Whats in a name!

For the past couple of days I have been lurking around and reading a lot of blogs... There were 2 of my pet peeves being written about a lot... Mommy Bloggers and the Husband-Wive divide. I wanted so much to write about each of these topics and sat down to do just that. Now all of you who know me, know how my mind works.... and there it went on a spin again.. remnicing a conversation that took place recently in our household..
An email had arrived from my aunt .. and she had asked how "Nantu" was.
DH: Why is she calling him Nantu?
Me: Oh well maybe she has read my blogs you know
a barb intended here... i have asked and asked and though he reads my poetry blog.. he stays away from the rants on this one .. boohoo!!
DH: Do you remember how much time and energy we spent in naming him...
Me: Do I remember? We only spent all of 9 months arguing over it
really.. we are so finicky arent we?
DH: His name means "Endless" and now with this nick name its just the opposite
Me:(thinking uhoh I never did think of that did I?... loudly) But Nantu is such a cute name.
Meanwhile enter Nantu (He has to take part in every conversation..)
Nantu: Mommy you call me Nantu and I will call you Preetu
DH - Exasperated looks at both of us...
Me: Oh I know .. I have a better name for him to use on my blogs.
DH: (Excited) Now you are talking.. whats that?
Me: Cheeky Monkey!
Nantu starts the refrain... I am a cheeky monkey.. I am a cheeky Monkey.. and I join in .. You are a cheeky monkey..
Mom and Son doing a little dance here... DH walks out of there shaking his head...
So now you know who the cheeky monkey is .. and who the bossy monkey is....


rayshma said…
hehheheee...i honestly don't know what nantu means! :D but y can't husbands understand d addiction for blogging...?
DotMom said…
hahaha. the picture complimented the post perfectly..you are calvin and hobbes aren't you:)
Fuzzylogic said…
LOL at the cheeky monkey business:)
By the way your aunt reads your blog?cool:)Start pulling out posts on hubby and see how he gets compelled to read the blog;)
Sumana said…
They will never get it preethi. Nantu is a wonderful name don't worry. I call my son every name other then the one he has.
Orchid said…
oh tell me about the husband not wanting to read the blog!!...i wonder if he really thinks its a frivolous pursuit..he dare not, what say bossy monkey??
Preethi said…
Rayshma - Beats me.. Nantu means nothing.. now if it was antu... then maybe!! :P
Dotmom - Oh yes we are.. good observation!!
Fuzzy - Yeah one oh my aunt's actually blogs herself.. Posts on DH is a great idea... but in interest of peace reigning in the household I refrain from doing that.
Sumana - haha, thanks for the support :) I use all sorts of ridiculous nick names too..
Orchid - oops.. not me please.. that is dh - the bossy monkey.. i am perhaps the crazy one??? what a full house!! eh?
2 B's mommy said…
Yeah, what IS in a name ? Except that, if my children or hubby find out that I am calling the kids 'Bunty and Bubbly' on my blog - they will kill me ! good that know one knows(YET!) that I blog !! hehehe

Enjoyed the post :-)

THanks for visiting my space and your lovely comment. I am gonna come back to hear more about Nantu !
Noodlehead said…
i think husbands are genetically programed not to read blogs :( at least ur husband read one of your blogs, mine doesnt even know the URL to my blog!

hey, i think nantu is a cute name! i call bonbon any damn thing that my tongue twists into and she actually responds to all those names...she's already figured that her mama's an odd one :-D

the cheeky monkey thing was cute! nice mommy and son bonding there :D
Sraikh said…
My dh knows I have beeen writing one for over 2 years and he doesnt even know the title or url.
However, if something happens, the first thiing he says, DO NOT WRITE ABT IT IN YOUR BLOG
noon said…
:) Cute cartoon to go with the pic. Am a huge fan of C&H as well. KB too now is into it! All the simple stories like Calcin throwing a snow ball at Suzie etc! :) He is amused by it.
Thinking aloud said…
hey...i scare my hubs saying don't make me mad...i'll blog abt you!!!

so cheeky monkey it now is...is nice in a way..u'llnever know when we refer it to u ;)
Prats said…
Its the sweet tone by which you say "nantu" The bossy monkey won't understand...
and eh doesn't read too??? mine just looks over my shoulder and say's oh again??? " :(
Preethi said…
2bs mommy - oh wow how have you managed to keep such a big secret... and you are welcome
noodle head - thanks for the support :P
Sraikh - havent we heard that refrain one too many times.. but then .. i always think of erma bombeback.. if there is a deadline approaching family is fair game.. oh well there is no deadline here.. but family is fair game!!
Noon - Oh yeah isnt that so cute.. there was a time when my sole pass time was c&h cartoons . Our work place had a virtual bulletin board which had these cartoons and I used to subscribe to a daily doze of them!!
TA - Oh I use that not only with DH but also with my cheeky friends who comment on my blogs :P And it does work.. btw I will be honored if you call me cheeky as opposed to crazy!! :P
Prats - Its such a relief to know I have so much company : ) I only blog when DH is not around to do just that :P
very cute; funny to hear your hubbys point of view

Everyday verbal skirmishes expressed nicely..a smile on my face made me nostalgic..lovely
Aryan said…
Visiting here for the first time. Nice post..Cheeky monkey and Bossy monkey..
Good your husband reads the blog..
Aryan's Mom
Your Suresh said…
nantu- or nanto- in Gaulish means a valley, as seen in the glossary of Vienna, in placenames such as Trinanto (three valleys), Nantiacum, Nantu-ialon (light valley), Diou-nanto (sacred valley), Nant-Aror on the Berne zinc tablet, in personal names such as Nantonos, and in the Carjac inscription (RIG L-49) in uertamon nantou(s) (at the head of the valley) (Delamarre p. 231).
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nantos
Tamil: nattam, nattu, nantu

Meaning in Tamil: snail, conch
rayshma said…
now where've U disappeared?! am i d only vella person around!?!
Vidhya Rajesh said…
Adn to think that you once write you were "outnumbered" at your place huh ????
Preethi said…
Ascender - Thanks
CU - Glad ot trigger happy memories.. now go do a post on it and I will come read!!
Aryan - Welcome.. and thanks!!
Suresh - Thanks for the research!!
Rayshma - Thanks for asking.. am back!!
Vidhya - Oh the tables keep turning as you will find out :P
rofl..sticking to a single name would be such a deprivation to the lil monkey!!

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