was quite fun!!
Preethi said…
ha ha haaaa another funny one! I can imagine that. Wow! How embarasing for all of them. They better don't let it fade away. ur son will get to hear that! Hey, where is ur short story? In creative outbursts? Will chk that out at leisure....

just read nomadic couple comment oh gosh! that's darn funny too. he he heeee (giggling)
2B's mommy said…
hehehe..good one ! Ok, going to check out your other story now !
Nomadic Couple said…
have been inspred and have added a story in my own blog... check it out
Aryan said…
Hi Story teller..that was funny indeed. Let me check the other story..
Aryan's Mom
Thinking aloud said…
i know i cringe when my aunt delights in telling all and sundry how i used to ...you get teh drift...but seriously this was tooo cute...
Preethi said…
2BM and Aryan's Mom - Thanks
NC - Heading there...
TA - Thats what aunts and uncles are for.. I actually have fun when they tell me these stories.. no one can blame me for offenses committed out of innocence after all!! :P
Preethi said…
Preethi - My son will get to hear.. hopefully this blog will be alive when he grows up and he can read the stories then.. what say?? :)
rayshma said…
u know, with his genes, i bet nantu's gonna come up with interesting answers as well a questions! :D
now me off to other blog...
Preethi said…
Rayshma - See this is why I am so worried.. He is exhibiting my qualities in so many things.. I dread to think what he will ask next!! :P
lol!!such a nice way to spend your honeymoon. .

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