Two in one - Sensitivity and Planning Ahead!

Another year has come to an end.. and we look forward to new beginnings tomorrow. Its been a lovely year full of wonderful memories and exciting milestones. We do look forward to the next year with eager anticipation on what it will have in store for us. As the year ends I wanted to make two posts.. here they are!

I have never allowed Nantu to watch too much TV. Most Indian movies we watch are probably okay for a kid to watch.. being musicals and family entertainers... but we don't like Nantu watching them. Most parents I know allow their kids to watch, and kids enjoy watching the bright colors and lovely songs.. Nantu watches song sequences too.. but nothing else. So much so, when we were in Tennessee Nantu declared that if he watched Adult TV (Daddy's TV Time its called!) he would get pulled up by mom for it! Oh well!!
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I also don't let him watch cartoons which have anything remotely related to violence.. and unfortunately this includes spider man and tom and jerry.. My reasoning is that a 3 year old has still not grasped the comedy in hitting and shoving! (Oh yes I am crazy that way). Anyway, I realized yesterday that in my attempt to shield him from such violence... I am probably bringing him up to be too sensitive. We were listening to rhymes and for the first time Nantu heard the rhyme "Three Blind Mice".. He was very upset that the Farmer's wife cut off their tails... "But the mice need their tails mommy" he said... "This is a naughty song, I don't want to listen to this.. Please don't download this! Delete it!! ".. He even made sure before going to bed that I had deleted the song! I am of course a little taken aback that he reacted so strongly! I open this out to all you bloggers out there.. what do you think of this??

Planning Ahead!
The second part of my blog is about the tag Suma sent my way.. Oh yeah I finally got around to doing it!
I have always been bad at planning ahead.. but I do dream... Suma (Thinking Aloud) put me up to coming up with a list of things I wanted to do by the next decade... I have been thinking long enough.. but haven't been able to come up with anything profound!! So here is my wish list!!

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1. Growing Up .. we have a lot of growing up to do.. between Nantu and me (notice I have tactfully not included DH here). Nantu will be a teenager in 10 years.. and I want to be able to sit back and relax without the constant nagging worry most parents of teenagers have. I want to be able to know that my son is smart enough to keep himself safe out there!
2. Lose that tummy... Oh well, I hope it doesn't take 10 years to do that!!
3. Work - I need to figure out what I need to do in terms of working... I need to go back to work, but when and what I am still figuring out!
4. Where I belong ... I want to be back in India in 10 years.. or if I am here, let that be with a full heart with no wish to go back. I just want to belong where I live and vice versa
5. Travel - DH and I have loads of travel dreams... cruises, RV trips, Europe, Australia, backpacking and so on.. hope we do it all or at least most of it in the next 10 years!
6. Giving Back - I want to help the society in every way I can... not just monetarily but physically.. by being there.... maybe teach the less privileged or some such thing. I also want to have Nantu spend at least a day of every year with children of his age who are less privileged...
7. Living with Dad - 10 years is a long time.. as soon as is possible I want to have my dad stay with me... I cant stand the fact that he is miles away from us!!
8. Yoga and Temper control - I need to learn and start actively practicing yoga in my daily life. Also work on my temper... hopefully the yoga will help me tone down my short temper!!
9. Farming Dreams - Oh yes I am crazy.. I want to own a farm house and live in quasi wilderness.. if I will farm or grow livestock is very questionable.. but I want a house on a property which has a grove and a creek in it.. Oh well I do dare to dream!
10. A good friend - I want to be a good friend to Nantu and DH... The first step Patience... I am so short on this... I am going to work at acquiring some!
Alright!! That wasn't too hard!! Thanks Suma for making me do this... and what better time to plan than the New Year!
Tagging in turn -
2 B's Mommy

Wish You all a Happy and Prosperous 2008! Have a Blast!


Rambler said…
I guess you have written about a really sensitive topic, its just my opinion, but I guess kids should be allowed to know the reality, violence or movies are just part of our life as much as all the good stuff, when people understand them, we cope with them better.
Again We are talking about 3 yr old here, may be its too early for him.
I ended up thinking more on the lines of teenagers where kids can go either ways, its always better to make a informed decision, rather than a curious one.
Thinking aloud said…
hey loved it...u too have a temper....hmmm probably comes with being a mother, i think :)

9 sounds heavenly...I think nantu will have a great firned in you...Really really wish that you get down to doing it all....I'll be keeping track :)so keep dreaming and make it happen...

Happy 2008!!!
Thinking aloud said…
as for violence..nantu is still 3 and yes, a lot depends on teh child...for eg i didn't allow Swarn to watch spiderman, krish till he turned 5 for the simple reason that he is so unpredictable...

i guess once he realises the difference between reel and real, it should get easier...i hate the nursery rhymes we grew up fact my kids have never learnt anyone of the conventional rhymes...

but as he grows up, he should be more exposed becos the real world will seem too tough...
Aryan said…
Let me commment on planning ahead..
I liked your Point 6—Giving back..Wow that is so nice of you. Even I always think about something like this..

The next is point 9—Farming dreams..I am in the same boat preethi..I dream about it be in a hut..this that...

Happy new year.
Aryan's mom
ur forbidding tom and jerry!!he is missing out on a lot..let him see the less violent ones and anyways he sure would realize soon that throwing something as huge as a piano on someone isnt quite possible :D. . .10 years :O u sure are well planned !!!!i have no clue what i wud be doing in the next 2 years forget 10 years will try ur tag though:(
Preethi said…
Rambler - I do agree with you partially.. as you said we are talking about a 3 yr old after all.. but even otherwise, how informed are kids from movies.. which glorify the anti-social.. for eg "shivaji" has the hero doing money laundering.. or those umpteen films with rowdies as heroes!! I am not sure children at any age should watch such movies!!!
TA - Lets hope so... this generation is growing up to be so independent... that we need to be good friends for them to share everything with us.. My mom was a very good friend to us, so I hope I can do the same.
TA - I cant agree more!
Aryan - 6 is very important... esp for our kids who grow up without knowing about the less privileged.
As for 9 yeah thats a very fond dream!!
Vishnu - Tom and Jerry is not for 3 yr olds... he needs to be older to understand the comedy in it..He does watch Barney and Sesame Street that should do for now!!
rayshma said…
hope u achieve all u've wished for! :)
dunno abt kids and tv... but my nieces are 7 and 4... and their tv is restricted to barney and a few disney fairy tales like cinderella... d elder one reads a lot... so doesn't miss tv. and the younger one hasn't seen anyone watching much of tv.. so doesn't seem to mind it!
That was a nice way to begin the New Year..Letting others know more about you especially the anxiety of a young mother in bringing up the kid..Nantu sure occupies your whole world (Slowly ,make it 50;50 for your hubby too .lol)
The comments of all your/our friends are wonderful
Sitting out here i am
Wish you a Happy New Year
Preethi said…
Rayshma -Thanks... its not so much the watching TV or not watching it.. Nantu still learns about spiderman and "punch" and "tackle" from friends in school :P
CU - Haha... oh yes it is amazing how things change.. I was a very self centered person.. now I worry so much about my son.. well this is self centered in a way too... but thats motherhood for you!! As for DH... thats something I will refrain from posting about :P
Thinking aloud said…
oops!!looks like i'm racing with the posts now ;)
Na.Su.Krishnan said…
Imagine Nantu reading and understanding your posts in its true sense..Say 5 years down the line.

That will ensure that he becomes a good teenager.
Preethi said…
TA - And I am all blogged out... but in competiton.. I am racking my bain to come up with something!! :P
Krishnan - Thats so sweet... thanks!!
2 B's mommy said…
I restrict what my kids watch as well. The other day they were watching a repeat of Ramayan at a friend's house. They were truly horrified when they saw Kansa killing the new born babies of his sister. They went on about it for days...any programme like that on a normal TV channel would have given it an 'A' rating for the violence or atleast a 'PGR'. I had a hard time explaining as they knew it had to do with birth of 'Krishna' who is a GOD !

Will try to do your tag, though I haven't planned even for the next year yet!

Wish you a Happy New Year !

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