The Naughty Gene

A lot of my blog friends have been taking up the wickedness tag!!! No one has tagged me :( But then I thought, oh well I am not wicked at all... So its a good thing I dont have to rack my brain for wicked tales.
And then Dotmom wrote her take on the tag.. This has inspired me to share some naughty tales (not wicked and I challenge you to disagree)!!

Age 6: Mom would tell me dont go to the road when you play.. so I scaled walls to go to a friends house which was about 3 houses away.. Imagine what mom went through when she looked and found me gone.. I was ofcourse grounded for a week.. like that would work

Age 7: A friend and I would climb a gooseberry tree (yes gooseberry tree) and pluck all the berries. On the other side of the compound wall was a workshop and we routinely picked up long rods from there to hit at the gooseberrys.. We were once shooed away by the men working there. The next weekend, a lot of their material left outside went missing.. I only hope they had the good sense to look in the house behind the workshop!!

Age 15: In 11th grade we had a math teacher who would drone on and on...she would start at the strike of the hour and let us go at the finish of the hour.. and for some reason she never wore a watch. The rest of the school had 45 minute sessions while the higher secondary had 1 hr sessions, so we werent guided by the bell. One day as she was 15 minutes into the session, she was called outside.. and lo behold guess how the class clock lost 20 full minutes..

Age 16: Physics Lab. It was a class test that day and I had finished my experiment successfully. There I spied a boy with whom I was always at loggerheads. He was in the middle of some electrical experiment, in between everything stopped working.. I hope he thought to check the fuse which had mysteriously gone missing!

Age 18: College - Second Year. Computer Lab - Day 1. We were asked to login to DOS Screens. and then no instructions for a while. I slyly sent a "Hi" broadcast to every PC. No one knew how to make this message go away (you had to use Ctrl and some key, no esc!! :( The lecturer was at a loss too, and I feeling sorry for her owned up and helped the girls get back to the main screen. Another lecturer walked in and asked me to leave the lab... I argued "But I was trying out commands in DOS. Surely thats not wrong", but she would listen to no reason. So I asked her "If I leave now, will you give me attendance?"She was shocked enough to answer "Yes" So I left without as much as an apology.

Age 19: College - Third Year. Auditoriom. We were sitting in the University Auditorium for briefing on the elections. They forgot to mention the engg faculty at all. Meanwhile, we were the first batch of engg and were having troubles with fee increase, lack of proper library facilities (we had to share university library :P), our lab was still under construction and so we had to use the university lab. So somebody had a brainwave.. they dont care about us, why shud we vote? So 600 odd engg students voted for "Engg? Lab?? Fees? Library?" And for the next 2 months everyone from our class was called in turns to the staff room, vice chancellor's room, dean's room to be interogated. How they narrowed it down to our class is a mystery.. but the beauty is no one babbled!!

Age 19: In continuation of the above protest... yet another brilliant plan.. in the "C" class the entire class put their pens down and refused to take notes.. Instead they glared at the lecturer who proceeded to rush to the dean in tears. Ouch!

Age 21: At work... the incessant flirt got mysterious anonymous phone calls... and got stood up at diff rendevous. Word has it that in his quest to solve the mystery he forgot to flirt!!

Age 25: At work.. For 5 months no one knew the fact that I knew Hindi. And gossiped freely near me.. 5 months later when someone asked for the name of a vegetable in english.. I said it in Hindi.. Oh so foolish!! Imagine the looks on the faces when they found out that I had known hindi all along.

And now I am going to send an email out to my college friends... and see what they have to say on my college tales... The list does go on... but in the interest of time and space I end here...
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rayshma said…
u're an early jumper on d wickedness bandwagon, eh! very kewl!
and silly, when a tag's kept "open to all" u're actually supposed to pick it up! i didn't tag u coz i wasn't sure u did tags... NOT coz i thot u weren't wicked! :D
DotMom said…
well done :) loved the age 6 tale.. now i know where nantu gets his genes from ;)
Preethi said…
Rayshma - I am not sure whether to apologise or admonish... and hey iiwas never wicked.. just a handful :P
Dotmom - haha my relatives have no sympathy for me when I complain about Nantu.. now you know why... I am sure they are all rejoicing.. what goes around does come around!!
2 B's mommy said…
Hahaha, enjoyed the post ! wicked !!
Thinking aloud said…
You were a ...handful...and yes nobody's going to sympathize with you about nantu's mischief...that's for sure...

and u're taggged, girl!!!
Rambler said…
anonymous phone calls and gooseberry trees.. now that sounds like fun :)
Aryan said…
Opps are really wicked..I really like the Age 19 episode..

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting lovely comments..

Aryan's Mom
Anonymous said…
I am shocked, shocked I tell you. ;)
Hey that was just the tip of the iceberg!now what about all the reaalllyy naughty stuff u did?
mnamma said…
wicked wicked Preethi! Enjoyed learning about your wickedness :)
chuckled about speaking hindi
Prats said…'re U can't gain sympathy when you whine about Nantu's tales....heheh
Wickedness seems to have attached itself to u
Can I blogroll you?
Preethi said…
2BM - Thanks!!
TA - Saw the tag.. will do it but give me some time please!! :)
Rambler - Oh it was too much fun!!! you bet!!
Aryan - I liked that one too.. it was good fun and the scale was huge!! Thanks and Welcome..
Brian - Really? I am not!!
Vish - Oh my... lets take this offline shall we??
MNAmma - Thanks.
Ascender - You should have seen the looks on their faces..
Prats - Please do.. will love that!! And yeah I never do get the sympathy !!!

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