Eating Troubles...

We recently visited a chinese restaurant... this place din't have a kiddie menu. We decided dumplings for my li'l munchkins, noodles, plain rice and a side for us! Nantu had a dumpling and another half... out of my hand. This from a boy who says "Mommy I am a big boy, I can eat by myself". We get to a restaurant and he wants to be fed!
Then the dumplings turned "yucky". I said try some plain rice, for some reason he loves that, in its plainest of plain forms. I also served him some of the veges from our side. That pleased him, and he started to eat a bit.
Meanwhile we were done and the waitress brought us the dessert tray. She regaled us with a list of the deserts while showing us the mouth watering li'l cups of dessert. With a heavy heart I refused and so did DH. Nantu speaks up to her directly, not so much as Mommy may I "I will have the chocolate cake please". With a smile, she gets it for him!
All the rice and veges are still on his plate...He moves to take the dessert.
Me: "Finish your veges before you have dessert"
Him: "But mommy I am so full"
Me: "No you are not, you haven't eaten anything"
Him: " Mommy I am ... If my tummy is out it means I am full, if it is in it means I am hungry"
Pulling up his shirt "See, I am full".
The lady in the next table started laughing, a couple of people passing by us stopped to laugh...
I let him eat his cake!
In retrospect I should have said, "If you are full, how come you can eat dessert". But then I am not smart enough !!!


Gomathi Sarma said…
hehe.. reminded of your childhood days when you used to tell such excuses to ur mom :)

btw: you are writing too fast.. too many blogs on a day. I am running short of breath catching up ur quick writer..
Absoluteley cute..when my second son was about 5 or 6..while shopping with my wife ,suddenly in a loud voice he said..amma I am very hungry can I have an ice cream..the whole shop burst out are kids right ,what a relief they give us by their outbursts..lucky you !
Preethi said…
@ Gomz - so sorry - you are spared, no posts today!! as for the excuses.. I was a handful, so now its my turn!!

@ Compassion - Thanks for visiting... and yeah kids are such a relief to an otherwise stressful world!! :)
Thinking aloud said…
yeah...***In retrospect I should have said** i wondered too, 'co sthat's whta my kids do ...say they are full but have spaec for dessert all the time...nantu sounds adorable :)

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