School year begins finally!

We have new neighbors.. the sky is rolling and that's how we know... Its been so long since we lived in a first floor apartment and now that we are here, we can hear every step our neighbors make. But I think we are living down the stairs from Rolly Polly Tornadoes! So the minute I think of resting me head on the couch for a siesta they start again.. grumble, rock and roll! M thinks its a good thing will keep me from the afternoon nap and the growing waistline! I think he is jealous and has resorted to bribery, talk about loving husband!

School year is about to start.. and I wait with bated breath. We had a parent's meet followed by a kids meet and greet. School opening seems like the weather forecast.. never comes true! So we went for the meet and greet and the play ground passed Cheeky's test. His teacher already seems to have caught on.. "So did it pass, is it atleast a little cool?" she asked.. A beaming Cheeky replied "Its very cool". What a relief! But then I have a son who choses schools based on the playgrounds! Should I be worried? Naah...

But like mom like son! Last night as I sat filling out a form for school I encountered the question "What do you want your child to learn from school?" .. I sat there thinking about it well into the night as M finally gave up and went to bed.. Both of us haven't the faintest clue? What am I sending my son to school for.. I should have replied "you keep asking questions like that and I will demand a refund!". But then in the grasp of sleep finally I just wrote some nonsense.. maybe what I want for my son at school is a good playground? Might as well follow his lead! (pic -

Still earlier yesterday I was asked if I would like to join the parent council, be a volunteer or be a substitute teacher. Substitute teacher? Do you think the kids would want me? I call my own son an imp for God's sake! Just for the records no I did not sign up for being a substitute teacher.. thank God the kids are saved! And so am I.. imagine being in a room with 8-10 preschoolers.. I would drive them insane!!

Back home I wanted to help Cheeky with his memory power. So we got out the spiderman memory game. A few minutes later Mr Blankie lay on the floor and I was informed that it hid a surprise. Lo behold all the cards from the memory game lay there "The mess is the surprise amma" said the little imp! Yeah right and I am surprised every hour of the day!! (pic -

My son has inherited my im-modest ways! At school today his teacher said "Wow you are smart" when he read his own name written there. And Cheeky answers "Yeah"! No thank you, but yes I know!!

As for Janmashtami.. yes I did finally convince Cheeky to dress up as Krishna (Just tied the sherwani dupatta on his head) and stuck a plastic peacock feather on it, put on a tikka and even convinced him to let me take a couple of pics .. dancing and with the flute which he insisted on treating like a horn! So there is still hope! I acheived this with a bribe of a Krishna Tattoo.. Yay!! I have been asked why I wont post pictures here.. you really want to see me? Even after all the descriptions? Whats wrong with you?! Aah.. you are talking about Cheeky? I try to keep these blogs upto his approval, and he isn't approving pictures just yet!!
(Truth be told .. the internet is still scary enough for me to stop posting pictures, not to mention the mystery image will help identifying with the Cheeky Monkey rather than a cute face !! hehe!!). Which reminds me of yet another thing.. have you seen mommies with kids..they always take credits for the kids looks. "Your kid is cute" you tell them and they answer "Thanks" (Gee thanks that's my part of the gene pool showing or Thanks that was one successful experiment?). But well, they do deserve to take the credit better than the father's after all.. they do do all the work! But there are father's like M who would say "Honey dont worry he looks like you too, his back bears an uncanny resemblance to yours.. his face is all mine!"

Coming up:
  • Sistah Sistah!
  • I dub thee Supandi!


Anonymous said…
We demand the pics, even if Cheeky does not approve ... come on tell him its just for his aunty to see how grown up he is! :)

Good luck to new beginnings! I am sure you will have more tales to tell about the new school life.

PG said…
I agree with k3 :)
And all the best with the new school. BTW, how old is he? I thought, somewhere between 3 and 4?
Will he be joining the first class or preeschool?
Suma said…
so looking forward to more school tales...:D

and i like this new thing you've started ...

coming up...blah,blah...etc..

very soap-opera ;)
Gauri said…
Oh yes - we do demand pictures :) And mind you - not just of Cheeky.
And yes - we really do want to see you :).
Neera said…
Can u at least e-mail the pics to his die hard fans?
2 B's mommy said…
hehehe....cheeky is a cutie !
~nm said…
Beginning of schools is always a bigger pressure on the parents rather than for the kids :)

I'm sure he must have looked adorable in the outfit! This is the first time in 4 years that I didn't dress up Anirudh in Krishna attire. Just made him wear a new Kurta -pajama that I had.
Rambler said…
I am sure school would be a lot of fun for him
Mira's mom said…
Lol! Hey, you know what I also say thanks whenever Mira fetches a compliment for herself. And ditto on the looks - she's just like her father and yes, it's just the back that looks like mine:-) Do post the pics sometimes though- it will be fun to see him and if you are there, even better! :-)
Preethi said…
K3 - We will have to see what to do about that.. pictures I mean!
PG - He is almost 4.. another month to go!
Suma - School tales.. yeah I remember the blogs flowing last year owing to these tales! About Soap Opera style .. just another popularity gimmick {wink}
Gauri - Are you sure? You promise not to faint away in fear?
Neera - Yes will try and do that!!
2bm - Yeah he gets it from me {wink}
NM - Cheeky wore a kurts pyjama too.. sherwani .. first year as Krishna!
Rambler - fun for him.. what about the rest of us? a trial?
Mira's Mom - Hi five on the similarity.. as for the pic.. like I said I am scared enough of the internet to post pics.. but maybe I can send some via email..
Pavi!!!! said…
haha..choosing schools based on playgrounds!wat a dudue he is!

n ya i agree with u on the theory behind internet :)

BTW if i may ask..wat's cheekys actual name? n how old is he...

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