Moi Yesterday, Today and Tommorow

A year ago on a whim I started my journey in unchartered waters.. I had too much time on my hands and fancied myself a writer , so I started a blog! To be honest I have a basic instinct in me shared by many Indians I have observed. The quality of being inanely competitive. We don't think, we just jump into the competition and do our best at survival, we have been born with this inherent quality. So when I figured that so many people (I knew) blogged, just for the sake of competition I began to blog too. What started as a whim triggered by competition, soon turned into an obsession and addiction. Then slowly the newness subsided and it turned into a more healthier hobby.
I started by bribing advertising and torturing people - friends and family alike to read my blog. I began every conversation with my blog url. I hardly ever chat. I have avoided going online (I do go on as invisible sometimes) since my college days. But suddenly people found me online with the yellow smiley beaming on the side. And I would call friends out of the blue to talk over the phone.. only to mention casually my blog! I distributed candy strips with my blog url on it... people just swallowed it without looking. On July 4th I ran a runner on a chopper just before, after and in between the fireworks! I distributed flyer's in the mall.. Printed the url on paper napkins and .... you get the drift! But now I am struck by complacence. With a complete lack of humility I expect people to read whatever I care to scribble here (Let us not delve into the fact that since this attack of complacence my readership has fallen drastically!)

So now I have finished that one year of blogging and just gone over the 100 mark... and I have been struck by the lightning bolt called humility on this occasion. So finally after all the nonsense about the origins of this blog, I now thank all of you my fellow blogger and the others who manage to read this far and yet stay sane! And especially all the mommy bloggers with whom I share the solidarity and the sinking knowledge that we are all in the same boat (So as to speak). I have always been uncomfortable about internet stranger friends, but bloggers are different. I find their blogs have an entity of their own and that I seem to know and identify with the blog entities well enough. Alright now before I become teary eyed and sentimental like the Indian movie heroines.. I am going to stop and just say THANK YOU for reading and putting up with my momentary (/permanent) lapses of sanity!Now what better way to celebrate this than to do the tag specially designed by K3. She seems to have designed it especially for people like me who love to ramble on.. So here we go
The tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.

Yesterday (Kal)

Your oldest memory
What were you doing 10 years ago?
Today (Aaj)
Your first thought today morning
If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?
Tomorrow (Kal)
This year ….

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

My oldest memory.. entering into the world with scrunched up eyes screaming at the top of my lungs .. My mom smiles and thinks I am the best thing that ever happened to her. Her changing life did not flash before her eyes and no she did not think of asking my dad to take the baby away so she could sleep. That was me at my turn, drugged and sleepy!!

Well back to reality.. my oldest memory is a time in Kinder Garden (second year - UKG). I was playing on the jungle gym and I must have tried some lousy tricks with my uncoordinated body for I fell and bumped my head. I think there was some blood too. My teachers sent me to sleep with the LKG (a year younger) kids (The older kids never took the afternoon nap). I was mortified and embarrassed to be sent to the younger class.
Later my mom decided to use this embarrassment against me! So when I faired badly in the test. 9I am the only kinder gardener I have even known to get lousy marks in Kindergarten. All kids get 90's in kindergarten I got marks in 50's and 60's.) Anyway my mom decided to scare me and said I would have to remain in the same grade if I did not get my act straightened up! But the embarrassment had passed and I declared "good then my classmates would call me akka" (didi, older sister).

Ten years ago... I was in college.. probably conjuring up yet another hair brained scheme to torture our lecturers. Or doing one of the following during a lecture.. passing notes to each other, drawing (pointed hands on every page to represent PTO, portrait of the teacher, or a yawning mouth - my favorite pictures),
writing poetry, reading some romance novel or writing in my diary. We were a group of busy bodies for sure!

First thing in the morning - sleep? Thats the only thing I think off when I get up kicking and screaming to the sound of the alarm.. when after tossing it around and hitting it a few times it still wont shut off.. Or I am being kicked out of bed by the little imp who climbs in every morning and throws me out!!

Today the little imp is making playdoh creations. Here are a couple!

(The second one is a one eyed monster - notice the light green eye and horns , the monster also has a mush and a beard!)

My time capsule - can I fit in there? Its a time capsule and not a time machine? What is the point really?

I am going to get a life!!! That is in the top order of things!!

14 years from now? No I don't want to think about it.. not teen years please!!!
Passing on the tag? Vish, Raysh, 2BM - why don't you give it a shot?

Coming up - Elephants and Poodles!


Lol, on the advertisement part . . i just thought you held people hostage and told them u would let them go only after they finish ur blog. . .But u did all this as well. .whoaaa. .Next time u run the chopper with paper streamers add my url in it too :P. . .I loved the cartooon :D. . .And the one eyed monster is sooo cute :). . . Nice take on the tag :)
rayshma said…
hehe... ms scatter-brain.. .i've done this... :P
but loved this post...! :D
i want play doh!!!!!
Happy 1st birthday and 100th post mark! And you don't have to 'fancy' yourself to be a writer, we know you are, and a damn good one at that! Cheeky's play doh creations are cute!
Suma said… year up? happy blogday...and here's to many more :D

and loved your memories...

i have to do this too...
The Nomad said…
Cmon... you must know what's in store in 14 yrs time...

'Mom what do you mean I cant go out for a date with .....' I am almost 18 and an adult :-) Look forward to that.
Mira's mom said…
Hey, congrats on the 1st birthday Preethi! Loved the cartoon hugging the comp! :-) Looking forward to many more posts from you. Cheers!
Pooja said…
Very nice. Lol, you hit the nail on the head with the newbie blogger tactics.
Ananthoo said…
kudos Preethi! though a late entrant here,for me this is an amazing & amusing blog..
u write pretty well:-)
keep it going..
thanks for the tips to propagate one's blog..lemme try some..
got to go and catch a chopper..
Mama - Mia said…

100 posts!! way to go!! and heres to many more!!

for being so entertaining at all times, pls to accept an award from my blog!

you can accept it on Cheeky's behalf and i cant wait to buy playdoh for Cubby so that i can play! :p


Preethi said…
Vish - that too :) been there done that!!
Rayshma - missed that.. went back read it and left a comment!! you are right am getting awfully scatter brained!!
MM - Thanks :) You think I am good? Thank goodness.. I was fishing for compliments you know?
Suma - Do it .. would love to read and thanks!!
Nomad - I am going to live in denial for a wee bit longer!!! :)
Preethi said…
Mira's mom - Thanks .. I loved the cartoon bears an uncanny resemblance to me!!
Pooja - I did didn't I?? :)
Ananthoo - Thanks :) And yes you can have it run over Nanmangalam for the speckled owls benefit!!
Mama-Mia - Thanks so much, you made my day!!
Rambler said…
looks like the little one is a big fan of the color green :)
Orchid said…
Congrats on ur blog anniversary....hope you keep at it, so we can come back!
Anonymous said…
Nicely done and you made it to a 100 too, great! Here's to another 100 ...

Gauri said…
Happy Birthday Blog and congratulations Preethi on your 100th post :)

BTW - I've said this before - you do write really well :D

Loved Cheeky's PlayDoh creations :)

And hmmm ... did you happen to mention that the readership on your blog has fallen ???!!! Doesn't seem so, does it ? :D
Neera said…
Happy 1st blog anniversary dear :) and the 100th post as well!!

Funny as ever, LOL on kids shall call me akka - I remember thinking like that too when I was around the same age.
Preethi said…
Rambler - I hope the fondness ends here and does not become a trait :) {spoken like a true mother?}
Orchid - I am addicted .. I cant be stopped!!
K3 - Thanks!
Gauri - Thanks for your vote... as for the readership, it has not drastically but marginally!! Unfortunately not all my readers comment, some send me mails, make calls, leave notes on orkut :D
Neera - You too.. lets high five girl!!
Pavi!!!! said…
Sorrry..hvn't been here for a while now..

Congrats for completin a year on blogs! im about to complete 4 yrs n hvn't reached my 100th post yet :P

hey play-doh is so much fun!me too wants it!
Vivek said…
Congrats on the century! :)
That was as good as Ganguly's!! :D

That was a wonderful post, and yeah I had my blog url in my gtalk's status message for several weeks when I started mine ! :)

Carry on the bat and wishes for the 150! :)
lostonthestreet said…
WAy to go!!! Lets raise a toast to us and more posts to come :-)and of course if not badgering,a little bit of subtle adverstising never hurts,.what say?

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