Friendly Encounters

I have talked before about friends I have encountered in the blogging world. Even though I am not usually the most expressive of people when it comes to such declarations. But as I have already said before this blogging is a strange thing. I meet so many virtual identities and their blogs transform them to real people for me!

Three such people are the lively Rayshma , the Witty Suma and the Queen of retrospection Prats. I love their blogs not to mention their personalities and ... their families. While Rayshma has the poor Vin wrapped around her little finger, Suma dances to the tunes of her cute little boys (I am sure if they heard the term "little" they would hunt me out and ... lets leave that unsaid.) Prats and Suma sometimes mix up in my brain because they are so similar to me.. almost like long lost twins. Prats has two very precocious sons too... and I am in awe of both her and them!

They are among the few that I have sought out outside the blogging circles to see what they really look and sound like. And they have all turned out to be even better in realty. So while these women have already touched my life in more ways than one, they decided to do it yet again by giving me this award!

Thank you so much girls .. and right back at ya! I want to pass this on to everyone of you who takes the time to come here and read my blog. To every one of you whose blogs I visit and enjoy. To every one of you who shares a part of your life with me. And to those of you who always have a nice thing to say to me.. and also to those of you who want to hit me for the nonsense I spout out, but due to demands of decency have refrained from doing so ...

And to those of you who never leave a comment. Even if you dont comment ever, I still will like you nevertheless if only for putting up with my unwired brain!
Reminds me of this quote that I read in someone's orkut message "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."
No I am not telling the rest of you not to comment, please do... I feel better when the comments come pouring in!!

Now for some special mentions ...

Dottie - The super mom with a super son. Actually Dottie I have changed my mind (fickle as it is)...I am going to give this award to Chip instead
Aryan's mom - She is going to stop blogging.. but I want to let her go with this award and hope it will tempt her to come back soon. I am going to miss the Aryan tales
2B's Mommy - Her honest posts put me to shame for spewing so many tales here!
Uthra - My dear friend from real life. Welcome to Blogger!
K3 - She calls herself the forever mom! A very balanced and sensible girl.. and a wonderful writer
Neera - An honest writer and a doting mom to 2 adorable kids
And like I already said all of you out there who touch my blogging world every day! And as I leave you today.. here is what Quizpox thinks my bumper sticker should say

Coming Up
  • I dub thee Supandi


DotThoughts said…
YAAAY! Chip's first award :) woot! thanks a bunchie bunch.
K 3 said…
Awwww!!! Such a cool award. Thank You, buddy!!! You made my day!!!

U-t-h-r-a said…
Thank U Sweetie. U help me gear up.
Suma said…
u changing templates faster than the nantu express...;)

and that was a super cool acceptance speech...i loved it..:)

Thank you for teh kind the cute kiddos have driven me up the i needed this reminder that i'm.... well ...nice...:)
Aryan said…
So nice of you dear..I love you..HUGS..You made my day...Thanks a lot of remembering me....I will come back soon...

My 100th and last post is going to have so many things in it...
Neera said…
Thanks again so much dear :) The gold template looks very very warm and beautiful.
PG said…
there something for you to pick up too!
Anonymous said…
Your post made me write reading your blog.Thanks for sharing wonderful thoughts with all of us.

It takes guts to write a blog and share about your life.

Preethi said…
Dottie, K3, Udu - You are welcome!!
Suma - hehe!! Yeah you are nice.. very nice!!! Changing templates - actually I liked the previous one.. but wanted 3 columns :(
AM - Ofcourse I remember you.. if only you would remember us and post more often!!
Neera - you are welcome
PG - Thank you so much.. that was so wonderful
Anon - yay!!! so you surfaced.. but still anon??
Veens said…
congrats tou girl :)

Prats and SUma are very nice girls I have cme a/c in bloggerville!


Keep up the good writing :)
Mama - Mia said…
well deserved dil, dosti etc kinda award!! :D

blogging is beocming more and more fun, aint it?!



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