I have been doing what?

I am being accused of taking a break again... so I wondered how to make my come back... After all I need to come back with a bang so as to speak!
So what have I been doing while away from all the blog sites...
Being the model housewife - Cooking, Cleaning and Doing the dishes. Shush, lets just pretend there are no giant specks of mess all over the carpet, and the dishes in the sink have disappeared by magic. It seems to be a conspiracy.. I think every night all the dishes in my kitchen wait till I go to bed and then sneak up into the sink, getting loads of grease on them on the way to their destination. I then have to go at them every morning up to my elbows in suds. Yeah I kind of knew all along that no one will believe me.. so no its not the cleaning or the cooking that has kept me busy.

Hmm, how about the Gym? Like M says I have to go there for a length of time to claim that I am hitting the gym really. But what do I do? Go there for a couple of days and potter around.. and announce to the whole world that I am back at my workout routine. I have got the spreading the word down pat - I go online, lure my friends onto chat only to tell them a few minutes later "Hey got to go hit the gym.. talk to you later". Such lovely people that they are, they never call my bluff, although they must suspect something for I never chat usually! After all the loud declaration and the beating of the drums in announcement of my intentions I finally drag my suddenly heavy legs to the Gym.
Once at the gym - first things first, I briskly walk over to the TV.. flip channels and find the best program. Now I turn on the treadmill.. and start my warm up (yeah right.. slow walk its called), a minute and a half later I step down to turn up the volume on the TV. Back to the treadmill another minute and the ads run on the TV, and the gym has no remote much to my convenience. So off again to switch channels. Another attempt at the warm up and I need my Gatorade. So there stop again to consume some Gatorade. Meanwhile Cheeky wants to know how to write C. So stop again to help him do that. Meanwhile the 15 minutes for the treadmill is up, off to the elliptical bike now never mind that I did not get past warm up on the treadmill! Not to mention that every 5 minutes I am looking at the watch and I swear those are the longest 30 minutes of my day.
So no I cannot claim that is the reason I have been busy, even my conscience does not allow it! Especially because at the end of (the excuse called) a workout I am found hogging on Ice creams and cakes. Aside: Cheeky baked an almond cake for Independence day much to my amusement and later (when it ended up being a lot tastier than mine) bewilderment. Guess who finished it off in two days?

Catching up on my reading? I have been trying to read Namesake by Jumpa Lahiri for the past 2 weeks and not made much progress. All my magazines for the month of August lie unopened, not to mention those of June and July too!

Cheeky troubles? Cheeky troubles are in another direction.. they keep the rest of the world busy. I keep having to rescue everyone I meet from answering endless questions. Strangers are not exempt. The other day we went to the doctor for his Annual check up. While we waited for our turn Cheeky went up to the play table where another mommy entertained her son. Cheeky of course asked her endless questions about automobiles, correcting her when she managed to get a word in.. I am sure she is now one very worried mommy worrying about when her kid would reach Cheeky's age.

But most mothers with kids the same age understand. When I walk in looking all parched and tired with a Cheeky in tow.. and am subject to the endless hour of question and reasoning.. I get looks and smiles from women around and without exchanging a word I know she is a mother. We get talking and talk about endless summer vacations and how the little ones are such a handful. I don't need to know where she comes from or who she is. The solidarity we share by being mothers of 3-4 year olds is just unbreakable!

We finally made it past the reception the other day. But we had it coming... so at the Doctor's we were informed that there would be a vision test. I was asked if Cheeky could identify alphabets (to use the alphabet vision test board as against the shapes board). Momma never learns so I could be heard proudly saying "Oh yes, all of them". And the test began with questions and statements "Why do I have to stand at this line", "I don't like these glasses", "No I don't think they are cool", "Why cant I see with both eyes?". Finally Cheeky was convinced to stand on the line and look through the uncool glasses blackened on one eye and read the board. The first two lines of reading went by without much ado... and then he decided that was enough "I don't want to read anymore", "Whats that thing on that door , pointing away from the board", "See Amma the floor has so many colors" At the end of the vision test I had that momma look again.. but the nurse just smiled and assured me that he is just a regular 3 yr old! But Cheeky had to correct her "I am almost 4"!

Phew the doctor visit is over finally and I have stopped laughing since! In retrospect it is all very funny even if I get a little hysteric!

I have rambled on and I have digressed so far from the topic at hand, that I am sure you no longer remember what I am blogging about. I think I was talking about why I have not been blogging (I have a vague memory of wanting to write about that). The reason lies in an inherent quality of mine that I do not wish to disclose (just a hint it starts with l and ends with y and has two letters between).

Without any further retrospection into my absence and my lack of creative thoughts (the reason why my other blogs lie silent), lets just hope the silence in my head is gone and the voices are back for good again!

Coming up: Moi - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


Subhashree said…
Ooooo... he is almost four. How can the nurse say he is only three, so slighting! Funny. Isn't it? Looks like you were more worked about the checkup than Nantu :O
rayshma said…
u only give us topics u'd be blogging abt.. how abt blogging as well, eh?
good to know u're not on break! :D
Galadriel said…
is ok.. you have a cheeky to attribute all that to.. i do the exact same things without any of those excuses!
Prats said…
So Nantu is keeping you busy...
BUt hey!!!! we need to read too...so chuck the dishes and let them do an abracadabra....and get back to blogging
2 B's mommy said…
Glad to see another cheeky update ! lol @ eye test..
Mama - Mia said…

oh well! whateva be the topic or lack of it as you claim, your post makes for a fun read!!

and Cheeky is too cute!!


Preethi said…
Subhashree - Oh yes.. what an insult!! And yes I better be more worked up than him :D
Rayshma - I am going to blog about it.. soon ;)
Galadriel - I am good at the blame game.. you blame it on something too.. if not anything Harmones is a good offender!!
Prats - Abracadabra?? Where is the kitchen?
2BM - Yeah it was quite funny actually!!
Abha - Thanks :) In retrospect my life is quite funny eh??
he he :D . . . Shhh dont use the l word its called writer's block :P
Neera said…
ur posts are getting funnier by the day Preethi! Waiting ofr moi- yesterday, today and tomorrow :)

And yes fun reading about cheeky after a while :)
Suma said…
for some reason, gymming is the same for me now, post holiday :(

the half an hour seems like a day...

never mind about not blogging, we can do with this too :P

and nantu is doing his job well! good boy!! :)
Mira's mom said…
You lazy woman.....nice to have you back! :-)
Preethi said…
Vish - So you think I am a writer:)
Neera - See I kept your comment in mind and came back with Nantu Updates. The new post will be here soon!
Suma - You do cheer him on don't you :P
Mira's mom - Nice to be back :)
That was fun ( at your cost ! )
Do you still need gym with nantu taking care of your mental excercises,by asking infinite number of combination questions and physical,by making you run behind him !!
Well,we wait for your posts detailing out on each of the topics you touched upon !!
Rambler said…
so the loss of voices in the head is not just for me :)
Preethi said…
CU - Details? are you sure?? positive?
Rambler - you too? aaw!!
reading this post was like watching a Seinfeld episode - Claims to be about Nothing, But loaded with awesome hilarious (Nantu's comments) stuff...
enjoyed reading it!
Pavi!!!! said…
I 2nd galadriel here..i go thru' all that u;ve written n have no one to attribute it too !

n hey..cheeky is sooooooo cute! must be so much fun hvg him around!

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