Sistah! Sistah!

To the making of every Calvin there is a Hobbes lurking in the background. There is one such in the making of Cheeky too.. although I identify with the Hobbes position, there is one person better suited for that position who teaches Cheeky the tricks of the trade! I am ill fated enough to call that Big Imp my sister. She is none other than Ms. Fantasy... She blogs too at Fantasies of a Lifetime! Well what did you expect from someone who refuses to grow up right? ARE YOU SAYING IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY?

So here is how she works her charm on the imp!
My son had a very interesting riddle to share the other day! Who works weekends he asked? People with a lot of work? No geeks he answered! What did you say? What is a geek I asked! Like he hadn't just defined it to me, I should have been sighing with relief! I am not a geek, after all I never work! So can a woman who drapes herself over the couch feigning a headache while eating enormous amounts of chip and dip be called a geek? No there is another word for her, which I am not about to reveal!
Anyway I had to find out from my son where he got this accurate definition of Geek. I did not even know he knew what a weekend was! And then I discovered the culprit.. my sistah! The same lady who taught a 1.5 year old Cheeky
"What goes up?" we would say..
"Dhan" Cheeky would answer!
"What is that called?" we would ask
"dhavity " he would respond! In case you are as physically challenged as me that was gravity, remember the silly guy Newton who sat under an apple tree and discovered that the apples fell to the ground? Most of what he said went right over my head!
But my sister keeps trying to teach Cheeky the most precious things. At around the same time (1.5 yrs of age), Cheeky was taught to say when asked "Where will you got to college?"
"Aye Aye T" he would start
The fantasy girl could not let that be.. "Post Graduation?"
"Hahvad" the babe would pipe!

Sometimes I just have to tune right off when I hear the imp and his aunt in conversation.. They are talking in code about monsters and pirates who have the weirdest of names! And this lady is guilty of starting this fascination with one eyed monsters! A friend asked.. "Isn't he scared of monsters". Far from being scared this imp keeps drawing and modeling one eyed monsters and one legged pirates. So much so the dinosaurs and jumbo elephants he creates keep ending up single eyed!

The same lady is guilty of teaching him the scare of our childhood! My mom used to scare us saying "Buchandi" would come get us! Apparently in her attempt to discipline the imp Ms. Fantasy tried the old tried and tested Buchandi Missile! But Cheeky was not to succumb far from feeling fear the little imp was actually amused. And he made up a nice story. "There is a town called Ghaza where there lives a lady called Bucha Aunty. She lives there with Bucha Uncle and the Bucha Kids - Bucha brother and Bucha Sister. They all lived in the Bucha house ... "

I remember being spoilt rotten by my aunt.. much to my mom's dismay! And like they say history repeats itself!! What I am glad of? Is a free baby sitter everytime I am in India!!

Coming Up:
  • I dub thee Supandi
  • Toon Mania - Getting to know the real me!
  • Friendly Encounters!


K 3 said…
Aww, everyone needs someone to spoil them. But ur sis is teaching him lots of stuff ... so me on her side.

**running away before you pick a broom to hit me***
Rambler said…
Hahvad :)
Prats said…
The hobbes in my life is my sistah too... :( Always ready to spoil them silly....and yes truly silly.
But they are so adorable aren't they
Pavi!!!! said…
Sisters are the best thing in this whole wide world! realllie!
My sis accuses me of spolin her son way too much at times ;)
The Nomad said…
THat's what all good chithi's are made for... (wink wink) Its so great to spoil and let the older sis blog about it!~

I enjoyed doing it, and am sure so does fanatasies... Even better with friends kids... I have done it to them as well!
Sumana said…
See you say cheeky is a real source of your blogs. Should you not thank your sis who teaches cheeky to inspire you??
~nm said…
Mausis are so much fun! I'm one too and I know how much fun I have with my nephews and nieces!

I know I know..its like beating your own trumpet :D
Mama - Mia said…

now i want my brother to be around Cubby!! bbwwwaaahhh!!

he also used to teach him theory of relativity at 20 days!! and Cubby would LISTEN to him!! :(

this was such a cool post!! Cheeky is too cute!! IIT and harvard indeed!! is he geek in the making?! :p


yay!!! u blogged abt me enlightening cheeky :D . . .u'll have lot more to write the next time cheeky gets some gyaan from moi , its gonna be loads of prank sessions :P . . .loved the post :D
Subhashree said…
Aww.. Yay for sisters!
sulo badri said…
hey hey hey! am an aunt too! so am supporting ur sis! way to go gal!

am quite sure aunts n uncles add a whole lot of fun side in kids.. ;) (than moms - its our lil' secret cos if ma sis gets to know i am a dead duck.. lol.. n i kno u cant catch me either unles n until we bump our heads in chenai)

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