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(Edited to add: No Nantu doesnt bite his mom is a geek ...)
The topic of discussion in Nantu's school was occupations
Teacher: A what does your mommy do?
A: She works in the doctor's office
B: Mine does too.
Teacher: Really what does she do?
B: She gets the shots
**We do need someone to get the shots right?**
Teacher: Nantu what does your daddy do?
Nantu: My daddy hugs!
What do you do about imaginary friends? I am always stepping on one of the other of them.. my house is so full of them, does anyone want any, I sure have a lot to spare .....
Nantu: I want a bouncing ball for christmas
Mom: Pray to Lord Krishna for it
Nantu: Oh no I will ask Santa
Mom: How do you think Santa gets the gifts, Krishna gives it to him
**Boy am I confused?! **
Nantu: Nooooooo, Santa buys them at toysaurus!
Mom: But you have to be good for Santa to bring you gifts, pray to Krishna to be good.
Nantu: Krishna, please make me a good boy I need a bouncing ball.
Mom: Nantu shlokam sollu (tell a shloka)
Nantu : muttering gibberish...
Mom: Whats that?
Nantu: Thats a shlokam you dont know!
The note from school said "We discussed what we want to be when we grow up"
Mom: Nantu did your teacher ask you what you wanted to be when you grow up?
Nantu: Yes I said I want to be a firefighter.
Dad: Do you know you have to go into a fire and rescue people?
Nantu: Yes. But I wont go.
Dad: But thats what a firefighter does.
Mom: So what will you do when there is a fire?
Nantu: I will be a NASCAR Driver.
** We are so naive, when in trouble just change your occupation**
This post has been inspired from a similar post by Kodi's mom


Prats said…
aaaw....brings back those glorious days for me!!!
I remember my young un had told someone who asked what I did " My ma is a computer!!! and my dad's a studio"

**Nantu: Thats a shlokam you dont know!
That was a a brilliant response.. we should know beter than ask scuh questions I guess... :))

Nice post here.. kept smiling through...
Gomathi Sarma said…
haha.. that was really cute.. loved the first one where the the teacher is asking for mommy's profession..
rayshma said…
lol!! and i guess this is just the beginning! :D
my niece believes her stuffed dog is real. *it's NOT* makes me keep out food for him when she visits! thank d lord she doesn't ask for dog food! LOL!
piyu said…
lolzz. .Tat was hilarious
loved this the best :D

Mom: So what will you do when there is a fire?
Nantu: I will be a NASCAR Driver.
Kodi's Mom said…
"thats a sloka you don't know" - LOL! and "my daddy hugs" is so adorable! so a firefighter morphing into NASCAR driver...I like it!
Sumana said…
could not stop laughing at nantu's little jokes. They are so smart for their age.Mine says i want to be a thomas train.
Thinking aloud said…
nantu is cute!!! **My daddy hugs***aww...whata profession LOL...

nice one, preethi... - suma
Na.Su.Krishnan said…
'When in trouble, change thy occupation'. Nantu will become a consultant!

Your blog is interesting:)
What a cute sure are having great time..Simply enjoy it and dont forget to share it
Preethi said…
prats - a computer uh?? haha!! kids will be kids and will ensure we keep our sense of humour intact!
Gomz - yeah good one rite...
Rayshma - you are so lucky your niece doesnt live with u!!
Piyu - my fav too...
Kodi's mom - so practical right??
Sumana - thomas eh?? cute!!!
Suma - Thanks.
Krishnan - yes he has all the qualities .. he never answers a question.. but asks another... or has some convoluted logic for his point of view!! and thanks!
CU - good to see you are back.. and yes I am having some good laughs out here...
Just Jen said…
Those are so cute! My son said he wants to still be my son when he grows up. I said, you ARE moving out! He says, ok, but you're coming with me! Oh brother ;)
I laughed out loud at this post!

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