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I am done reading all other blogs, now its time to make a post and I wonder what about.. so here are a few random thoughts

Happy Go Lucky!!
Do I have it in me to have deep thoughts? I have been reading a lot of blogs and it occurs to me that many of the folks I read have such profound thoughts! While I have none? I do love reading all the posts and most times give me two cents on the topic of discussion, but I can never make such heartfelt posts of my own.. I wonder why.. I am reminded of my mom .. she used to say "I do hope you get serious once in a while.. life is not a big joke you know?" Oh well..

Staying at Home!
I am a stay at home mom.. by choice!
I often get this question "How can you stay at home, arent you bored". I used to think so too when I worked. Then a couple of years back I quit, my life was getting too meaningless for me!! I needed to step back and give myself some space, and enjoy Nantu's company. A lot of my relatives and friends never could understand. I quit a job in a renowned company, a well paying job where I had good growth prospects. And the fact is I loved my work, maybe too much!
When I quit many bet that I will be running back in 6 months. Its been 2 years, I do want to go back to the action. Now that Nantu is in school et al and I will (Oh IRS give me the work permit please!!). But strangely its not at all like I thought. Staying at home is so much fun.. I get to see all the daily antics of my son.. I get time for myself and my hobbies (writing, reading). My life is more relaxed! And I get to travel!
Just yesterday I was wondering why we think that when you dont work (put your education to use!!) you waste your life? I know I used to think that way, but this 2 year stint has changed me so much, I have so much more respect for all those women who have decided to stay at home. Having said that I also have a lot of awe and respect for the women who do it all - work and raise kids.. but thats a whole new post!! (Picture Courtesy: http://www.thestayathomemother.com/sites/default/files/u3/Balance.jpg)

Addicted to Blogging?
This is a question we bloggers ask ourselves time and again.. or dont we?? is it only me?? uhuh!!! Anyway, here is a list of questions that I think are a definite mark of addiction (Oh yes I have so much time I came up with a full fedged list!!!!)

1. Do you have to blog every day or every other day??
2. Do you blog in your head all day - in the shower, as you fall asleep... ?
3. Do you log in and check your blog - just to admire how it looks - 4 times a day if not more?
4. Everytime someone comments do you send a word of thanks to heaven?
5. If you see your kid do something smart, watch some event do you immediately compose a blog in your mind?
6. On vacations do you take special pictures with your blog in mind?
7. When you have a conversation with friends, do you find yourself quoting from blogs??
8. When there are chores to be done are you still at the computer?
9. Do your blog friends know you better than your real life friends?
10. Do you threaten everyone with the refrain "You stop that or I will blog about you"
11. Do your conversations with friends start or end with "In my blog I wrote ..."
12. Do you have your blog page on your email signature?
13. Are you always listing the reasons why you arent a blog addict?
14. Have you ever considered methods of advertising your blog.. maybe put some hoardings up in the middle of the highway?
15. Are you reading this and nodding along/ smiling to yourself.. uhoh.. you cant be saved I dont think the blog-o-holics anaonymous will take you in.
I am guilty as charged!! I think I am doomed... are you?? (Picture Courtesy: http://www.center-escape.org/images/comp_add_clip_image008.jpg)

Note to Suma

I will do the tag you sent my way... just need more time and a lot more thought!!

(Note to Self: Focus is what you need in life.. think think think!!)

Holiday Wishes

Wish you all a merry christmas! I am off on a short vacation this weekend, and so looking forward to it.. Will be back refreshed and stuffed!!


Orchid said…
I am like you too...leave the more serious issues out for other bloggers, but nothing wrong with that!
and enjoy your break..eventually you will get back to work and in hindsight this time with your child will seem priceless!
happy holidays to you and yours!
Vidhya Rajesh said…
Have a wonderful xmas and a good holiday/vacation :) Hope it is to some place that has some degrees more than 37 :D ...

"Staying at Home" - I think i definitely would agree with you .... I am waiting for a chance of my own - where without feeling "guilty" I can do that .... ;)
anujjha said…
Well it seems U r obsessed with blogging.
The sam passion exist here too.You r quite witty. Let me do answering to ur looooooooooong list of Questions:
1- Yes I try to,but I generally miss that target.
2- No whenever I delebrately think of doing so I get not idea for bloggin
3- Attimes I log in to admire but since I mentioned Im too bloggin obsessed I login to find somethin new
4- Yes I try to reply, for if not he wont turn back and write more comments
5- Since Im just 19 so no marriage and no kid
6- Srry to say but I haven't being to vacation since 6 years, and before that I didn't even knew what bloggin was
7- No I don't think so.
8- Yes computer has become my passion, so hard to seprate me from it
9- I don't think so, because they hadn't seen even my face,I have never uploaded on my blog
10- Is that done? I was not knowing
Since Im new in this field, If it is it sounds interesting.
11- No I generally start my blog with a quotation or something else but not"In My Blog I Wrote..."
12- Yup I Have it on Email sign.
13- No absolutely not . Im proud to officially announce "Im blog addict".
14- Being an Indian U know if I do that the people instead of reading will spit beetle on it.
15- Yes Im reading ur stuff cause I feel ur writing still make some sense, and Im smiling at ur wit.
And for blog-o-holics they will grant me and u bail, What u and I have done is a "ailable offence"
Preethi said…
Orchid - High Five!! And yes this time is indeed priceless!
Vidhya - Oh I know you are sweety... and it will be yours soon!! :) Vacation.. I am going to a place where there is no snow.. so yay!! Will post oon that later.. so the suspense!!
Anujjha - Thanks for your wonderful comment!! And your lovely answers... no you are not there yet!! The blog-o-holics anonymous will admit you!! btw cant seem to get a link to your blog!! Do you blog?
Aryan said…
Oh preethi..I really liked the blogging questions..
anujjha said…
hi, im not here but i blog at wordpress :-
anujjha said…
im sorry in hurry i gave wrong url its :-
Thinking aloud said…
hmmm ..second time leaving a comment...

addicted you sure are...you give me a complex ;)

enjoy your break...and yeah serious thinking after that...i'll be waiting ;)...for you to think, think...and think...

have a great year ahead!
rayshma said…
heyy... happy holidays! and cheerz to d addiction! :)
will come back & answer the questions.. HAVE to get someplace in like 5 mins! LOL! and here i am commenting!! :D
rayshma said…
m back! now lemme answer :D
1. absolutely.
2. yeah! i even dream of it at times.
3. wow! i thot only I did this!
4. .. .and i smile.
5. if i see V do something silly, yes!
6. yeah. and come back & post them before i unpack.
7. i tell them to read certain pieces, yes.
8. of course! am here, aint i?
9. don't know. wud rather say no to this! :D
10. 'course! i threaten ppl at my ex-offc as well! :)
11. sometimes...
12. no. am too shy to do that!
13. YES! i cud do a piece on that!
14. i thot of viral marketing, yes.
15. i smiled. and i came back to answer too! :)
now lemme go take the test as well! :D
happy holidays! :)
rayshma said…
OMG! i'm 75% addicted... :(
merry xmas!! the blog addiction q's were hilarious!are u sure u aren't close to the 80 mark :P. .i am 39.99999%addicted :P. . .chocolates still rule my world..yay!
Preethi said…
Aryan - Thanks!!
Anujjha - Coming there...
TA - Oh my forgot all about the thinking... will start now!! :)
Rayshma - Are you sure its 75 and not 95??? :P
Vish - Congrats - you arent there yet... and on the chocoholics you will beat the rest of us by a large margin!!

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