Out of the box

"Lets go Sunning" he said. Both of us burst out giggling like the silly nincompoop's we sometimes are!! And Nantu sat there looking at us patiently, to shut up and ask the next question.
"Whats Sunning" I asked obligingly!
"We need to go light up the sun" He said
Mouth agape I managed to exclaim "What?"
"Yes we need to make the sun hot so that we can be hot again" he said! (He has been waiting for summer.. he wants to buy a bicycle and roller skates and hit the playground!)
"How will you light the sun" I asked
"With a sun hose" he said and held up his hand with an imaginary hose for me to see!!
This conversation is beyond my simple mind.. but I think this may have something to do with Space Science? what say?
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In response to my previous post many berated me for calling Nantu a "Scatterbrain" and exclaimed at his creativity!! Oh well, he is a scatterbrain alright (read I refuse to retract that!!)... most 3 yr olds are.. but that doesn't make them stupid... that just makes them 3 yr olds!! Can you imagine what would happen if they were as focussed as adults.. Oh God.. I dread to think of that!!
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As for creativity, children constantly amaze me with their creativity and remarkable thinking. We grown ups are constantly being challenged to think "Out of the box"!! What we fail to realize is that it was what we were born doing... But as we grow up our education system tries to force fit all kids into the same stereotype... and make life hell for those who want to be different! We turn our kids from wild thinkers and dreamers.. to quiet followers!! What a bleak future we paint!!

As I write this, I recall a post done by
Hip Hop Grandmom recently.. in her post she talked of OBEDIENCE (she talked about how her parents had required it of her!!)! The word had me laughing... when I was young, this is what they taught me in school.. Implicit Obedience. No questions asked, follow the pack! And that is how they put all our thoughts inside the box!

I recently visited a Montessori school nearby... I have heard so much about montessori that I was curious to check it out for Nantu. It was a pleasant surprise! The primary school has 3 grades sitting in the same class (1,2 &3, 4,5&6). There are small round tables where about 5 kids sit at each table. Each kid is doing something different... and the teachers are helping them, with their assignments, working with the materials (which teach them academics while they play) etc. It was very interesting to watch how the class proceeded. And these kids fare beautifully in the county exams I hear. The children are allowed to question everything, make their own choices about what they want to do and it is a very informal learning environment! I have decided to try it out for Nantu and have applied there (for preschool now).. now waiting with fingers crossed!

Back to parenting... Parenting the little brat in my house is not at all easy.. and I am an over-analyzing, ambitious parent at times! So I presume being my son is not easy for the brat.. and the only way he wins me over on every argument is with his cheekiness.. I usually am too dim-witted to respond to that! I am no expert of course, but like every parent I stumble on.. Once in a while Nantu reminds me who the real boss is.... Nantu told DH this a couple of days back, I hope this is not an indication of the future!
"Amma kku onnum theriyadhu, Indha ammakku pesaradha thavara onnum theriyadhu"
(Mom doesn't know anything, Besides talking this mom knows nothing!)


rayshma said…
LOL!!! did u go sunning, then? or did u tell him u didn't know how to go abt that... thereby resulting in him telling DH that u didn't know anything!? hahaha!!! :D
Thinking aloud said…

that was extremely enlightening...and funny

u should know that we always will not know anything...in fact we will seem scatterbrained to them after some time :(

and sunning....u proved u didn't know by asking ine question too may :D

nantu is a sweetie pie...
Rambler said…
now that was a real out of box thought, but how knows nantu might be right, one day when sun turns into a big black hole, we will have a sun hose to light it up
Preethi said…
Rayshma - You do have a point!! I seem to be sending that message!
Suma - how true.. I seem so scatterbrained already.. trying to comprehend sunning et al!!
Rambler - Yeah, you are right!! Maybe I have a little space scientist on my hands uh?
Aryan said…
Nanthus, the clever little monkey..Did you say right about your MOm????
OOPPs I think yes..I am running, please preethhiii..don't beat me..
Aryan's mom
BTW—YOu are tagged...
Gauri said…
:-)) Interesting. Sun Hose :-)

And did you guys go "sunning" ?
Prats said…
Sunning?? These kids can really come up with such wonderful logical words...if only life fitted into that scheme...

And yes, I say too...he's not a scatterbrain...just smart and more for his momma...

Rombha pesriya?? heheheh
Preethi said…
How easy it seems to him to go light the Sun i mean. That too with a sun hose. he heeee. just went imagining it a little bit. he heeeeee He is what all the advertising firms are looking for! As taco bell put it' think outside the bun'! I hope they carry this trait a little longer than we did. :)
DotMom said…
I want a sun hose too :) I am still laughing at what he said to the dad. This boy is going to be a handful. Good handful :D
Lavs said…
“Sun hose”-WOW.
Preethi said…
Aryan's mom - Yeah sometimes mom is is too much of a nincompoop!!
Gauri - He claims we did!! :) So I guess we did!
Prats - Romba... but then he talks a lot more than me!!:P
Preethi - Yeah see.. this is what we strive for.. and to think we had it already!!
Dotmom - I read you.. Needless to say I dread to think of the future
Lavs - :)
Dotmom - coming there!!
sunning..rofl!!my nephew is a genius :-)
Neera said…
OMG (in a pleasant laughing kind of way) I can't believe he said that about u !!! It makes me think of the freedom he has to express himself and that's wonderful :)
Sunning - the idea is brilliant :)

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