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I had a chat with Rayshma yesterday. I told her I was considering going on a camping trip and rough it up, spice it up a bit, live life on the edge (yeah right, where did I think I was going to Jurassic Park?). No I said something along the lines of experience nature, be a little adventurous! And the lady wanted to know what was wrong with me! M wanted to know too.. lets go camping he said.. but lets first rent one of those bus like RV's and bring the conveniences of home with us! Yes I have finally decided to call him M in an unimaginative way, DH is too tacky for me.. hubby dearest? really? Geek does not suit him well enough and Cheeky's dad gives him an identity crisis... Koff was a good option, but would throw everyone a curve ball if they were encountering it for the first time.. so I decided to stick with M.
Anyway, I am digressing.. so back to Rayshma's question. Whats with me? I have been thinking too.. what is it? Mid life crisis?

You bet Rayshma wanted to know "how do you know u've reached the middle of your life?"
My response ...
"When you go berserk and want to give up all that you worked for and believed in you are in the middle of something!!
wanting to run away counts too :P"

I had a mid life crisis when I was 15, my mom called it the teens .. whatever potato, potaato.. same thing! But then I thought being 30 was end of the world.. who would want to be that Olddd... I asked.. so then 15 was mid life for me! And I had some of the biggest crisis of my life alright..
Deciding what to wear, every morning I would empty the contents of my wardrobe on my floor and dive in...
A clean room.. as long as the rodents don't invade, my room is clean.. My mom of course did not agree and had a fit every time she walked in..
Privacy .. huge signs on the door asking my parents to keep away proclaiming DANGER.. right like that would stop them!

Look I am digressing again... Back to my current mid-life crisis (lets talk about the bygone times later, shall we?) ...
(pict courtesy:
1. Every time someone suggests going back to work I get that glassy eyed far away look and start hyper ventilating! (Refer previous post - When I grow up!)
2. I have forgotten the geeky me, and am trying to pretend to be cool! (refer next post .. coming soon!)
3. When the doctor asked me "Do you eat a lot of chocolate", I sucked in my tummy and asked her "Do I look like I do?"
4. I am so scatter brained I keep running off track and digressing from the current topic at hand!
5. I clean up my house like my life depended on it!
6. When people need advice they call me.. be it about raising kids or what rug to use in the living room, or running away {wink, now we know where that one came from}. No one has still asked me about recipes, when that happens I know I am over the hill!
7. And when the doctor told me "you know when you near the 3 O ...", I asked her "How did you know?".. "Its right there" she said pointing to the ominous computer screen with my name on it... I ran out with a pained expression on my face!
8. I want to invite everyone home and feed them. "Oh your husband is going out of town, come here". "Oh you don't have plans for the weekend, come let me make dinner". Really whats with that? I need to get a life!
9. I want to buy roller skates (In mid life crisis terms - the convertible). Cheeky has acquired one, and now I want one too!
10. {edited to add} I have stopped crying for all the sentimental scenes in the movies. M recently noticed this... I have become worldly wise!
11. I spend way too much time thinking about myself and my crisis

So while I go mope around.. have fun with your non-crisis life's!! And just a bit of advice to all of you out there from M "Don't take the silly momma too seriously"

By the way here is what Wikipedia has to say about mid-life crisis
"Individuals experiencing a mid-life crisis have some of these feelings:
  • search of an undefined dream or goal
  • a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished
  • desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
  • need to spend more time alone or with certain peers"
Boohoo... I am going to go and lament a bit more to anyone that will hear!


rayshma said…
there u go!
now u've gone ahead and documented that I have been going through a mid-life crisis since i got married.

i display ALL 10 of those. u hear me?? ALL 10!!!!!!
off i go now... to sulk in a corner. will do drama when vin comes home. no point of doing it without an audience...
Rambler said…
":I want to invite everyone home and feed them. "Oh your husband is going out of town, come here". "Oh you don't have plans for the weekend, come let me make dinner". Really whats with that? I need to get a life!"

hehhe Preethi this was hilarious :D
Uh-oh , I guess am having a mid life crisis too. . .And whats worse is my mid life crisis has been going on for more than 5 years now . . .waeen
Kodi's Mom said…
i have more than half thosesymptoms onthat list and i didnt even know they were symptoms. great. now you've made my day ;)
btw, i think camping and roughinig it out is a fantastic idea! not mid-life crisis at all...
Preethi said…
Rayshma - sulk on.. I will find something else to worry about.. I am feeling magnanimous today, this can be your problem!!;)
Rambler - You find my crisis hilarious? {pout}
Vish - et tu Brutus?
Kodi's mom - I think we should start a club at this rate.. :)
K 3 said…
Why crisis hon, take it up a challenge - I always wanted to learn roller blades, go camping ... One day soon. :)
ok, i've been trying to learn to roller skate and ice skate! I actually took lessons with T1 :)
you know what? it aint so bad... love the feeling when gliding on ice - at least till the next fall :)
it's NOT mid-life crisis!!!
(do we hear denial)
Suma said…
aww...cheeky's grown up and doesn't need his mamma so much?

what you need is to rock the boat a bit. how? you ask?...erm...don't ask me, i'm very good at giving advice...i'm still figuring out how to rock it without me falling down...

neways, me feeling redundant too...must be the hormones...(menopause, most likely the cause of my state) :D

btw, you wrote it well...even if there is a l'il bit of truth hidden behind it...
Mira's mom said…
Ok your mid life crisis had me rolling on the floor. Now if someone's laughing so hard, it can't be that bad - no? :-)
Sandhya said…
If we beleive wiki I have it too! Preethi you are becoming this girl who makes everyone's day now ;-)
Pavi!!!! said…
See..all this while i was confused abt wat kind of crisis i was going thru..
n now i know :(( Did u have to put up the wiki defintion (wiki is alwez right, rite?)
- I am in search of an undefined dream or goal
- I do feel a deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished. I feel like i no more have time to accomplish em.
- Well i miss my days of youth
- i have the need to spend more time with certain friends..

Im sufferin frm mid-life crisis already???I hvn't seen 1/10th of the world yet..Darn!n i thot i was young yet! Now, who do i find to crib to?? :(
DotThoughts said…
lol. wiki ahs an article on mid-life crisis? wow! i fit the bill :)
Hope you get out of your crisis soon!
K 3 said…
Tagged ya! :D
Preethi said…
K3 - Thanks for the promise...
GND - Yes we do.. denial!!
Suma - rock the boat?? haha if I understood that I wouldn't be having this crisis!!
Mira's mom - you laughing at me? oh hell, atleast you can laugh about it!! (I am too .. wink)
Sandhya - it makes your day to find out you haven a crisis?
Pavi - lets form a mid life crisis club
Dottie - help me will ya.. no one else will :P
K3 - Coming there
Mama - Mia said…

its amazing how wikipedia seems to have all the answers!! :p

M once hollered at me saying wikipedia is NOT doctor when i was checking something about Cubby! ;)

but doesn't it have how to get over with it??!!

we still need humanbeings after all!! ;)

you are doing awright! :D


Preethi said…
Mama-Mia - I love wiki.. its my bible on everything!!
Neera said…
ROTFL ...its doing u good Preeti ..its making u better at humor with every passing day. Am having so much fun here :)

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