On Consultation...

While I have been tormenting myself about my huge crisis, I did not stop to ask my SeniorConsultantForMakingLifeChangingDecisions about what he thought.
Even when he said "I am going to make BMW cars"
I absentmindedly replied "Have your bath first"
Cheeky exclaimed "No amma, when I grow up"
"Good" I told him still looking like a woman with lost marbles.
So Cheeky decided to take things in his able hands "Amma what do you want to be when you grow up? A computer engineer" he asked making a face!
I know it is so distasteful even for him! So I asked him "Why? is that boring?"
"Yes" he said "do you want to be a firefighter instead?"
"mm no" said I
"I know you go make Yamaha bikes"

Still later ... we started our day dreaming.
Cheeky rattled off the cars he was going to buy for himself. I secured myself a Maybach and a Rolls Royce for good measure. Dad was going to get a Bugati Veyron and a Suzuki Hayabusa. I decided to take the dream further.. so do you intend building a house I asked?
I was told that the house was going to happen, but I was going to get the neighboring house while M and Cheeky stayed in the main house! I worked my way into the main house with a lot of cajoling and some groveling (well who am I kidding), but try as I might could not secure the Master Suite!
I then ventured to find out the secret for success.. so many cars and mansions... whats going to pay for this?
Cheeky said "I am going to be a power ball engineer"
Had I heard it wrong? Oh no he confirmed "I am not going to be anything when I grow up, I am just going to buy the power ball, there is lots of money in it"
M grinned and gave me the YouAskedForIt look!
I prodded him and said "You know they are going to blame us? " I had a vision of the people pointing fingers at me and whispering..
Cheeky ran across the room holding his hand away from his body with the imaginary ball in his hand... "the power ball has a lot of money in it" he yelled... I could hear the ringing in my head!

Still later M looked at me with that suspicious look in his eyes "You are not going to"
"What" said I "its perfect blogging material... everything is fair game" and then the trump card "Don't you want to remember this when he grows up?"
Do we want to really?
I consider telling him about Erma Bombeback "When it is Wednesday and I still don't have anything for my column, I break the deal and write about my family"
But this is no column and I don't get paid for it.. so there goes that argument.

Still it is difficult to keep a straight face when people think they have a secret peephole into my life through this blog... people closer to me know better.
I told a friend to read my blog, yes I have to ask people to read every time I make a post. She declared "If only you spent more time doing something useful rather than spinning all the melodramatic tales"
Me "Not useful? Come on its a good vent to creative energy. And by the way I was looking for sympathy.. I am going through a crisis"
Her "Bah.. write a book, at least you would get paid if it sells"
No that was just the voice in my head.. but I know it is right! But who would buy/read the book.. I have an average audience of 15 people.. and on good days when say 20 people visited my blog I bring out the champagne.. and god knows how many of them read it all.. they do not all comment for sure! So considering I do write a book.. chances are I never sell it!
Back to my crisis!
I told my sister about my crisis "I have been having one for the past 5 years" she declared. My best friend laughed in my face when I tried to tell her.
I lamented to M and he said "What you want people to take you seriously?" he asked with that impish grin!

My mom always warned me that if I grew up taking things so lightly I would regret it later in life! Kind of like the boy who cried wolf! Boohoo!
Oh well, might as well find something else to write about..
So the next on line.. To be (geek) or not to be?

[Edited to add : Power ball is a lottery as you have probably surmised. Every state in the US has a power ball. The jackpot keeps piling on when nobody wins so some months it can go up to 300 million or more. I think they recycle every month and start at a base amount of say 15 million or something. If you win the 300 million, you can choose to take the money in installments, or if you want cash up front you get to take 50% home, of course there is a heavy tax levied on it! There are a lot of success stories in the home page.
Links - Wikipedia - the all prevailing encyclopedia - powerball
Powerball home page ]


rayshma said…
what is the power ball...?? where can i get one, eh?
as for taking me seriously... join the klub, gurl... we can do drama together! :D
Mira's mom said…
Ok Preethi - as I said before, I'm having a lot of fun with your crisis. Bring it on more, baby :-)
Mama - Mia said…
power ball??!!

Ok! i need dummies guide on Cheekydom! :D

reminds me of a friemd who hen l'il older insisted that he will marry a rich girl, become ghjar jamai and watch cable tv whole day!! ;)

you make yamaha sounds greta btw! :)



ps: i promise i will buy your book!!
Preethi said…
Raysh - Edited to add the power ball definition.. yeah we should start a drama club :)
Mira's mom - so I do have some entertainment value you say.. I or my crisis...
Mama Mia - hehe... thats a good book to write ... for sure the dummies guide.. and thanks for the vote :)
lol. . .hmmm powerball. .now why dint i think of that.Mr.Smarty Pants is getting smarter. .

& my drama queen its more fun when not taken seriously :D
Powerball - Ingenious!
just let us know when, and we'll all buy your book!

like obesity and diabetes and other ugly things that seem to show up much earlier in this generation, i suppose we're hitting mid-life crisis early too :)
aka - i keep thinking about these things all the time and i've a long way b4 reaching the infamous midlife!
And Pup recently bot a beemer... hey, better a new car than a new wife ;)
K 3 said…
power ball engineer, could we get some cheat codes! then i am in the club! :D
Nat said…
lol...join the gang - except i've been going through a whole life crisis - it's just the intensity that varies! yup - there's always teh powerball dream to fall back on!
im going thru the whole what kinda job shud i take up too...was an asst.editor at my last job so since there's nohting like that I can take up here. I was considering customer service too except unlike u im hopeless at small talk!
Pavi!!!! said…
ohhhh...my hubby will love ur son!

EVERY SINGLE DAY(no, im not exageratin) of his life my dear husband will dream abt winning a lottery, becoming rich, quitting his job n hvg his main vocation as spending the day at casinos in LV.. Can u image?!?
~nm said…
Wah! Kya dimaag hai!!

I really am in awe with your kiddo and his logic and the way his mind works!
Preethi said…
Vish - the simplest solutions are the hard to find.. as for Mr Smarty Pants.. try asking him to do something..I get so many arguments from that smart mouth!!
GND - Yeah better car than wife.. am with you on this one!!
K3- Now I am having lottery dreams.. Sigh!!
Nat - Asst Editor..cool lady.. you had a much better job than me!!
NM - :)
Suma said…
che! read this and didn't comment?!!!

better change his name from cheeky to smart :)

all the best with the crisis...:)

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