Sumana has tagged me! Yay!! (for once something about me and not Nantu!! Yay again!!)

Tag Name :Seven Random and / or Weird Things about Me.

Rules : Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Here goes.. you will be the judge of the random/weird classification!
1. Childhood .... I was quite a handful apparently. My mom had to watch her words. She would tell me no going to the road when you play, dont step outside the gate. I scaled walls to reach friend's homes!! She would say, when you see daddy come home, you better get back too.. I would hide at the sight of his car, and pretend I never saw him!! Now its time for nature's sweet revenge!!!
2. Saying No ... I have never learnt the word no. However there are many things I dont want to say Yes to. And I have a bigger problem here... I cant keep my lies straight. I will make convoluted tales and mess up the situation further. Finally its DH I always turn to extricate me out of my mess. Needless to say DH will yell and scream, but give me brilliant ideas!!!
3. Arguments ... I hate arguments to the point of being submissive just to avoid one! However if I do get into one there is no end to it, till I win it. I will argue till I am blue in the face. Needless to say, I won every debate competition is School/College!!! However I have almost never won an argument with my Dad or DH!
4. ADD ... I have selective ADD. I am addicted to reading, be it books, news, blogs what-so-ever. I get so involved in them that I lose track of the outside world!!! My son has to ask me a question 5 times to get it answered!!
5. Hoarding... I hoarde... BOOKS!! A lot of people dont understand this obsessive compulsive habit I have, DH Included. Last time I was in US, I brought a bunch of books with me from India. When we had to return, DH made me give away those books. I lamented for long over that!! This time he forbade me to bring anything at all. I have been here 1.5 yrs now and have accumulated atleast 100 books.... And I claim I will have it all shipped when we move back to India. DH just heaves a big sigh!!!
In college, mom would give me 100 bucks for petrol. I filled petrol for 60 bucks and bought books for the rest 40. This is one habit no one has been able to cure me off!!!
6. Free Spirit ... I hate being told what to do! My mom would worry when groom hunting for me... "Oh God!! I hope the guy doesn't mind a wife who will never ever listen to him!!!". DH is a man after my own heart!! He is a free spirit too, and understands too well what it means to be so pig headed!!! We have both changed over the years and have made some adjustments. But still we hardly ever interfere in each others life!!
7. Blog Writing ... I usually write blogs on the spur. Sometimes I will delete them after writing, because they suck. But no matter what when I sit to write words flow. Sumana gave me this topic to write about, and I have spent the better part of the past couple of days and nights wondering what to write about ME!!!???!!!

Hope this was weird enough??!! Or atleast Interesting enough!
Now my turn... and I tag...

Hip Hop Grandmom
Dot Mom
Compassion Unlimited


Hip Grandma said…
If blogwriting was weird then we are a big group of weirdos out here,aren't we?I've done a similar tag long back.I think I'll try and come up with more weird things about me.That shud not be a problem 'cos I am indeed a weird person bty today's standard.
Hip Grandma said…
my answer to your pervious post-

We've all gone through this phase the difference is that I beleived 'mommy knew it' till I was 10 years of age,my daughter thought so till she went to school and my grand daughters know it while at play school'will the next generationg realize it at birth.Ehen what about the next cen?Scary....
P_H_O_E_N_I_X_X said…
well, to think of random/weird things about me?...
1.phase-out quite often...
2.slept thru ALL Physics-Ayesha's class and weirdly enough never had any arrears [am sure u wud hav slept 2 @ Ayesha's coz thts inevitable - but u c, u were born intelligent! ;) hehehe]
3.have both fluctuating MPD and OCD...
4.sucker for Milkbikies(dipped in water) lol
5.i'd like to think i'm really from Venus hehehe
6.i'd like 2 live with the deep-sea-creatures for about a month or so before i die, and since am not v.comfortable yet with swimming, i'm going to have to use a sub for that i guess :P
therez one more isint it? well, infact i beleive "its weird not to be weird", oh! lets take that as 7th then? ;)
now that reminds me... so wots with the 7 now? :)
Jaggu said…
Well..nothing is wierd in this world...because we already started living in the wierd world...:))...So write whatever you want till you dont hurt yourself with the blogs..:)
Thinking aloud said…
pts 2, 3 and 6 sound very much like me :)I love books too and my dear hubby just doesn't understand this obsession..and now taht i have these wonderful libraries here in Spore, i'm in heaven...

nice to see the tags being followed :)
Fuzzylogic said…
I am so with you on 3,4,5 and 6!but I do win arguments even with DH:)I am such a hoarder of books too and hate being told to get rid of some of them. My bookshelves are currently overflowing and now that I have a little competitor who herself has a sizeable collection of her books it looks like I HAVE to make some space afterall:)
No,not weird at all:):)
Preethi said…
HG - Going to your blog right now!!! As for the previous post.. scary but sooo cute right?!!!
Phx - Haha... anwsering ur tag here eh??!!!
Jaggu - U got me confused.. are you saying the world is weird or not?? Its weird enough for me.. but then we dont want it to be too normal do we??
TA and FL - Glad to see that you share the passion for books. And Nantu too has had me clearing out shelves for him already .. I need to go out and buy a new book shelf for him!! He has got my habit!! :)
Neera said…
I am so with you on 3 and 6. good to know more about you :)

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