Naughty Gene - The Payback

Two posts in a day you ask.. oh well I had to...
Many of you that read the naughty gene post said you have no sympathy for me .. I challenge you to think again!
Age 4 months -
Nantu: goo goo gaa gaa
Person passing by - Mom/Dad usually... : Oh my dear baby, are you bored
picks him up and has a wet shirt!! Oh yes we were still stupid enough to use cloth diapers
Age 6-8 Months -
Mom trying to feed Nantu : Nantu aaaaaaaaaa
Nantu - tightly closed mouth.
Mom - Anga paaru kaka (Look at the crow there)
Nantu - looks up with a smile, mouth not open even one inch
Age 1 year -
Patti (Grandmom) has had a long day and is waiting for mom and dad to come home
Nantu: ammaaa..... (wailing)
Patti takes him to the patio to wait.. Nantu slyly waits for patti to look elsewhere and proceeds to empty all the clothes pins out the railing...
Patti frustrated takes him out the door
Nantu: Ift Ift ... (lift - as in elevator).. Daddy?? (he looks oh so innocently at patti)
So Patti takes him close to the elevator to peer in... He presses the switch.. every time the lift moves it has to halt at our floor.
Age 1 yr 2 months -
Mommy getting lunch ready for Nantu...
Nantu to maid :san san (shanthi)... bye!! (frantically)
Maid knowing him refuses to budge
So Nantu leaves the house and runs across the hallway to bang at the neighbours door
Nantu: Idha Idha... vaaa (Vidhya Vidhya, come!!)

Nantu climbs on patti's bed to look out the window.. and spies his girl friend
Nantu: Thathana!!!!! (Keerthana).. jojo?? (have you had your bath I think it meant)
Thathana: Nantu (She was older by a year I think) ... nee kulichacha??? (have you had your bath)
Nantu: Naanaa (I dont want to ) ... Mammam? (have you eaten)
Thathana: Naa chaptachu .. nee chaptacha (I have eaten have you?)
Nantu: Dhudhu (I am going to have milk)!
1 yr 5 months
Nantu would go to "Eduratha Thatha " (Opposite house granddad - what a name!!) -'s house every evening
Nantu: Ananth Thanni (I will water)..
If Edurathu thatha touches the water hose - Nantu will scream "nanna!!" And then proceed to water himself.. and the plants if they got lucky... I would always send a change of clothes to edurathu thatha.
Then Nantu would walk into the house...
Open the fridge and take his daily quota of cadbury and say - "Thatha One! "(I am only taking one?)
Go on to the kitchen (On the way open the tap of the water dispenser.. thatha sensing this rushes behind him!)
Nantu: Patti coffee tha!! (Give me coffee)
Patti makes him a cup of watered down coffee.. if she has the audacity to give him milk he would say : "Dhudhu nana .. coffee tha!!"
Finally at the sound of dad's car, peace would reign again in Edurathu thatha's house...

At home - eating troubles again...
Nantu and Mom in the patio... mom is feeding him, after much difficulty she gets the spoon into the mouth...
Meanwhile a truck on the road
Mom: Nantu .. truck!!
Nantu- slyly when mom is not looking has spit the food right back into the bowl.. mom knows nothing!!
1 yr 7 months:
Onroute to US with mom .. At london mom is struggling with the check in.. (oh yes the flight was cancelled and we spent a day in london .. more on that later)
Nantu has been handed some small cars to play with...
A lady is oohing at him... Nantu sends some cars whizzing by and trips the lady over!!!
2 Yrs:
Mom broke her thumb and routinely had to go to therapy... She had to drag Nantu with her everytime!
One day at the therapists...
Lady: Ronak, bye.. Ronak, hello
Mom bewildered .. Are you calling him Ronak? He is Nantu
Lady: But he told me he is Ronak!
Mom: Nantu .. whats your name?
Nantu: Ronak
Mom: No your name is Nantu
Nantu: Nantu nalla illai (Nantu is no good).. oh my I should know better.. why dint I ask him before naming him
Another day..
Man walks in and looks around..
Nantu: Hello.. sit!!
Man: Oh hi Buddy
Nantu walks up to him and shakes his hand.. and proceeds to call Aunty Linda in the therapy room inside!!
I should have charged the therapist for his services !!

Another day..
Lady walks out of the indoor therpay room.. I have never seen her before..
Lady to me: Hi you have a smart son!!
Me (beaming): Thank you!!
Lady: No wonder considering that both you and your husband are computer engineers!!
I can only gasp!! And Nantu dint know a word of English!!! He spoke in Tamil!! Oh God!!
Age 2 Yr 7Months
Nantu starts school
At school on the first day
Teacher: Nantu dont cry your mom will be here soon
Nantu: I wanna go on the bus
Teacher: Nantu your mom will come soon I promise
Nantu: I will go home on the bus.. MYSELF!!!

Next day.. circle carpet time
Teacher is talking
Nantu: Dont talk, I want to go on the bus
Teacher: Later, now sit down
Nantu Wailing loudly.. another teacher takes him to the director's room
Director: Take him on the school bus let him play there for a while
They go to the bus
Nantu: Switch it on
Teacher: No I cant do that but you can play here for a while
Nantu: When will you switch it on
Teacher: When you are 5 you get to ride the bus!
Nantu: Lets go back!
Age 3
Oh well this could take a while.. and I really havent got all day you know... so will end this here and make a post on my current trials later.
After all this I ask you dont you feel some pity for me?? I have to live with this cheeky monkey every day!! And like some say this is just the tip of the iceberg!!
And now I am truly gone for the weekend!! I promise!


Aryan said…
Oh the 2-yr 7 months update is very very good. Clever little monkey...
I enjoyed reading it.
Enjoy your holidays and come back soon..
BTW—I like your blog look..something different..
Aryan's Mom
Prats said… have a handful...but I still have to say, he's just living upto his genes....Aaaww...poor kid....if he hadn't been like that, you wouldn't have had these stories to tell all of us remember????
DotMom said…
giving his name as Ronak was very funny.. nice collections of nantu-isms :)
Thinking aloud said…
hey thank him... u r using him for your posts :)

I still don't feel sorry for you...i have two, remember...;)
rayshma said…
u can't really blame him, can u?! where'd he get his genes from, again...?! :D
Sathej said…
Nice portrayal - am very sympathetic:) Have a great time with Nantu (or Ronak? :))
Btw, first time here at your blog. Looks interesting. Shall read other posts and comment.
Gauri said…
Loved the "nantu-isms". Will be back later to dig into the archives :-)
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed reading your post. I am a mother of a 'nantu' too who is 2 years 9 months.
rofl!!. . .naughty genes makes the lil cheeky monkey even more adorable :D
2 B's mommy said…
:D enjoyed the post.
LOL..thank him ..I dont think you ever need to go to a Gym for quite some time..He must be keeping you absolutely trim..Look at the positives..LOL
And before you hurl something at me.ESCAPE >>>
Preethi said…
Aryan - Haha . Yeah imagine what his teachers go through!!
Prats - I do agree with that...he sure is my inspiration and fodder for blogging!!
Dotmom - It took a while to get him to admit his name was Nantu :P lol!!
TA - Will do.. and I agree two is more trouble... but one Nantu is worth 4!!
Rayshma - Ouch!! Mean!!
Sathej - Thanks and Welcome!
Gauri - Thanks and Welcome!!
Nirmala - Thanks a lot and good luck with your Nantu
Vish - oh yes.. I am waiting to turn him over to you in March.. you just wait miss!!
2BM - Thanks
CU - Thats so true... when Nantu was 1 I lost a lot of weight just running behind him!! And yes heading your way to cause some damage!!
2 little chatters mom said…
I read your bloggings today ,Its so do have a handful little monkey,but that is what all about motherhood right,as we all are going to miss all these little things in future when they become grown up.
Preethi said…
2LCM - Thanks for visiting. Yes we are all gonna miss this once they grow up.. so its enjoy it while you can indeed.
Do you blog too?
Gomathi Sarma said…
That was so cute of Nantu.. I still dont feel sorry for ya.. Kids are meant to be naughty. What fun will you have if your son was one of thoese 'chamathu payyan'.. I bet, you will be bored soon..
Preethi said…
Gomz - Seri Patti.

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