Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slice of life- Finding Humor in everyday life!

That should have been the header for my blog don't you think? Because my life does not lack in humor for one! God definitely has a sense of humor when it comes to me! I think when he is feeling light hearted he turns to me! I thought of this on the day we tried to salvage our vacation and head to the zoo. I forgot the camera.... and amidst the head bashing at this miss, I looked up at the sky and I swear I could hear a resounding "gotcha!"
And this humor is profound! For example a trip to the store this weekend. The store for some reason was filled with Indians most dressed in Salwar Kameez. I was wondering if I had come to the wrong place - it was Costco for Heaven's sake! (I am sure it is this taking of God's name in vain that gets me in trouble.. what do you think?) And then there was this guy who loves India apparently, ignored all the swarming salwar kameezes and chose to ask me "Where are you from?". I sputter and claim "North Carolina" .. If I launch into where I am from that would take the better part of the day and I am sure I would have been dialing 911 to report an unconscious man! But the man was unwilling to let go... "Where are your parents from?" he asked.. and I knew I had lost it.. so we stood there being "talked at" about Mahabalipuram and Saravana Belagola and Srilanka (which incidentally I have only seen on the map) and why Mumbai was renamed, Taaj Mahaaal... and whatever else knowledge of India he could pile on top of it!
Or the day we went to the auto show. What are the chances that I (a complete blubbering nincompoop when it comes to cars) was reaching for some literature on a drag racing car when I get asked by a driver (4 time champion in drag racing nonetheless) if I wanted his autograph! So Cheeky got an autographed picture addressed to him from a race car driver (kind of a role model for an aspiring nascar champion). But I got my chance to look like a complete fool .. I was just discovering the drag roadsters for heaven's sake! The guy knew discussing cars with me was moot.. I had the look that lets people know that I am lost in a clueless land.. so he proceeded to ask me "Where are you from?" .. I am sure he heard the "Not Again" shouts from my head!! He then told me about the dry cleaners friends he knew in Georgia who were "Of Indian Origin". I was ready to say "Not all Indians are related you know?" ... but it was time to grin and bear it, for what are the chances that a champion race car driver will talk to you about his dry cleaner friends who happened to share the same ethnic origin as you?!!

I remember the time my friend who was in the dance troupe of a once famous actress took me to a practice session. They were practicing for a national new year eve show to be live telecast from Delhi. And I sashayed in there looking my worst and sat on the sidelines watching the dance practice. I cannot even walk without getting hurt and here these folks were doing the unthinkable as far as I was concerned. This famous actress though brought my world crashing down when she walked up to me and asked me if I could massage her neck. What did she take me for a masseuse? My excitement at the first encounter with a famous personality came further crashing down when we were served snacks (she was served high end stuff while the guests in her house were served mundane stuff of plastic plates!). I am sure God was having a good laugh while my face went burning hot.. but it was only me, the others in the room the dance troupe including my friend seemed unperturbed! Served me right for wanting to meet a famous personality.. that kept me away from joining my friend on her escapades in the future!

There is more though.. Oh yes you thought I forgot? There is Cheeky of course who thinks the aim of his life is to rile up mommy and to keep her on her toes! Just as I completed the post on Cheeky changing his name and finally deciding to keep his original name for now, the little imp has decided to rename himself again! Now his name is Peter Cheeky! Oh yes he decided to change his surname for good measure! Of all the things, I have a son who insists on renaming himself! Contributing to the humor in my everyday life! And promising to keep making my life as interesting and eventful as he possibly can!

And this is the story of my everyday life... but there is more as you will see when I come to part 2 of this post "I dub thee Supandi" !
For now I put on the grin in the image and bury my face in the sand and pretend all is well with my fun filled life!! But if you put your ear to the ground.. you can hear me whispering (/whimpering?) "why me?".. and if you look up at the sky you can hear laughter!!
(img courtesy: http://laffoff.files.wordpress.com, http://carpefactum.typepad.com, http://i12.photobucket.com, http://www.anonymousspace.com)

Talking of humor here is one.. an expensive mistake by the federal government.

The carrier card for these duck stamps had an incorrect phone number on it.
Duck stamps printed by the The Fish and Wildlife Service are required to hunt migratory fowl. But now if you call the number listed on the carrier card you will be greeted by "Intimate Connections" and enticed by a husky female voice to "talk only to the girls that turn you on".

What a blooper eh? Instead of listing 1-800-STAMP24, the number listed is 1-800-TRAMP24.

The mistake is too expensive to correct apparently! Wanna read more go to cnn.com
With that "fowl" note.. signing off!!

Coming Up:
  • I dub thee Supandi
  • Toon Mania - Getting to know the real me!
  • Friendly Encounters!
[Note: For those of you who read my other blog.. I have finally posted again after a long break - Just a Dream and Chip off the old block]


Fantasies of a Lifetime said...


For some wierd reason this reminds me of the bruce willis movie in which he is made god for a couple of days. . .If u do get that kind of a chance u do know that u gotto increase my bank balance to a zillion $ right?

As for the actresses , some ppl do really think the world revolves around them, they are gonna get a rude shock when they get to know it revolves around me :P

Anu said...

Oh! Hugs...can understand these "Why me?" situations..happens to me also..but i doubt i can put it down so well :))

I cannot wait to read the next part Hahaha..

Suma said...

awww...there, there, now isn't this why you have a blog...

and pls do pick up the BFF award from my space pls...

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Preethi,

You know very few people are the chosen ones.,. After all the court of God, requires his own jesters too ;) Isnt it a privilege ?? ;)

Nice article.,. Its appreciable that you have found the lighter side of things in life.,. Which ensures life s gonna be filled with SunShines :)

P.S: If you had been thinking that you are on the payroll of God as his court's jester, think again.,. You have a competition !! (My recent blog has that personality ) ;)


Pavi!!!! said...

U are so funnnnny! i love ur ranting style!

all u lucky mommas- thnx to ur li'l ones...have so much going on in ur life n so much more to blog abt :D

Sandhya said...

hey I love the new look of your blog and as always love your writing/ranting style too. This one is hilarious!

K 3 said...

Eh new look!! Wah!!!

2 B's mommy said...

absolutely loved and enjoyed reading it Preethi - have always been a fan of your writing style !

PG said...

this was such a good read! really funny!

Mama - Mia said...


what would be do if god didnt particularly like tickling your funny bone!! :p

thanx for the laughs!!



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