I have been letting out impromptu whoops of joy and dancing around in circles. Well not really impromptu to be accurate... I received the Brilliant Blog award.. not once but twice and that is my reason to celebrate. Couldn't have come at a better time.. as you all know I had a ruined vacation and was all about ready to mope around. I could look up at the sky and see God grinning to say "Got ya .. yet again"!

Meanwhile the two women Mama Mia and Galadriel decided to award me the Brilliant Blog award thereby cheering up my holiday weekend!
Mama Mia a doting mom is insightful and puts up the amazing pictures. Galadriel is funny, sensible and brilliant. I found both these blogs in recent times and have enjoyed reading them since. Coming from these women I am really impressed. After all, its been a while (more like forever) since someone called me Brilliant {wink}. (Abha did say that I had to share the claim to Brilliance with Cheeky, I choose to ignore that in my brag!)Now my turn to pass on the brilliance?
Vish - Fantasies of a lifetime - Her fantasies put a smile on my face and are truly brilliant. I especially love the stories she writes. Not to mention I am proud of my little sister.
Suma - Alochane - Her blogs are dipped in reality and humor. She is intelligent and funny and a super woman! Her son's antics in Cubby tales are a favorite.
Prats - Emotional Ecology - Her creativity astounds me.. not to mention her humour in slice of life that she presents. And she loves Calvin and Hobbes.. what more do I need?
Neera - Our Life A Jigsaw - First I just love her blog template.. that itself is a claim to brilliance. I also love her posts.. honest and real. She is a wonderful mom and a great person!

If you are shaking your head to say Brilliant? This? I am going to ignore you for a while (but you know what I agree, there are so many brilliant blogs out there I am humbled to be called one!) There goes my last attempt at humility.


Galadriel said…
wunnderrfulll.. will check out the other recipients! :)
Neera said…
Thanks so much Preethi and many many Congratulations dear - very very well deserved :)
Ha ha - last attempt at humility was pretty good ;) I too feel the same :)
Oh and thank you so much for appreciating the template - a coding dummy like me had to work hard on that :)
Suma said…
ok, today is my lucky day, first neera then you...

thank brilliante fellow sistah!!! now must go show off some brilliance!!!

and i love the company you've placed me in...

btw, i think midlife crisis suits you...see what it brought you...:D

(*ducking away before you unleash a well aimed something)

Mama - Mia said…

well now the secret is out! i make up for lack of nice words with cute photos!! :p

oh! but this is about YOUR award!! hehe!! i am l'il too humble you see!

well deserved!


Gauri said…
Congratulations Preethi :) That was a award well deserved :)
congrats pre , u deserved the award (& since u awarded it to me , u sure did deserve it :P ) Thank you :D :D . . I Am on cloud 9 :D
Pavi!!!! said…
Congrats gurl! u so deserve this! it took me hardly anytime to fall in love with ur space!
Congrats, Preethi! Very well deserved award! :)

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